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Round 2 The Complaining Cow Meets IDS

On the 17th January I went to see IDS in a surgery. No personal issue but I had decided to take on others’ issues just because I could. I thought I’d go again. Here’s how easy it was to make another … Continue reading

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Beware of Warning Labels!

Remember Millie? She had a problem with Kelloggs.  Well a little time before that her mother had a problem with Lakeland Plastics. Laura purchased their “Blitz that Mould” mould and algae stain killer to tackle the mouldy patches around her house. Upon reading … Continue reading

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How to Get an Extra 3 Hours on Your Holiday!

Last October teachers went on strike. For the Complaining Cow’s Calf school this meant he had a day off. The following day his school had an INSET day. Result! For the family it meant getting away for a long week end much … Continue reading

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This Isn’t Just Praise, This is The Complaining Cow’s Praise

Remember Calmer Cat? She bought The Complaining Calf a birthday present. A walking roaring dinosaur. Except it didn’t roar. One very disappointed 6 year old. This dinosaur wasn’t just any old dinosaur this was a Marks and Spencer’s dinosaur. I … Continue reading

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