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How to save money on and complain about, telecom providers

How to complain about your telecom provider

Telecoms and Energy – the worst sectors. Dreadful. I get asked a lot about how best to complain in these sectors. I have therefore provided the links you might need below.

Broadband, Mobiles, line rental, packages

If you have taken out a line rental, broadband or mobile contract since 23 January 2014 under new Ofcom rules you can cancel their contract penalty-free if a provider ups its monthly prices mid-term and didn’t warn you about the rise when you signed up.

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Your rights and your telecom provider

How to complain about broadband speeds/service interruptions

Mis-sold a contract? How to get out of it 

How to end 3 problems with your mobile ‘phone (& get your money back) – Faulty phone, network coverage, mis sold contract

All you need to know about roaming charges  – tips for before you go abroad and how to complain about charges

Mobile phone companies called out for overcharging loyal customers and how to call them out on it and get redress

It’s payback time for broken broadband  – Ofcom proposals for guaranteed payback on service breaches, companies sign up. BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Zen Internet – currently serving around 90% of landline and broadband customers in the UK have signed up. The implementation period is set to be 15 months which takes us to February 2019.

Telecom providers in the news

Vodafone fined £4.6m for breaches of consumer protection laws

All you need to know when your phone/energy bill is wrong this was about the Vodafone fiasco with their billing system and provides advice about how to complain when your bill is wrong and provides other useful links.

Vodafone incorrect billing your rights discussed on Moneybox

EEnormous bills, Ofcom fine and how to complain about incorrect bills

Plusnet gets a “minus” – and a big fine – for incorrect billing billing ex customers

Virgin on the ridiculous – UKTV dropped. Your RIGHTS! Virgin changing your bundle your rights about this breach of contract! What you can do too if your provider changes your bundle.

Save money on your telecoms

13 top tips for saving on your landline, mobile & broadband Here are several ways you can easily cut the costs of your telecoms package.

All you need to know about comparison websites

More advice for complaining to telecom providers

First and most importantly Why you should write not ‘phone to complain effectively Telecom providers seem to make it difficult for you to email but read this post as to why it is important to write not ring.

How to take telecoms giants to task with our Consumer Fightback column: From price hikes to faulty mobile phones my column in ThisIsMoney.

Is social media an effective method for complaining? see this before you spend too much time tweeting the company.


The importance of switching energy suppliers and telecom providers on ITV News

20 Top Tips for effective complaining

How to challenge terms & conditions (even those you’ve agreed) post giving you your rights

Discussing terms and conditions your rights on The One Show

Use to find the email address of the company CEO and write to him or her particularly if the company doesn’t provide an email address for you to write to customer services!

See All you need to know to make a complaint about energy for similar on energy.

Which? survey 2019 airlines, telecoms and energy at the bottom for complaint handling

BBC Breakfast 23/08/19 Helen Dewdney discusses the Which? customer service survey


Further help with complaining effectively about your telecom provider


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For masses of information, tips, guidance, laws and regulations and templates GET THE BOOK! How To Complain: The ESSENTIAL Consumer Guide to Getting REFUNDS, Redress and RESULTS!



101 Habits of an Effective complainer book cover with logo


Want to get better at complaining? See 101 Habits of an Effective Complainer




The Complaining Cow logo download templates

Save yourself time and effort finding the laws and wording a letter of complaint and download a template, fill in your details and get that redress

Purchase downloadable templates to gain redress


Templates for complaining about utilities


If, after hours of reading that little lot you still need help then please see How The Complaining Cow can complain for you!

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6 replies on “How to save money on and complain about, telecom providers”

I am with Virgin mobile for last two decades and existent contract started in April 2015. When I noticed that my phone had no internet connection l contacted them and inform, they did not do anything, and I reported the issue to their customer services again and again and again. After about nine times, they did admit that they had not activated my data all these time (until Oct 2016) and finally I had my internet connection, I then queried as to why that it had happened and she could not give a definite answer. I contacted them again and I was told it was escalated on to a senior personnel and I would be contacted according. After a month or so nothing happened and I wrote to them again and so far nothing has happened. I now intend to write to their head of corporate governance and followed by CEO as well. As far as I am concerned that this contract is breached. Despite failing to provide my data they continue to charged me at the full contracted price. They used to be a decent company however not anymore.

Virgin is APPALLING! My provider for similar number of years. Go to CEO – you will get a reply from the escalation team who are as bad as the social media team and the customer services team. Awful. Threaten CISAS and go. Twice I have gone to Virgin and got the escalation team and had long drawn out correspondence and won redress and twice I gave up went to CISAS and won both times. The first time Virgin gave me another sum on top of what was awarded through CISAS, that was years ago. A couple of years ago I won but no apology from Virgin. dreadful company, it’s only the thought of changing my email address on a million websites that stop me changing provider. Big blurb about them in the book! make sure you do everything in writing and keep good records for CISAS and go for a lot. See the post and links above for help with your case and the book for more.

I acted for a lady and her husband against Virgin. Her sister has dementia and needed her landline. But it mysteriously disappeared in 2016( at a time when Virgin contractors were working outside). They think one of the men working for the Contractor took the line but can’t prove it. They got a new line 3 months later after a nightmare of trying via phone calls et al, many lasting a long time.

They wanted an apology and compensation. I submitted a complaint to CISAS, in detail. Virgin’s response was poorly done, unbelievable even. They denied the original line ever existed with them despite my submission containing letters from Virgin to the customer showing the Account number etc( and all dated before the new line was installed. Plus copies of bills issued by post to her months before the new line was set up…I was astounded; and even more dumbfounded when the Adjudicator( acting for CISAS), and a barrister to boot, claimed there was no evidence to show the original line existed( he was passed all my submission by the CISAS administrators); or I have to assume that all the paperwork I sent was passed to him ! What can I say? !!

I am now of a mind to write to the Virgin chief exec, the CISAS chief exec, the barrister himself ( to convince myself he got these letters etc), and also to Ofcom complaining that the CISAS system( which I think they authorise) is very poor( the admin side was so bad , my papers went missing, additional correspondence they claim they did not receive, and a follow up email with same info, they also claimed they did not receive…

Is it just me? I am very angry that a situation can exist and no-one seems to care..

They haven’t improved then. I wrote about CISAS and their poor admin in my book. Complete the procedure with all your copies and if you have the proof you can still go to court.

I have spoken to VirginMedia several times and promised to resolve ofthey have sent out engineers including Kellys group to do the job, but the two times this man turned up,said the cable had to be removed as it was too short to bury it under ground.
I need it buried 18 inches under ground as I am making car passage way out for a
Disabled person,which was owned by Birmingham City Council this job should have been
done but they have no money so I have been allotted the ground to the street I have to pay for the work to be done but builders will not do this work until the cable is taken care of.
my complaint, I am now the owner of this piece of land.

Im with Sky and the line seems stable enough but the wifi is just embarassing. Partly because they demand you use their equipment but wifi is so convienient these days its just really frustrating. Everytime you phone its just well… wifi just depends on so many things. Crazy!

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