The Complaining Cow Consultancy

You’ve tried the standard feedback methods, you gain feedback regularly, you may even have kept up to date with latest research methods, blogs and advice from experts in the field of customer service but you’re always on the lookout for new angles? You recognise that you always need to be improving to beat the competition but need some new ideas? You want to stand out from the competition in the way you treat your customers with creative and innovative ideas?


When a business is strolling along doing well it won’t necessarily get the feedback about how it could be even better as these are often small things which people can’t be bothered to feedback or seem trivial. However, look at all the issues and make changes and they could make a big difference that people will notice and compare your company to others. The improvements made, often small, often common to many similar companies will make the one taking that extra feedback stand out and increase sales. With this in mind I offer services to companies, providing tailored mystery shopping with detailed feedback that they wouldn’t normally get from customers or standard form filling mystery shopping. I pick up on everything, I don’t want a form to restrict what I have to say!! If you have a look at the blog and social media you’ll see that what I say and do is unique! The Complaining Cow can do this and then come back some time later when you have had time to implement change and will write up this story on the blog.

Try The Complaining Cow. She is a skilled efficient complainer. She isn’t one of those complainers who make your life a nightmare, fabricating stories, telling everyone in your hotel lobby about everything that is “wrong” or lying on review sites. No, she does however, get irritated by bad service, poor value for money, companies who say “Send it back to the manufacturer” (when that is quite simply breaking the Consumer Rights Act 2015) and similar outrages! She will go away and compose her response – measured, polite and accurate. Her passion for seeking recompense for contraventions of consumer law, inconvenience, bad service out of pocket expenses and her understanding of how to complain, combined with her other career experience, knowledge and skills, will bring creativity and  innovation to the way your company can challenge competitors with improved customer service from every angle.

The Complaining Cow is a practiced, dynamic, inventive, and resourceful leader of change. She has run projects and programmes in child, young people and family support, striving for continuous improvement in her own work and in service delivery and regularly identifying and developing opportunities. One of her particular strengths is that she is not hung up on sales speak, the way you have always done it, what you think customers want and how they work, what analysts think, she tells you straight what customers want, not what a bunch of people round a table discussing what the customer wants. See here for more details. Profile.  She is therefore able to use the unique experience, knowledge and skills gained in more than the retail sector to bring a new perspective and improve the customer experience/service there.