3 Complaint handling frustrations & 3 ways to resolve them

How to resolve 3 complaint handling annoyances

I’ve been a consumer champion for a number of years, with thousands of social media and blog followers who regularly tell me what they dislike about customer service and complaint handling! But some of these issues are easily resolved.

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Not listening to what the issue is

This is obviously a biggie. Whenever I ask my social media followers what is the most important thing that customer service assistants should do when dealing with complaints, this is right up there in the most common answers.

What could/should be done?

It is often flippantly said but it is important to actively listen. Staff need to be trained with ongoing monitoring that they are acknowledging what people are saying and respond appropriately. Empathy needs to be shown and staff need to demonstrate acknowledgement of what they are being told. They should then address what needs to happen to satisfy the customer, agreeing a mutually acceptable outcome.

Fobbing off!

As a consumer champion I probably hear more stories of people being fobbed off than anything else. These are the most common. 7 Common fob offs that companies use to not give refunds! Large store chains are frequently the biggest culprits. Companies try to get away with offering a repair or exchange, rather than a refund for faulty goods. Unless people know their consumer rights the companies often get away with it too. When consumer rights are mentioned, it all changes. For example, I went into a very well-known phone shop to take back a phone that I had had for two years and asked for a free repair or replacement and was refused. I said that under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 items must last a reasonable length of time. The response “Oh, consumer rights, yes we will repair it for free”. The conclusion one draws from this is that anyone who doesn’t know their rights would not have had a free repair.

What could/should be done?

Be honest! It is short sighted to try and fob people off. You may save the cost of one item but you lose goodwill and risk that person later finding out their consumer rights. They can share their story with thousands of others and it will affect your company’s reputation and cause loss of custom. You do not know how many customers you lose because they don’t return. Treat customers right and let them do the word of mouth marketing for you, for free!

How things backfire when you fob off customers

Not giving me what I want!

Well, this is interesting because not all customers know what they want! Or their expectations are too high. So, customers might just want a rant or they might ask for a free holiday because their bed was uncomfortable in the hotel!  Or they aren’t telling you what they want!

What could/should be done?

Staff need to be given lots of role playing in their training! Skills need to be sought and developed in asking the right questions to find out what it is that the customer wants. Customers often have unrealistic expectations because they don’t know what to ask for or what is on offer. So, ensure staff have a number of options available and are empowered to offer them and implement them. Staff can provide two options, for example, making the second one sound much better for the customer, using such phrases like “The other option I can do is…” This is giving some ownership and empowerment to the customer, who is going to like being given a choice.

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