11 Rants to Improve Bras! (Or 11 Effective Ways Bra Manufacturers Could Make More Money!)

Last week I started a rant about bras on Facebook. Well, given the post was basically for women it was one of my most popular posts!

The start of the ranting
I asked a simple question, why pad with gel and stuff to make a DD look even bigger? Well, one of my post popular posts ever, especially given that it was the first aimed at women for women to engage in! There was some discussion about whether DD was big! But we may have solved this conundrum – back size goes up cup size comes down so could be why some people have different views of what is big. Age could have something to do with it too as in the last few years the average bra size has increased.

Katie Price and Kate Moss. Sublime to the ridiculous in terms of bras? Who would need the padding to get more clothes to fit properly?
Katie Price and Kate Moss. Sublime to the ridiculous in terms of bras? Which Kate would need the padding to get more clothes to fit properly?

Now, this is not about trying to convince anyone our boobs are bigger or con anyone or any of that stuff. For those of us left out in the giving of “In proportion of one’s body boobs” it is about exactly that. Making ourselves look and feel better. So many clothes don’t look right because they “hang” where they should be fitted so there are numerous nice clothes we can’t wear! (Or look daft doing so!) Sometimes a bit of padding helps, sometime it doesn’t! Now how does enhancing the boosting of your boobs so they are out of proportion the other way help?! It’s just not necessary and as one lady said she is a “36D and see a lot of padded!! I love my boobs but padded 36D is just greedy and they feel gross” I rest my case and good night.

The Questions
Before I go though, here are the unanswered ranty questions and I don’t care that ranty isn’t a word. Nor do I care that 11 is not a nice round number.

1) Why aren’t bra cup sizes the same whatever the back size so we all know where we are?
2) Why is a 34c in one shop a 32 or a 36 or d or whatever in another shop?
3) Why are there so few matching knickers for bras?
4) Why are large cups, let’s say from a 36d upwards often padded to enhance the boobs when no enhancement is necessary?!
5) Why (this from one of the more blessed women) can you only get big uncomfortable pads or something like a net curtain in 32H? (Told she was quite blessed).
6) Why did all my female relatives get decent sized boobs but I got my father’s side of the family?
7) Why can’t bras be made where putting them in the washing machine doesn’t “ruin” them or make wires come out and block the machine?
8) Why, whenever you are in shops they so often have all the gel/padded ones in the larger sizes left and none of the smaller? Is this down to buyers not following common sense?
9) Why do all the pictures of bras to buy on line/in catalogues always show lovely looking models all in proportion and never a very small bust?
10) Why do the pictures of bras on line/in catalogues never show how bras look under t shirts etc?
11) Now, if a someone who is a 32B put on weight and it didn’t go on her boobs = 34A = 36AA = what happens at 38? This, this is the sort of thing that will happen to me. When I dropped a back size did I go up a cup size? No I flaming well didn’t, typically defying logic and all things fair. Will I go down a cup size if I go back up a back size? Yes I will.

I’d have a boob job but I know they’d only explode.[Tweet “I’d have a boob job but they’d only explode”]

I shall try to discover answers. But in the meantime let me know if you have any more bra queries?!

And also in the meantime check out Bare Reality 100 women bravely share un-airbrushed photographs of their breasts alongside honest, courageous, powerful and humorous stories about their breasts and their lives. Women from all walks of life took part, aged from 19 to 101, sized AAA to K, from Buddhist nun to burlesque dancer. Their perspectives and experiences are revealing and profoundly moving. Intimate, visually refreshing, maybe even surprising.

By Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow

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Well done. Think you got all the points discussed. Now for some answers?! My personal rant would be ladies trousers with no pockets?! Would a man buy trousers with no pockets? NO they wouldn’t!

Why can’t they make an under-wired bra with straps that stay on my shoulders instead of continuously slipping off and having to be continuously hitched up?

Sorry that this is a bit late. I have 2 points:-

1) My size is 30E (which makes me sound enormous but I have an average size chest and a size 12 top half) so I can only get bras from specialists not M&S etc.

2) When bras do come with matching pants they are usually a) teeny tiny thong mini whatevers-I like them to come a bit further over my stomach b) designed for ‘special occassions’ and are (like some bras) no good under close fitting garments.

Help! After a haemorrhagic stroke 2 years ago I am permanently stuck in a wheelchair, & as you can imagine every thing including my boobs is all squashed. I am 66 & desperately need a comfy bra that will give a nice shape. They all seem to roll up under my boobs & after a rehab. Gym session I’m desperate to get it off. At present due to a frozen shoulder I can’t manage back clips. What a mess! But surely there must be others in the same boat so there must be a suitable bra.

A very good read. I mostly agree with your points not all 😉

Most ladies don’t know the correct bra size they should be wearing, and every shop does annoying fit different so it is important to get measured every time you go bra shopping.

Gorgeous comfortable and reasonable priced bras are out there in a variety of sizes, you just need to shop around. We stock bras from a 30 back up to a FF cup on

I disagree about the padded cups on the bigger bras – I am a 36DD and I still like to wear a padded bra now and again. Depending on what top I’m wearing sometimes it looks better with a padded bra rather than just one of my lace ones!

I enjoyed reading

Any woman I speak to about bras says the same – you just can’t buy a comfy one. Personally I would have more front fastening bras as when you get older it’s a real struggle reaching round the back. Also, I’ve always worn underwired bras but I’ve noticed recently that the wires have started digging into my oxters. And straps, they always fall off the shoulders. I’ve even tried buying expensive ones but it’s no different. It’s high time manufacturers actually listened to women before making any more bras!

I’ve always said that it is silly that women’s clothing has to do up at the back – I know it’s historical from when your maid dressed you, but come on, manufacturers, at least move into the late 19th century! This includes bras, of course – there are a few that are front-fastening or side fastening, but not many. I can also answer number 10 – the reason that you never see pictures of what the bras look like under garments is that the catalogues are done by men who want to drool over as many pictures of semi-clad women as possible. (PS. I am a man, but I am married, so I know a bit about women’s clothing – correction, before she tells me off – A woman’s clothing.)

Why do shops display all sizes of the same style on the same rack?
I am fed up with hunting for my size at the back of the row.

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