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How to deal with JD Sports poor customer service

 Buying  a product

The nice Scotts/JD Sports T shirt
The nice Scotts/JD Sports T shirt

Andrea bought a Penguin Pocket Red T shirt from Scotts, part of the JD Sports chain paying £29.00. The shirt had been worn once and washed once and she returned it to the store two weeks later with a fault in it. She was told that the t shirt would need to be sent off for inspection despite the notice in their store saying that this would be done when items were over 90 days old.


Response from Scotts/JD Sports

Clearly a fault with JD Sports T shirt?!
Clearly a fault with JD Sports T shirt?!

She received a letter back saying that the fault was due to “contact damage”. Utterly ridiculous, what contact damage and by whom given as we believe that the hole was there at point of purchase and if it wasn’t it developed within one day’s wear and day’s wash and the hole was in the stitching which the photograph alone showed! 

Breach of consumer law


Clearly a breach of the Sale  and Supply of Goods Act!  (From the 1st October 2015 you would now quote Consumer Rights Act 2015.) Andrea then wrote and didn’t receive a response. She emailed again and was told that they hadn’t received the letter (despite it being signed for!) but would do another inspection. She then contact me and I wrote this for her to send the CEO:


Letter to JD Sports CEO

Dear Mr Cowgill

I received a letter from xxxx department to which my complaint was passed. However, I have already written to this department and part of my complaint was how they dealt with it. In fact the matter has now got worse. Scotts has rejected my claim regarding the faulty product.

It has now since said that my letter can’t be found, even though it was sent recorded delivery and was signed for, for which I obviously have proof. I am now being told to resend the t shirt. I am not going to do this. I have already sent this once and see no reason why I should be put to yet more inconvenience due to Scott’s appalling service. Under the amended Sales of Goods Act 1979 I am entitled to goods that are of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. This t shirt clearly breaches that.


I expect a full refund and appropriate redress for the inconvenience caused. I look forward to hearing from you within seven days. Should I not be fully satisfied with your response I will start proceedings in the Small Claims Court against you with no further reference to you.

I will be claiming for the cost of the t shirt, the cost of an independent report stating that the t shirt has only been washed once, cost of postage (recorded delivery etc.) redress for my time spent on the matter, the court fee and out of pocket expenses for attending court (e.g. work time, mileage, parking costs etc.)

Yours sincerely

The result from writing to JD Sports CEO


Remember you should also write not phone but Andrea received and took a call from the manager of Customer Services saying that they said they didn’t think they were in breach of consumer rights (I beg to differ), but as a goodwill gesture they would refund the full amount in a voucher. (I had told Andrea not to accept this, cash refund only to which he then agreed). Plus £20 gift voucher on return of the t shirt. A good result in the end but the matter didn’t end there.


Do what you say you will

Unfortunately, Andrea wrote to customer services to say that she had thought about the conversation and couldn’t she just dispose of the garment? She received an email back to say that if she did not return the garment she would not get a refund.

You must keep to your agreements you make with customer services otherwise why should they keep theirs?
They were paying the postage for the return and providing a goodwill gesture so it is not unreasonable for the item to be returned, they might want it for quality control or tax purposes. It’s a fair enough statement to say no return no refund and Andrea was receiving a goodwill gesture for the inconvenience.


Things still went wrong with JD Sports customer service

However, the matter did not end there. As often is the case in customer services, the internal communication was appalling and Andrea received an email to say that they needed the t shirt for inspection and couldn’t overturn the decision! Meanwhile, Andrea had tried to use the gift card in store and was told that there was no money on it and it would take some days for it to appear. This is obviously nonsense. She wasted more time in store trying to deal with the matter.


Further redress from JD Sports

I wrote again outlining the embarrassment and poor service plus the ridiculous email she received. Andrea received a further £20 goodwill gesture receiving this time a card for £40 that worked.


This story outlines one of the classic fob offs trying to say that the fault was not there at point of purchase. It also highlights the need to persevere sometimes and pursue your legal rights.

Further help with complaints

Would you like to email JD Sports CEO? Here you go – all the contact details. You’re welcome 🙂

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63 replies on “How to deal with JD Sports poor customer service”

I have been a loyal customer of JD SPORTS for years. sad to state that there are numerous issues when it comes to getting a refund and an updates from the ” on line / customer service staff ” at JD……..I wonder if anyone else has been told the following rhetoric………………” Check with your bank……’s obviously an error on their end ”……..or ” we apologise for the convenience and would like to call you ”……………( strange but NO REFUNDS / NO CALLS )……..funny that!
also when you show them your bank statement / PAYPAL account, what does JD SPORTS do?……….they actually DEBIT A FURTHER 2X amounts when they DID NOT REFUND THE FIRST one!!!…………..This was the ICING ON THE INSULT OF ONES INTELLIGENCE
then we have LEWIS,…… the real top man at customer service mind………. Sheryl, Danielle and Paige telling me …..the error is on my bank’s side!! My bank cant find any refund……….just 2 EXTRA DEBIT amounts from my account on the dates JD SPORTS state they IN FACT!! …” Refunded ” the initial amount!!!!
Suffice to say, I hope no one else has had this issue…………..TO DATE: NO REFUNDS…………NO APOLOGIES…………….to be continued………..

