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How To Be Beaten By Power Rangers

Blimey. I was on the telly! I got a ‘phone call on the morning of the 16th November. By that evening I was in a Holiday Inn in MediaCity Salford. BBC Breakfast television contacted me. I’m on the BBC database … Continue reading

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More #Tescofail (at risk of turning into anti Tesco blog!)

Here we go… Tesco again! Yay! who doesn’t love a Tesco complaint? There’s this one and this one and this one and they are just mine!! You make up your own mind if this is a #Tescofail or not! So, the … Continue reading

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7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself if You Don’t Complain!

It’s National Consumer week. A good time to ask “Why Complain?” Because it’s fun! Well it is. Nothing the British like more than a good complain. Or is it a moan? Well there’s the difference I feel. Complaining effectively gets … Continue reading

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