Why did @jamieoliver Ignore a Perfectly Reasonable Question?

 Offal huh?

Well, I think Jamie has been doing a good job trying to get food improved in schools and all that stuff! But was curious as to why, the Jamie Oliver fish fingers in Sainsbury’s have more fat and carbohydrates than Sainsbury’s own.  Sold as having natural breadcrumbs, great. I tweeted @JamieOliver why do your fish fingers have more carbs and fat in them than Sainsbury’s own? Now don’t you think that’s a perfectly reasonable question? You’d think that Jamie’s fish fingers would be more healthy wouldn’t you? Perhaps they are?! But I think he could have told me why. Well I won’t be buying his products in future! (Although I’ll still keep using the recipes from his books, particularly the yummy pork one, anyway I digress…)

A variety of fish fingers what's the best and why?
A variety of fish fingers available to the consumer but what’s the best and why?

If Martin Lewis (that man is brilliant) can respond to more than one question from me on Twitter so can Jamie Oliver. Don’t you think?

Perhaps this post will get tweeted a few times and we’ll see a response from him?! I’ll certainly let you know if I do!