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The Complaining Cow and Rip Off Britain

The thing about being filmed recorded is that it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake! But you don’t get the hair and make up lady working miracles like she did when I was on BBC Breakfast! 🙁

Welcome to my blog full of (occasional rants), redress, refunds and results.

I’ll say now of course that they edited out all the best bits of me where I was very witty, charming, pleasant and gave loads of splendid advice.

So for those of you new here, I thought it might be useful just to give you some links to various posts you may find helpful and may have been hoping to find when you got here rather than the drivel you’ve just read.

I’m updating this post because it was originally written in 2014 when i first ventured out in this media stuff!  So now here are all the Rip Off Britain films to date!

How to complain effectively Rip Off Britain 24/09/14

The best way to complain discussed on Rip Off Britain Live


Rip Off Britain 10/05/2017 How to complain about hotels

Rip Off Britain faulty goods your rights

Rip Off Britain talking getting redress with independent reports and ombudsmen

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