Hi I am having the exact same problem did you get anywhere ? I am fuming do you have any contacts for the main guys

Please read the post all the information you need inlcuding links is in there. You’re welcome.

J d sports are useless . I ordered a track suit but it was never received even though Hermes said it had been delivered to a secure place but the y didn’t know where it was. I done a missing parcel form on 8th December after numerous e mails and phone calls to this day they haven’t refunded me my £100 as I am a pensioner and live on a tight budget I can’t afford to lose this money . any ideas

i am having the same problem only my order was trainers that Hermes insist they delivered but did not worth 100 pounds. Numerous complaints 3 trips to the shop still nothing!!

Terrible service, 5 days no email reply, then sent 4 copies with threats to leave reviews and a letter to their director if I got no reply, made no difference, ignored outright.

They sent me faulty £100.00 trainers and would not reply to my refund request. 100% totally blanked.

Dear customer Services,

I am respectable middle age human being and work as an IT consultant in Cooperate environment.
I have visited JD Sports shop today (8th December 2014 at 8:30pm) in Brent Cross shopping centre with my nephew, and wanted to purchase few tracksuits and Polo shirts. However prior to purchasing I wanted to ensure the fitting is correct and wanted try them on.
Therefore i approached a member of staff (young Asian guy) who was just working outside the changing room, I requested that I wanted to try the tracksuit bottom on, but the staff first checked the tracksuit bottom from inside out and then the pockets which made me feel very intimidated and felt really terrible as if I was hiding something inside. I then took tracksuit bottom back and then tried another tracksuit top and also took the tracksuit bottom to ensure both fitting are correct.
The same staff first question me where the tracksuit bottom was and then he made took off the top that I was trying on and checked inside it again and told me it was company policy. At that point I really had enough and left the tracksuit with him and complaint to the supervisor who showed no remorse at all. I have never felt so intimidated and insulted in my entire shopping life I have been and shopped in many stores before and that was the first I have seen this kind of behaviour which I told then it was terrible and completely unacceptable and will never shop in JD again and will also recommend my family and friend the same.

JD has a terrible staff who need to learn to respect their customers as its appalling believer and service its the worst customer service I have ever come across.

I would like to see some action for the terrible behaviour that I have received today

Please read the blog for tips and the post above and other posts regarding how to complain and complain to JD Sports I don’t suppose they read this blog.

JD staff should really be given sufficient amount of training before they are given a job that includes interacting with poeple. They show so much attitude as if it it’s in their job description to act this way; this is not just with my local JD store i have noticed it with many other JD stores in London. And, i dont understand WHY staff screw their faces or even swear in is some circumstances when a customers asks for a refund! It’s the customers money at the end of the day!!

I really feel this should be addressed as all the JD stores i have been too have horrendous customer service! Please train your staff how to talk to people nicely.

They are a joke, a 67 year old woman went to pay for a per of runners. She handed over the money to pay for them & the girl at the till walked off & left the woman standing there. The 67 year old asked the other girl at the till what was going on. Eventually the girl returned & said one of the £5 notes was fake. The 67 year didn’t understand that the note was fake. She near fainted & asked for a bit of air. The security guard wouldn’t let her out for air & staff surrounded like a criminal & rang the police. 30 minutes later the police arrived & asked the staff to give her money back. The 67 year old got home & collapsed with the ordeal that JD sports put her through. I rang customer service & explained what went on at the store at JD sports in Belfast City centre. I got a call back from Mr Callahan, the customer service manager. His reply was want is it you want me to do. I replied apologise to the woman. Mr Callahan’s reply was no the customer can call me. But I Don’t feel that JD sports should apologise. Shame on you JD sports. You won’t be getting my custom.

I’m currently going through various emails back and fourth with JD Sports.
1) I bought few pairs of socks online which they only part-provided due to stock levels…have waited nearly 2 months and haven’t got any refund!
2) I bought pair of trainers online which they didn’t deliver due to stock levels…have waited 35 days for a refund. Just got this through now.
So they offered me 10% off a £100 spend for the wait i.e. bad customer service (told them I’m not interested)! trying to argue my case!

Once JD Sports has your Money…kiss it goodbye!
Buyer beware, I went to JD Sports & was waiting to pay for a pair of Running Shoes, I saw a Man trying to return a pair of children’s shoes bought for his child, the shoes were very small maybe for a 4 year old, he said to the Manager that his Child had only had them for less than a month and they are falling apart, the Manager said that was because they had been misused, it was the way the Manger said it that made me take note & I should have walked out of the shop, but sadly did not. I tried to return my running shoes the week after I bought them (I did not even wear them)…. READ THE BACK OF THE SALES Receipt, ONLY “Exchange or gift card” no return of your money
The Manager looked so happy with himself… it was a short term gain for JD Sports as I will never buy anything again from them, my wife will also not be buying anything from them again .
happy Customers return, Unhappy customers will tell everyone!

