Are you a Complaints Handling or Customer Service Director or responsible for senior management and suffering from complaining customers?

Do you have customers who make your job difficult because you don’t know what they are complaining about?

Do you have customers who don’t know what they want?

Do you have customers who shout and rant at you and your staff and complain about your processes and want to escalate issues?

Do customers complain about issues that are difficult for you to address?

Do you have concerns about how you may be serving vulnerable customers and the risks associated with this?

Crucially, would you like to improve all this and more to provide better service and gain and retain customers?

If so, it is time you stopped doing what you’ve always done and heard the voices of your customers. Be open to being challenged through your whole complaints process, starting before you even receive the complaint. It is time to be innovative and get ahead of the competition!

Contact Helen, The Complaining Cow, to ensure you’re the cream of the crop!

She is a best-selling author and is regularly in the media covering consumer issues. With over 35 years of experience in complaints, she knows why people complain and what their pain points and frustrations are. Helen understands what people want from the customer service journey and how to improve it dramatically.

Helen is a practised, dynamic, inventive and resourceful leader of change. She has run numerous projects and programmes, striving for continuous improvement in her own work and in service delivery and regularly identifying and developing opportunities.

One of her particular strengths is that she is not hung up on sales speak, the way you have always done it, based on what you think customers want and how they work or what analysts think. She tells you straight what customers want.

Helen has worked with many companies such as Tesco and Lloyds Banking Group. She looks forward to working with you too.

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