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The complaining habits of public figures – Brad Burton

A series of interviews by The Complaining Cow

In my series of interviews with people in the consumer world regarding their complaining habits, today is the turn of 4 Networking CEO and Business Motivational speaker Brad Burton. So how does the big guy complain?

Brad Burton

Brad Burton’s complaining habits

1)  Generally, do you complain to a company regarding a faulty item?

Rarely do I complain. I’m a pretty easy-going guy and understand that businesses, on occasion will get it wrong, but what IS important is how an organisation aims to fix things

On occasion I have been absolutely infuriated, usually as a result of bad decision upon bad decision upon bad decision by those in charge. The most recent example of this was when I visited ZIZZI’s (A place I have regularly eaten in and been happy with for over a decade). I was with my  business coach at 7pm and they informed me that, despite the restaurant being 75% empty, they wouldn’t be able to give me a table. And in this financial climate, absolutely crazy . I filmed the restaurant and  put it on twitter, to discover others had had similar bad experiences in different venues so something is going on there nationally . I didn’t receive a single reply or apology from the organisation.

2)   How much does the likely redress have to be before you will
complain and why?

Pretty bad. I realise that everyone is human and mistakes happen. As above, it is usually out of frustration when I do complain, because I can clearly see the situation could have been avoided with better management.

3)   How well do you know your legal rights (Consumer Rights Act, different sectors regulations etc.)

I don’t know them at all, but I do know when I receive good customer services, or bad customer service.

4)      If you receive service over and above good do you give feedback?

I always @ the org on social medias when I have great customer service.

5)      If you receive poor service how many people do you tell (include
your social media followers too!)

I think that’s the modern way of communication and if it’s really bad I will go onto social media. Often I won’t bother.

6)      If you receive good services how many people do you tell?

I share to the same audience whether it’s good or bad! Both I feel people need to know about.

7)      If you don’t really complain or it has to be a significant amount
in question before you will, what stops you from complaining?

I complain when I envisage an outcome worth fighting for

8)      What do you think of using social media to complain?

It’s the most effective method out there.

9)      Is customer service/being able to gain redress a factor when
deciding where to purchase an item

Not initially but if I do receive bad or unfair customer service I will 100% be less inclined to use them in the future.

10) Do you ever contact a CEO of a company? If so at what point in the complaint process?

Never for a complaint. Although I have spoken at director level to companies.

11)   If you have ever used an ADR scheme (ombudsman/mediation/arbitrator) or gone to Small Claims Court tell us about it

No I haven’t.

About Brad Burton

Brad Burton is the UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker. However, he left school with no qualifications, spent years on benefits before starting his own business in 2006. With £25,000 of debt he was delivering pizzas at weekends to help keep his business afloat. 10 years on, that business; Network Central now runs over 5,000+ business networking meetings each year with 1000’s of members.

Brad is also the highest rated & reviewed 5* Amazon business author. He has four best-selling business books** under his belt.

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