I recently went to the JD sports in Cabot circus Bristol and received some off the worst customer service

I brought a pair of trainers which came up to £48.75p , I gave her £50 , and i was due £1.25p change then she looked at me and said there was no change in the cash register which was very odd because I could see money in her register that she could gave me change with and when she lied that there was no money in the register her colleague pointed out to her that there was change in the register, so she then gave me my change after I checked to see if I was given the correct change It was not because I was given only £1.15p

I then asked in a polite way and pointed out that she gave me 10p less and then she made a big fuss at me and sarcastically kept on saying out loud “do you want me to run through the whole register again for your 10p” which was an attempt to embarrass me in front of her colleges.

Then after all of disrespect I received from her, she then started to follow me around the store, implying that I was going to steal something which made me feel even more hurt because she was basically stereotyping me that I was that kind of person which I am not.

Principle of the thing – imagine if she was doing that to every single customer….. that’s a nice little earner. It was that principle that made me take Tesco to court. Write to the CEO.

Yeah I should write to the CEO thanks

because the worst thing is that some of the employees seem to be friends out of working hours with the managerial staff so making a complaint to the store manager might be a waste of time

Do it, see link in previous comment, this one all reasons why people must stand up to these companies.

I’m looking for the email for the CEO of JD sports but on clicking on the link, it doesnt provide me with the info needed. CSN anyone help with this.
I’m sick of dealing with the obstinate customer services staff, who are completely useless and fob you off with any old jargon.

Was horrified when I was treated so badly by management that I left the store crying. A letter I have just written to the CEO:
Dear Mr Cowgill,
It is with regret that I write to you of all people but my experience in a JDSports store on Saturday has left me with no option.
Having received the all – clear from breast cancer on Thursday of last week I decided to treat myself to some retail therapy and went to Lakeside shopping centre in Thurrock. I wanted to buy a pair of running shoes to kick start the ‘new healthy me’. I purchased one pair from a JDSports within the mall but then found a different pair that I preferred in a second JDSports in the mall. When trying on the second pair the sales adviser suggested I return the first pair in the store I was in to save me going to the other shop.
Once at the counter I was served by the store manager, who I was advised is the only person in the store authorised to do exchanges of refunds. I explained that I would like to return the trainers and exchange them for the ones I had picked in this store. Without speaking to me the manager inspected the shoes, as I would have expected. This ‘inspection’ was extremely thorough and it was at this point, and in no way rude or said with a tone, I advised her that ‘I had only just bought them – three or four minutes ago.’ To my horror the manager looked up and barked, ‘ Did I say anything?’ I looked quite dismayed and with a very patronising look she repeated, ‘ Did I say a word?’ I was stunned by her curt and aggressive tone. I stood for a bit in silence , having said to her, ‘I was merely explaining that I had only just purchased them.’ Again, she looked up and said ,’ you are incredibly rude, it is my job to inspect the shoes.’ I did not want to engage in any unnecessary conversation with this woman; I was embarrassed enough at me being spoken to like a naughty child in front of a queue of other customers. It was at this point that I began to shake and tears welled up in my eyes. Not only was I being bullied by the manager I was being forced into a position where I was humiliated and embarrassed in front of a queue of customers as well as other members of staff. I asked her if we could ‘just get on with it’ as I was, at this point, desperate to leave the store. I stood in absolute silence, my face red and whole body shaking with rage as I watched her typing my details into the till. It was at this point that she looked up and said, ‘stop looking at me like that’. By now I’d had enough, it seems that this woman was extremely angry and upset with something prior to my visit and had decided to assert herself with me for no reason whatsoever. I then with slightly raised voice said,’ I am looking at you because it is courteous to do so, would you prefer me to turn away and speak with my back to you?’ I then turned fully round to face the opposite direction to make a point.
She then said,’ right, you are incredibly rude and I’m not serving you. You will have to take these somewhere else ‘cause there’s nothing I’m going to do.’ I said, ‘excuse me? You’re not going to serve me?’ ‘That’s right she smiled, you’re too rude.’ At this point I demanded the number to customer services. She ignored me when I was asking claiming, ‘Can’t you see I’m serving someone, you’ll have to wait.’
Eventually she handed me the number and I tried to call from the shop. She gave me the wrong number and when I advised her of this she looked over and said,’ it’s the one we use.’
Frustration boiling now, I advised her that i had driven 35 miles to get to this store and now she was refusing to serve me? ‘Yes’ she laughed, ‘I’m the only one who can do exchanges so you’ll have to go elsewhere.’
I even tried to apologise to her for a misunderstanding but she just shrugged her shoulders and walked off from the counter smiling.
As I left the store two customers that had heard this conversation stopped me as they left to say that I had in no way been rude to the lady and that ‘she’s obviously having a bad day’. Plausible had it not have been for the fact that it was just past 9am!
I left the store, found an exit to the mall and sat in my car crying unable to continue my ‘day out’. Not only was I choked about this experience I was left humiliated and unnecessarily embarrassed by a girl half my age who thought her actions and rudeness were justified and somewhat amusing.
My shopping experience was, to say the least, ruined and the whole weekend blighted by a half witted upstart who considered herself in a position to be rude, discourteous and patronising.
Suffice to say that I will not return to the JDSports store in Lakeside shopping centre and should I wish to purchase anything I will do so online.
I would appreciate a swift response to this letter of complaint and do hope that the matters I have raised will not be repeated by the manager ‘Danielle’ again. Perhaps a customer service course would benefit her; she may well be a superb manager but she is lacking in a very important area of management; customer service and satisfaction.
I am in no way happy with the disrespectful behaviour displayed and would expect managers to have more decorum towards customers.

