More #Tescofail (at risk of turning into anti Tesco blog!)

Here we go… Tesco again! Yay! who doesn’t love a Tesco complaint? There’s this one and this one and this one and they are just mine!!

You make up your own mind if this is a #Tescofail or not!

For parents, children or school staff?
For parents, children or school staff?

So, the other week I placed an order on Tesco’s website. I put in an order for collection for the 5th November. I did not receive confirmation until late the night before delivery and it stated the Cheshunt store for collection instead of mine (I really feel my local Tesco needs to remain anonymous for as long as possible don’t you?!) I immediately rang up and was told that I had to ring back and speak to someone in the technical department. That’ll be the fobbing off to another department thing that we all hate then? I did this and was then told that they didn’t know why I had been told that and they would try and find someone else to help. The ‘phone rang again and someone else answered the ‘phone with no idea of the issue, so clearly the buck had been passed for a second time. Hey I didn’t mind of course right? Wrong. Obviously. I spoke to someone and told him the problem and he was extremely helpful. Regular readers of this blog just re read that didn’t you? I took his name but hope that you are able to trace who it was as other staff could learn from his approach. When I later complained to Tesco I made a point of saying this staff member was good! That’s important to do when you complain you know. It means that they get the feedback (or at least they should do) and the company knows what it is doing right as well as what is doing wrong.

I was on the ‘phone for 25 minutes (plus the previous ‘phone call) dealing with the matter. The order had to be cancelled and reordered. It took us over the 11.00pm deadline for making changes. It was then put through as a delivery at the only time slot available, an inconvenient time of course. Not only that but, the order did not go through correctly. The total cost was about £10 less than the original order and so I knew things must have been missing from it. But, with the time after 11.00pm I had no choice but to go through with it. The staff member promised to honour the vouchers that did not go through, in the morning and this he did.

I was correct in saying that items were missing from the order. The staff member must have thought it was very odd picking for example, 1 mushroom, 1 carrot, 1 parsnip and 1 potato. Can you imagine?! There were other things that were not ordered that were in the original order such as 2 not 1 packets of things.

So, in addition to the convenience of not spending time in the store being completely not met by spending the same trying to sort the matter out (at an unreasonable time when I should have been in bed!) the order was wrong. The grapes were also poor. I tweeted a picture of these and was told that I would get the cost refunded. To my knowledge it hasn’t been.

Now, regular readers of this blog should know what Law this all broke? Come on now…. I The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 for not providing satisfactory services that were as described. So I wrote to complain. Obviously.

Now here is where it gets rather odd given my experience with Tesco Customer Services. 1) I got quite a speedy response and 2) it went all over the top with apologies! Very apologetic and understanding and offers £15 e.g. “I can see that you’ve
had what sounds like a nightmare of an order; I can’t say I would be too happy
either if I faced the same issue.” and “… however I personally
feel there is no justification that can really excuse the issues with your
order” Ooooh I thought, Tesco is improving. But on closer inspection, it is a standard response. ” Does it matter? Well maybe not, but hey, I like to help improve Customer Service although why I should give these people my free advice I don’t know!!

The Customer Service representative referred to feeding back to the store. The store was not at fault. In addition to that he apologised “… for the errors in your order or the delays you’ve faced” There was no delay.

Did I email him back and tell him that I thought the response was a standard one? What do you think?!

Customer Service 7 out of 10
Redress £15