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Insect Found in Tesco Rice Named Philip After CEO

So, time for another Tesco complaint as I asserted my consumer rights again! I know how popular Tesco posts are so here we go. Last year, there I was opening my bag of Tesco risotto rice and found an insect. … Continue reading

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Small Claims Court Fees Rise

I love going to court. Odd as it may sound. If it has got to that stage because the other party has annoyed me that much it is a pleasure to carry out that threat “If I am not fully … Continue reading

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The Complaining Cow Meets The CEO With Common Sense at AO

  A little while ago someone tweeted me to say that’s customer service was really good. Me being me tweeted something like “I bet I could find fault!!!!” Next thing I knew I was being invited up to Bolton … Continue reading

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How to Beat Uncle Tom Cobley’s Customer Service

You know what annoys me? Ah hmm fair enough, the Internet isn’t big enough for the list. Ok, one of the things that really annoys me in customer service is downright incompetence. Last year, we bought two new ovens. One of … Continue reading

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