Kindest regards,

Miss Lynda J Smith

I have requested that someone reply ASAP, I will update this when I receive one.

I have an almost identical scenario with JD Sports as Andrea only my garment is Nike Sweatpants. There is a hole on the seam of the ankle cuff, they have been worn once and are unwashed. The garment was purchased 10 days ago and I have the original receipt. On returning the goods to the store for a replacement I was advised by the store manager that they would be sent away for a manufacturing fault assessment and that I would receive a letter by post outlining their findings. Although he did add that in his opinion and that of his young assistant the goods had been damaged by us.
Tried several times to contact customer service by phone without any success, however their recorded message does state contact us by Facebook. So I did! Within minutes I had received a response and a telephone call. They turned out to be as unhelpful as the store, basically just quoting the same script. I am now at a loss as to where to go with this. I’ve obviously researched consumer rights etc but JD Sports are not interested in the consumer only “profit”.
Any advice out there on how to proceed.

I went to JD in Tottenham Hale North London yesterday to exchange a pair of trainers that my partner had bought for my daughter the day before in Brent Cross. I approached a member o staff in store who provided me with the bigger size that I needed.
I proceed to go to the till to do the exchange. The girl on the tills asked me for my name and address. I asked her what for. She told em that it was company policy to take the name and address of every customer before issuing and exchange or refund.
I asked her again what would it be used for. She called her supervisor over. In steps in the “big boss” to tell me it’s company policy. He then called the store manager. The store manager told me it was the law. I told him that I had worked in retail and I have never heard of this law. His reply ” you worked in retail past tense.” He then turned to the other guy and said refuse her exchange and walked off.

My daughters trainers were handed back to me. I asked for the number for head office and the name of the manager. The staff member shouted to the manager “Nige do you want to give her your name?” To which I replied ” it’s not that hard to find out his name and it’s funny how he has a choice about giving out his name but I don’t”

I contacted customer service who informed me that it was company policy. She told me this 6 times. I explained to her that the manager told me it was the law and I would like to know when the law was passed.

I returned to the store with a friend a few minutes later who spoke to the “big boss” and asked what they used the details for. He replied ” it’s company policy” he then went on to say that if I wasn’t hyping up then he would have done it. I wasn’t aware that asking a question was hyping up.

Whilst still on the phone to customer service I was told that my name and address was to match up my card to the purchase that was made. The purchase that was not made on my card. I asked the lady what If I had paid cash. She could not answer.

In the end I got the trainers exchanged. The same system that they could not over ride he some how managed to.

After going home and reading the full refund policy I was shocked to realise that if you purchase something from JD and simply change your mind then you are not entitled to a refund. Also if you claim that the item is fault then it will be sent off to be checked.

If items are not faulty then a store does not legally have to replace them. See your rights here. It does so as a goodwill gesture and most companies, particularly the big ones will do so. It is not law that you have to give your name and address when making an exchange as far as I know, but it is certainly common practice. However, the way you were treated was poor and I would write to the CEO to complain. Use the tips here. Not surprised, this JD Sports gets the most views from google searches after Tesco. It is not the second largest chain written about on the blog so it follows that they get more than their fair share of complaints. Dreadful customer service as far as I can see.

After the lady behind the counter was calling the lady behind me in the quo to another member of staff today I was left speechless but then for a member of staff to question me about a personal question I was left not knowing what to say and feeling uncomfortable. I have never felt so intimidated in my entire shopping life. I have been and shopped in many store before and this is the first time I have seen this type of behaviour which is terrible and completely unacceptable and I will never shop in JD again and will also recommend my family and friends to do the same . Until this issue I have never experienced a problem before but this staffs attitude was disrespectful, who needs to learn to respect their customers as its appalling believer and service it’s the worst customer service I have ever come across.
I would like to see some action for the terrible behaviour that I have revived today.

