9 supermarkets scrutinised – costs of packaged v loose items

More and more consumers are getting concerned about the use of plastics. Whether it is cups in take away coffee shops, plastic straws or vegetable packaging, the concern and scrutiny over the apparent needless use of plastic is growing. With this in mind, I decided, with the help of some fellow bloggers, to undertake some … Continue reading “9 supermarkets scrutinised – costs of packaged v loose items”

Supermarkets: The good, the bad and the ugly

Supermarkets, love them or hate them, most of us use them. Most of us have opinions about them all too. I surveyed the public and found these top five hates of supermarkets: Queueing Rude staff particularly those talking to colleagues when they should be paying attention to the customer Companies not accepting responsibility – ‘we … Continue reading “Supermarkets: The good, the bad and the ugly”


In the press today was an article to which I contributed about consumers pet hate regarding supermarkets. (Regular followers of this blog will know my history with Tesco!) It was actually about the tactics that supermarkets use to make us spend more so I have added a few more gripes too! 1) Moving products around so you spend … Continue reading “SUPERMARKETS’ ‘MOST ANNOYING’ HABITS REVEALED”

Supermarkets Discontinue Products. WHY?

If you’ve come here for the answer, sorry don’t have it. Other than I assume they stop products in favour of ones that will make them more money?! So, got to start with Tesco haven’t I? It’s like a given. Nah, this time I will start with Sainsbury’s because it has really really annoyed me. … Continue reading “Supermarkets Discontinue Products. WHY?”

Tesco Christmas in July

What? Well! Supermarkets, department stores, superstores and the like all have a Christmas in July.  What is it? Well, it’s quite ridiculous but magazines like Good Housekeeping etc. are writing their Christmas articles now so need to know what’s the best of stuff out there. So the stores hold events showing off their Christmas wares. … Continue reading “Tesco Christmas in July”