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The Complaining Cow V Tesco Update #Tescofail (again)

Tesco doesn’t pay out when it lost in court

Social media sharing the Tesco court case

So I went to court. I won. Jolly good. While I waited for Tesco to pay up I thought I’d have a bit more fun at Tesco’s expense. Well why not? Firstly I drummed up some interest on Twitter for the post I published the following Monday. Over 100 tweets and rt’s that I know about, thousands of views of the blog post and how #Tescofail wasn’t trending I don’t know! Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun last month!

Then I thought I’d have a bit more fun. Would you call it being vindictive? Yeah well whatever…!

Involving Sainsbury’s in the Tesco court case aftermath!

(Whilst I was having a bit of fun, WhichUK published “The power of the written word – don’t suffer in silence!” which included a link and description about what I do, including successfully taking Tesco to court).

I emailed Justin King the CEO of Sainsbury’s. I sent him the link to how he had previously dealt with a complaint and link to The Complaining Cow V Tesco. Within hours I had this response:

Friendly and professional
Friendly and professional









The sort of response I have come to expect from Justin King.

And the response to the same from the Tesco CEO?

I wrote to the CEO of Tesco and got the response I expected from him too. None. I sent him the links to both posts, same as Justin. I did add “Such narrow-mindedness and disregard for customers is probably a main reason for Tesco’s decline. Perhaps supermarkets should listen to customers, particularly those who complain and know how to get feedback from others who complain rather than treat them with such blatant ignorance. People are beginning to fight back against such treatment don’t you think?” 

Two days later I got a response from the Customer Service Executive. I won’t bore you with the whole email correspondence but it went something like this:

Them: Sorry to hear about The Complaining Cow’s experience, we can’t comment on competitors, working to improve services, if you have any specific concerns will investigate.
Me: Notice you referred to post about Sainsbury’s but not the one about the court case! Noted gave CEO chance to respond on posts about him but he didn’t take it up. Try reading the posts and responding.
Them: Sorry CEO can’t respond to emails personally. (Funny how Sainsbury’s CEO can isn’t it? Oh and aren’t they doing better financially?) If the customer would like to contact them directly they’ll look into the post.
Me: Look a the email address, I am the customer…


Another #Tescofail
Another #Tescofail

Why Tesco hadn’t paid court order

Anyway, in the meantime I was told that I would receive the papers within a week and Tesco had 14 days from judgement to pay. Annoyingly, 14 days came and went and still no papers. I telephoned the court and was told that the Judge should not have told me that. Oh right Missus Stroppy Pants, you going to tell him that? No, she decided to tell me. Mistake. I might let the Judge know that apparently he is wrong and she is right. What do you think? Apparently administrators at Bow County Court think that it is okay to send out the papers on the date that I should have received payment. This means that the defendant who didn’t turn up at court wouldn’t know how much to pay either until they received the papers the same day. So, I could have sent in the baliffs on the 14th day, or rather the 15th day when I actually got the papers. That would have been funny. But they didn’t know how much to pay or even what the judgement was!

On the 29th June I received a letter from Tesco stating that a cheque was in the post and that the order was not posted until the day after payment should have been received. Far be it from me for being pedantic but actually it was posted on the day payment should have been received. Anyway, I am being kind. I know, I know, out of character. I will wait 14 days from them receiving the order and then, then if I don’t receive payment I’m sending in the bailiffs…….

Who hopes I don’t receive payment???

The Complaining Cow’s history with Tesco all the links to ongoing stories and communications with Tesco. This includes meeting and interviewing the CEO who took over from Clarke.

21 replies on “The Complaining Cow V Tesco Update #Tescofail (again)”

Court bailiffs are pussies with no real powers or teeth. If anyone’s claim/judgment is over £600, try using a High Court Sherrif who use a writ of Fieri Facias. They have the power of entry and are much more effective and hardcore. They charge a flat £60. Obviously, for lower award judgments, consumers are limited in the court options available.

Good for you for what you have done !!!
What you do is present a running itinerary of expenses…
timely worth (present salary or value of degrees)
phone calls, emails,time spent (get copy phone records)
COST petrol to and from court (even % of wear and tear on car) cost lunch, get receipts
cost lighting , heating when performing these tasks
etc etc any thing else pertinent
that will be well over £600 be diligent and it will be in the £K
(check punitive damage laws)
(you could include stress incurred, medications, doctor visits..with DR letter)
this is American style and WE WIN.
Whole new ball game for passive agressive Brits. If they are legit they can not be denied.

DO NOT back down from any sheriff or judge when they see your are intent in getting a good settlement, they might not like it but they will respect you.
Remember no one is above the law.
First case in Calif was decades ago when a guy sued the doctor for the time he was kept waiting
after his apt time and HE WON

Thank you. Different laws in America – we would not be able to claim for some of the things you suggest and in my case much of it irrelevant (medical etc) but may be relevant in another case. If a breach of law it gets paid out in the courts. We can’t charge for time as in this case I was denied it but the judge got round that by giving me an amount for Tesco being unreasonable.

I would like to add it is about respect, self respect
and self worth and how you allow people to treat you. If you don’t respect yourself no one else will.

Thank you again for all the work you have done in helping people to get justice, no matter how small, and the tools with which to do it.

Thank you. I agree it is also about not letting the big guys think they can get away with it!

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