Suggest you write and complain but not sure what the issues are. See tips which may help when you write to JD Sports.

We bought a pair of black Vans for our grandson from the JD Shop in the Mall at Cribbs Causeway Bristol on the week end of the 25 July 2015.
By the end of the following week the sides on one shoe had become unstuck – all the way from toe to heel, the other showing similar signs. We went back to the shop on the 2 August and showed the manager – who said he had not see anything like this before and he could not offer a replacement of refund but would send it back (we thought to Vans).
We received the shoes back from JD this week only to be informed that the shoes were cleaned incorrectly. They were canvas type shoes and at not time did we clean them and our grandson did not wear them for more than a couple of days!
We are totally disgusted with the tone of the letter and not happy that this was not referred to the Vans company who I believe would also not be happy with the response.
Our grandson has had several Vans shoes over the last couple of years and they have always been of a good quality, so we know this was an unusual problem.
We will never shop at JD or any of their other outlets again (thus depriving them of circa hundreds of pounds each year) and have subsequently bought a pair of Vans from another retailer – Schuh, where the service was fantastic.

Hi, I have recently sent a pair of Lacoste shoes that have split at a seam. They look as-new and returned them to the store expecting an easy exchange as it is clear they have split. They were sent off for “inspection” and I too have been given the reason as “incorrect cleaning”. Absolutely no explanation of what constitutes inproper cleaning and why this could ever make a shoe this new fall apart.

Perhaps some further investigation is required here?

On Saturday 5th September 2015 I went to the Victoria centre store in nottingham to buy my son some new clothes , we were looking around amd I stubbed my big toe on one of the rails, which caused my toe nail to be ripped only hanging by a tiny bit of skin, there was a lot of blood my 13 year old son fetched a member of staff who have my son some tissue, they told me told sit in the middle of the store which was packed with customers I sat and waited for at least 15 minutes before they got the accident book, then had to fetch medical team from the Victoria centre who cleaned at bandaged my toe, then filled in details in the accident book, I was offered a an ambulance but I didn’t require on,, I’m still suffering a lot of pain and will probably lose my toenail, I just didn’t like the way I was treated being made to sit in front of customers and children with blood everywhere and had to wait a while,before I was looked at. Thankyou for taking time to read this miss Karen crisp .

Hi I think your website is absolutely excellent first of all. This gives the normal customer some form of ally so very grateful to you. The only question I have is that I cannot seem to be able to send the email to the CEO of JD sports using the email address you have provided is there a different email address I shall be using or something else perhaps please advise

Thank you

I have provided a link to an external website. This provides the email addresses of CEOs. If you have used the email address to which I have provided a link and it is not working or you think that that the details are not correct please contact the editor of that site using the contact button on that site. Thanks.

For the attention of a manager

Reference number 9546084 – 10c

I have several issues regarding Jd sports initially from 29/11/2015 when I placed an order instore (order number 71084908) I received the item on 2/12/2015.
1st – I checked the item and it was missing a label from off the tongue, I emailed customer services and sent pictures of the item (email 01294548) email sent to Usman Mahmood customer services.

I emailed jd customer services again on 3/12/2015 and stated the situation and sent the pictures of the trainers

I received a thank you for your email ref:_00D20oqHe.50020sfQuf:ref
It stated so one will be in touch within 48 hours – automated response
Reference number for this case 01304676

I received no reply by 5/12/2015 so I went to bullring Birmingham Jd store and let them know the situation and that no communication was received from customer services regarding the situation. I explained to a lady at the tills she said she would get the manager, the manager came I explained the situation and he told me I have to pay for delivery of another pair and walked off. I explained to the lady at the till that was unacceptable and the manager should of resolved this instead of walking off. The lady at the till alongside and stated she couldn’t do nothing as she didn’t have the authority. So I ordered the pair and paid for delivery.

I received an email from jd sports customer services form Jane on 13/12/2015 – 10 days later to my original response from the 3/12/2015 (email number 01304676) asking whether this was an online purchase or instore even though I had stated in my email that I collected them originally instore

She then emailed in response on 13/12/2015 stating to my confirm order number or my full name and and billing address.

I responded and sent my order number JD71526836

Jane from customer services replied dated 14/12/2015 and stated she was sorry to hear that I had a problem and told me to take them instore and a manager would be happy to offer assistance. (Email number 01304676)

Although I had done this on the 5/12/2915 and was not assisted at all by the very unhelpful and inappropriate manager at Jd sports bullring birmingham.

The trainers I finally recieved were of the wrong size. Order number JD 71526836

I then decided there was no point in continuing to try to resolve this as customer services online was of no help so far and in store was just as horrendous. I then took the trainers to a Jd store in Kings Heath birmingham on the 6/01/2016. Order number 73678792. I was assisted by a helpful and very polite man who helped me order a new pair as the original item was no longer selling. I placed an order and was told they would be in store to collect in 3-5 days.

