How to complain about a dry cleaners

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 covers again. If services are not undertaken with reasonable skill and care and your items get damaged or lost then you have the right to claim compensation. This can be the cost of replacing the damaged or lost item although there may be a reduction for wear and tear of the original item.

Membership of the Textile Services Association is available to Laundries, Dry Cleaners, Textile Renters and their suppliers. If the company you are using are members then it offers a conciliation service. You may be asked to prove your claim and on a loser pays basis use the association’s testing service. It also offers an arbitration service is the matter still cannot be resolved.

If the firm is not a member of the TSA, then you have the option of taking the matter through the Small Claims Court.

Dry cleaning complaints
Earlier this year, I took a suit to a local dry cleaners and picked it up two days later. Luckily I noticed there and then that the mark on the jacket was still there. I complained and said it looked like the jacket hadn’t been done or at the very least the mark hadn’t come out and I had expected it to do so. The owner was very apologetic and asked me to come back the next day. Apparently the jacket had not been done! I didn’t even need to complain and assert my legal rights and got the jacket cleaned for free. So either my reputation goes before me or my face must have said it all. Perhaps it was a good dry cleaners? Or at least had a good manager who had words with his son who only cleaned the trousers!

Another time I took in curtains to a different dry cleaners. Condensation had ruined the bottom of them. This did not come out. I complained and received a full refund. They did tell me that those sort of stains do not come out. So please let me know if you know different and you can get a mould stain out! Also, lesson here, check with the dry cleaner if they think the stain will come out before they waste their and your time.

See also Top 20 Tips for complaining and GET THE BOOK! How To Complain: The ESSENTIAL Consumer Guide to Getting REFUNDS, Redress and RESULTS! for more tips, guidance, advice and templates for complaining effectively.


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  1. Carole says:

    My husband took 2 black suits to be cleaned – one of his (a 3 piece) was on one hanger and one of our son in law’s (a 2 piece suit) was on another hanger. They were two different sizes and although they were same make (Jeff Banks) they were different suits (the lining was completely different).

    He picked them up and gave the two piece suit to our son in law to take home (30 miles away) However when my husband came to put the suit on a couple of days later the discovered to his horror they had put his waistcoat with our son in law’s suit – as SiL is 6 ft 1in you can imagine the suit did not fit! Cue mad rush to find another suit in his wardrobe to wear to go out that evening and he was not a happy man!

    No excuse for this carelessness.

  2. Leanne says:

    I have recently took in my wedding dress to be dry cleaned, upon getting it returned I noticed a yellow stain on one part of the dress. I contact the dry cleaners as this looks like chemicals to me and the yellow stain was not about before until I collected it. I notified the dry cleaners and they saying its not chemicals, but yet still refuse to try and get the stain removed incase it is the ”chemicals”. I now have taken it to another professional cleaners who have looked and said it does look like a chemical stain and they will try and get this out for me. They told me that the original dry cleaners should have offered to rectify this for me and if not they should have returned my money. Can you advise please?

  3. CGG says:

    Hi.I took 2 jackets to drycleaners ,for drycleaning not washing(it is important to mention that)and after i took the items back my fiance’s javket was all ruined,the puffy interior was all in one place and ot at all in others.I tool it back they said it is thhe cleaning company’s fault,they said they fix it ut nothing has been done.The owner tried to “escape”the issue saying that it ia mot hia fault,that the label says this and that(30 degrees washing only!!!) that his daughter tooo my items and i dis not mention dry cleaning to washing(it was him who tok it in and hia daughter whi gave it to me) and I was told to call the cleaning company than the shop where i purchased the jacket than the producer of the jacket.The cleaning company person that answered the phone dis not let me say 1 word except why I am calling,mentioning that it costs herore to dey clean the jacket than the £5 i paid for,however that what he charged me.Bottom line 8 am left with no winter jacket for my fiance,I am £75 down(jacket’s price)and being taken for a fool,stupid and having received arogant and rude treatment.We have a 6 months old baby £75 extra means a lit of dipers and other baby stuff.I wanna make an iffucial complain and get my money back.Any advice?!

    • The Complaining Cow says:

      Little difficult to follow your post – please see all the links in the post, when you complain in writing please get someone to look over what you write for clarity and typos which will ensure that you are listened to. You mention dipers – this law only covers the UK.

  4. Steph says:

    Having left my dress in for dry cleaning, I later received a message stating there had been a fire on the premises and as of yet the haven’t come across the dress, this was two weeks ago. I got in contact with them and they are asking for a receipt as the dress is over a year old I cannot find it. Do I have any redress at all or is all lost. Many thanks in advance.

    • The Complaining Cow says:

      Any proof of purchase will do a bank statement for example. You might end up arguing about the amount but certainly they have to give you some thing as you have the receipt for them taking it in the first place.

    • Lesley says:

      My mum has just lost all of her bedding due to a fire and the cleaners are saying they are not responsible for replacing the items as they have not lost or damaged them and the fire was not their fault.

      • The Complaining Cow says:

        They should claim on their insurance. They are liable. Follow the advice and links in post, tips etc.

  5. Vilma says:

    I have picked up my wedding dress this morning and being two years with no sleep with my toddler, I didn’t properly check it. Now at home I see it shrunk by big amount…i Paid cash and didn’t pick up a receipt… What can I do

  6. Angela says:

    I took a three week old £249 raincoat into my local dry cleaners to be cleaned and on collecting it, found it was ruined and mottled all over. The dry cleaner said it was a manufacturing defect of webbing inside the coat, causing delamination and refused to refund me for damage. I sent the coat to the seller/manufacturer who confirmed no other complaints had been received. Last week I took the coat to my new dry cleaners who cleaned and pressed it and it is nearly perfect again! I showed it to the original cleaners who continued to state it was still delaminated and would return to this state again in time. Stupidly I didn’t trust my instinct that it was overpressed or overheated by the cleaners and I bought the same coat again as I loved the first one so much. I am now out of pocket and I am extremely cross as I believe the dry cleaner should have refunded the cleaning charge at the very least as this was clearly due to their incompetence. They are an independent and not part of any TSA. What can I do?

    • The Complaining Cow says:

      Please see first link in the post above. Write to dry cleaners with all evidence threaten legal action. See Tips. You’re welcome.

  7. Sinah Mnisi says:

    My son took his school blazer to the drycleaning when it came back ,the colour was changed and also the texture.

    I went to complain to them and they told me that it was not their fault but it was the factory who made the blazer, they told me that the factory used the cheaper material.
    Said I must go to the shop where I purchased the blazer not them. So I left it at the drycleaning really not knowing what to do.
    Please help.


    • The Complaining Cow says:

      Write to the manufacturer of the blazer – tell them issue, ask to provide details of the blazer take this to dry cleaners and follow advice in the post.

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