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Supermarkets Discontinue Products. WHY?

If you’ve come here for the answer, sorry don’t have it. Other than I assume they stop products in favour of ones that will make them more money?! So, got to start with Tesco haven’t I? It’s like a given. … Continue reading

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11 Rants to Improve Bras! (Or 11 Effective Ways Bra Manufacturers Could Make More Money!)

Last week I started a rant about bras on Facebook. Well, given the post was basically for women it was one of my most popular posts! The start of the ranting I asked a simple question, why pad with gel … Continue reading

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How, When and Why do you Complain or don’t you?

First grab a cuppa and a biscuit. This should be an interesting survey! Let’s see how many people really complain, what you complain about what you complain for and why you complain and do you do it effectively? Should take … Continue reading

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The Complainers Giving Complainers a Bad Name?

My experience with The Complainers Well  The Complainers filmed me. Lovely Tom and Jon came to film me and said they would be back to film updates to the stories and film me with the blog and stuff! I’m probably old … Continue reading

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The Consumer Rights Directive 2013 Improve Customer Rights

What’s all this mean then? Something that consumers can approve of that the EU has achieved? These new regulations come into force on the 13th June 2014 and replace the distance selling regulations 2000 and ‘doorstep’ selling regulations 2008.The aim was … Continue reading

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