So then I recieved a text message to say they were instore to collect on 9/01/2016 I went to collect on Monday 11/01/2016
The lady at the till collected my order and asked if I would like to see the item first I agreed. Then again more disappointment as these trainers were of the wrong size they were size 5.5 in a size 6.5 box. I explained to the lady I ordered size 6.5. She replied the only thing she could do was order them in again so reluctantly I agreed as you can imagine I’m getting sick and tired of the appalling service of Jd sports and there products. New order number 73959587

Now it’s the 16/01/2016 a staggering 7 weeks later form my original order placed on the 29/11/2015. And no text and no email to say item has been dispatched or even instore to collect.

So finally I decide I’m going to complain I ring Jd sports on 0844 441 8601′ was on the phone for a total 12 minutes explained the whole ordeal and the gentleman informed me he was sorry for the way this had been handled and my order was actually instore to collect and he was unaware of any reason as to why I hadn’t been informed by email or text as there was no information to suggest any problems with doing so.

So as you can see the whole situation was not handled appropriately, the service I was received of no reasonable standard, and finally I have had to wait 7 weeks to receive a pair of trainers hopeful of the right size and quality for my son of 22 months as I’ve not actually colected them yet. It is an absolutely ridiculous situation as anyone can understand the frustration of having to wait so long to resolve an issue in getting one pair of trainers for a child that has been made into a circus act of being fobbed off here and there and having had no resolution to the original complaint.

I would be very grateful if a manger could reply and resolve this appropriately and correctly and if any more information is needed then I am happy to comply. If the emails I sent and the emails received from the customer services are needed I am more than happy to send them.


So as was told to me on the 16/01/2016 item was instore I went to JD sports to collect on 17/01/2016 and guess what no trainers in there, they can’t find the order, what’s name of order blah blah a total of 40 minutes spent instore while they “looked for my order”. The somewhat so called assistant manager appalled, the floor staff her the situation she said she would ring customer services she did so and was also told that my order was in that store. She then decided to ring some lost claims department, while I’m still waiting around, while waiting I suggested to the floor staff if I could just take a pair from off the shelves which thought was good idea so he told the assistant manager I had asked for this resolution for a reply of ‘ I’ll have to ask for authorisation for her to do that. So again I’m waiting for a further 15 mins, in the end I said I’ve been in sotre nearly an hour no trainers no resolution can’t u just cogent my money back and purchase another pair to be told fine what’s your card details I gave them to the assitant maanger she told someone on the phone and then she turns and says 3-5 days the money should be back in your account. I walked out fuming.

So from 29/11/2025 – 4 orders messed up, 2 managers inappropriate and lack of help, result in no trainers and having to wait for my money back!

I have emailed all this to jd sports and the Ceo of jd and no reply


Too long for me to read all the way through. Please Tips which should help you with last letter threatening further action.

Went into jd in Torquay today with trainers where the tstitching had gone slightly after two week old trainers went in with receipt explained I wished to have a refund, was told no he didn’t think it was worthy as not a stress piont, I asked if he was a trainer designer or trained in this, as they were less than two weeks old, so had to leave the store with faulty trainers,

I bought a pair of trainers. They were size 9 instead of 10. The guy convinced my that would strech out if I wore them for 2 weeks. I wore them only indoors. Took them back and asked for a an appropriate size. Which was then in stock. The manager demanded the original box. I said keep the box as I was exchanging the trainers only. He insisted and refused to exchange the trainers. I am shocked n bamboozed. What a fob off. I will never go back to JD sports

Hackney JD manager should really by given sufficient amount of training before they are given a job.331 mare street, Hackney , London , E8 1HY.

Hi I live in Perth Western Australia I found jdsports on line and ordered from them a pair of Nike air for $135 au as delivery was free,however they sent me an email stating that my order had been exepted then 2 weeks later received another email saying my order had been cancelled with no expiation and if I wanted to know more I had to call Manchester uk,cost me $15 to call them and when I finally got to speak to some person they informed me they had over sold the product and I would have to wait for a refund,2 weeks later got a refund of $110 au,this time $20 phone call to Manchester and they inform me this must be a currency conversion charge and this was my problem and states this in there t&c ,if any person out of uk thinking of ordering from these stay way way clear,total joke,thanks Jd your the best p,s.

Pay for a product get charged for a product and no delivery.. want to take this to the governing body that over sees retailers …I could have ordered this product from my homeland Ausatralia and got it quicker !! shame JD Sports UK !!

Disgusting cutomer service. Most of my emails were replied only through automated email or not answered. Wont be going to JD anymore.

***Racist and Abusive organisation!***

Email below I sent to @JDcustometcare on the 24th June and today is the 2nd July I still haven’t heard back from any individual in JD Sports.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Further to my twitter conversation with Tom following an incident which i faced today in your above store.

I visited your store today in the afternoon around 1300 hrs to buy my son couple of tracksuit bottoms and tops and to my horror i was racially and verbally abused followed by a threat to be physically hurt by a member of your Staff called Pete no surname was given by Rob (Store Manager).

My son was trying on a few tracksuits today in store of your Solihull branch and he took few with him to the fitting rooms and i was assisting him to do so as there were few people in the queue for cubicles.

Firstly there was no staff to be seen around in store to help any of the customers let alone any sort of acknowledgement by any member of staff providing us with any help or support after looking at few we picked up a Puma set, but my son wanted to try the Adidas set as well so i went over to the Adidas corner of the store upstairs and picked up a Grey tracksuit bottom with Burgundy strips on the side, but failed to find any tops to match it, after looking around for staff i spotted Pete (The guy who was aggressive and abusive towards me) who seemed very unhappy to fold all the T-Shirts on a stand and asked him if there were any tops to go with the item I was holding in my hand. He pointed me in the direction of Burgundy tops and said all the tops are in that specific corner, so i went over and looked for the Grey top with Burgundy strips, but failed to find any so i went back to him to request him again as he was the only staff visible to me at the time and said ‘I can only see Burgundy tops there; haven’t you got any grey’s to match the bottoms?’ to my surprise he turned around and said to me ‘ Do you think i’m thick you Fucking Paki, Fuck of from my face before i smash your face in’ i was not only shocked by his response but also embarrassed and humiliated by that statement and i responded ‘Are you being serious?’ to which he replied ‘Yes, and what the Fuck are you going to do about it?’

I then asked him, is there an manager in store i can talk with regarding his response and behaviour, to which he said and pointed out Rob ‘There he is and he anint gonna do shit so now Fuck Off!’ I then saw Rob (Store Manager) and explained the situation to him, whilst i was having a conversation with Rob; Pete kept on saying ‘I’m i fucking thick – Fuck Off’ what baffled me the most that Rob at that time didn’t even ask his member of staff to shut up, but on the other hand when i was explaining to him about the abusive language used by member of staff; he responded don’t swear, to which i said ‘I’m just repeating what your member of staff has been saying to me, but it seem he wasn’t interested at all to listen to me (he could very clearly listen to Pete swearing in the background), but never did he stop him, which attracted other shoppers attention and then at that moment he asked Pete to leave his position and did nothing to put my mind at rest. There was no sorry or any sort of apologies from him or JD Sports.

For your staffs information I’m not a Muslim neither i’m of a Pakistani origin and found the whole episode to be racially motivated. I asked him a question around stock availability which he wasn’t comfortable to answer. One could tell from his body language that Pete wasn’t even interested to be in work today, let alone provide help to JD Sports customers , which pays his wages at the end if the day.

Rob at no point of time stopped him, but in return he was asking me to speak calmly which i was and just explaining the situation.

I will be writing into your CEO and HR Director questioning the quality of staff they have in store and level of customer service awareness within your team in addition i will take to social media along with other modes of media to ensure others in my situation don’t face similar abuse.

Such members of staff and management should be questioned investigated and then the decision should be taken if such individuals are fit to face customers?

In fact the whole incident should be captured in your in store CCTV and if in return i was aggressive or abusive i would have been escorted of the premises and further more, but i was calm and collected at all time and still got abused just because of my colour?

If your company ethos and members of staff aren’t comfortable to serve and Brown skin man and don’t want our money then, you should put a board outside “Only for whites’ then we have separate matter to deal with?

I have lost all respect for your brand and i have been your loyal customer for the last 15 years and never did i face such humiliation and embarrassment ever.

In addition i will be taking this up with the local community and local gathering to explain what me and my family faced today in your store.

I would appreciate if you investigate this matter as a matter of urgency as its a matter of my self respect and self esteem.

I look forward to hearing from you and your senior team members.

Have a good weekend.

Kind Regards,


I love jd and I’m a regular customer but I can’t believe I can’t use my voucher I got for my birthday online as my nearest stores do not have this item of clothing in thier stores. I find this very poor

I just got ripped off by “Steve Scott Shoes UK”. Ordered a pair of Merrel sandals called Dahlia. Received a pair of shoes that do not even remotely resemble the model that I ordered. And I know that for a fact because I already have worn out 2 pairs of said sandals and was ordering from UK because Merrell said Dahlia sandals were dicsontinued.
Have been chasing Steve Scott team since October 10, 2017v for instructions on how to return the crummy product and get a refund. No luck as of November 13. Their “service@sohappyonline is completly useless. I cannot find an address or rel #.

Their customer service instore may be bad, but for online orders it is nothing like a ‘service’. I (and it appears many others according to Trust pilot reviews) failed to get an online order in time for Christmas, even though they claimed it was sent to their couriers on 14th Dec. I asked the name of their couriers but no reply. I asked for the order to be cancelled. No response. Managed (finally) to speak to an actual person on the phone and it appears my order never reached the couriers even though JD Sports ‘tracking’ website continued to claim it was on its way. However, still no refund so far. They said they have to check if it ever left the warehouse. Whether it left the warehouse or not is no concern of mine. I just need a refund to get a replacement Christmas present. Clearly the item is never going to arrive in time for Christmas now. No apologies from anyone. No response to emails, so not worth bothering with that route. Most phone options go to automated replies so choose option 5 and speak to a real person.

I ordered a coat from Blacks online, which I now know is also JD Sports. I didn’t see it, but a security tag was still attached under the arm. It set off alarms in a shop and they searched me, assuming I was a thief. It was humiliating, until they discovered the security tag. It would set off alarms in every shop I visited, they warned me. The coat was only worn once, and was in perfect condition. I told JD Sports about this, and they suggested I go to Blacks store to remove the tag, or return the item to them. I told them
I could not get to a store easily, as I live in the countryside. I replied I would return to them for a refund. I was stunned when the coat was returned a few weeks later. I did not attempt to open it, as I did not want this coat now, and had made this plain. There was no customer service communication offering me a choice it just turned up. I wrote again to customer service saying I did not want the coat, but I wanted a refund. The customer service person apologised, and issued me with a CollectPlus label for free, so I could return it again. This I did in hopes of a final resolution and some form of recompense. But today UKMail delivery delivered me back the coat. The package was all torn and muddy (I have pictures, and I asked the courier to register the damage on his signing device). A crumpled muddy letter was poking out of the torn parcel saying they could not offer me any refund as they’re looked over the coat and it was had been worn!! It was worn only half a day, and not worn since the tag was removed and the coat sent back, very carefully packaged I might add. I’m left with a torn muddy package containing this ruddy coat. All I wanted was a refund after a hugely humiliating experience due to the fact they had left a plastic security tag on at their warehouse. Zero Customer Service.

Thanks for you tips here, which I will consult. If you have any further advice, I’d be very grateful.

Write to CEO, using the Top 20 tips. Explain whole situation. Say under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 you are entitled to full refund. It was unacceptable for them to send an item that could not be worn. Worn once was how you discovered the fault. Not only that their error caused you embarrassment in a store for which you expect redress.

Long story short fell for it again. Ordered trainers couple of years ago at a cost of £70. Never showed. Paid via PayPal so asked them to deal with it. Hermes said they delivered to my safe place so PayPal closed the ticket saying I had the product. Incorrect as no safe space where I live so was in expecting delivery. Silly but ordered socks for my boy (approx £25 with DC) as he has been using JD and not yet encountered any issue. 8 emails later back forth with customer services still no sockd. So asked for cancellation and refund as they said it hasn’t been processed yet…stock issues. My son is now in the military so no longer need the socks. After waiting on hold finally got through to customer service agent to be told it has been cancelled already so just wait for refund…but she also said in case it is dispatched I will send you a return label link so can yoi can do so. Really? If the items been cancelled before it’s been processed then why would it show up? Really do feel like I’m being given the run around.

Hello I brought a pair of expensive trainers from jd sports online .I wished to return the item because it did not fit even though it was my size.i tried on the trainers once on my back garden patio.i rang jd sports and mentioned that I would like to return the item the same way it was delivered. They advised me to go to my local jd retailer instead.when I did so and wished to get a refund or exchange it the women refused I asked for the manager who was called and said it had looked like it had been worn which I disagreed with. I asked her to call HEAD office as I was instructed by jd customer service should there be any issues in store. She refused too.when my trainers were packed up and given back to me.i mentioned to them I’d be making a complaint to head offices at which point the trainers were snatched from underneath my hand before I could pick them up and leave.i reached out my hand and went to get my property back and it was keept away from me I had to literally follow the staff reaching out my hand asking my trainers back pleading with which point I had to follow the staff and the manager passed my property to another employee who keept my trainers out of reach and ended up throwing them over the counter.subcequetly the employee jumped over the counter and ran away with my property. Next I picked up the one trainer I had left and my box and walked out the store to get my property back at which point the employee came Back with security. I still asked for my property back and she ignored me.too make matters even worse the authorities were called and was arrested on suspicion of common assault and criminal damage because I had apparently knocked over a till by accident as I was reaching for my property pleading with them to give it back.they still hadn’t given my property back and I spent the day in jail at the local police station.then to be told I had been charged and too appear in court. I’ve been convicted for common assault and criminal damage as I apparently barged past the manager who had blocked my path to retrieving my property and knocking over the till accidentally when asking for my property back and following them with my hand reached out as they passed it between them and keept my property away from me.All this and keep in mind my property was packed up and given to me as I went pick it up and leave and saying I’d make a complaint. I’m appealing my convicted and plan to go to the media with this if I don’t have a satisfactory outcome

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