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Brainless Boris Bungles on…

The new Winter of Discontent continues.

Fuel prices are up because the Government didn’t listen to the warnings 18 months ago.  Government was warned that energy companies could collapse 18 months ago, Ofgem reveals.

Fuel shortages have forced the Government to relax visa restrictions in order for up to 5,000 lorry drivers from the EU to come and work in the UK.

Turkeys voting for Christmas!

Yesterday (26/09/21) it was announced that up to 5,500 poultry workers will be permitted to travel to and work in the UK, to prepare turkeys in time for Christmas.


Isn’t it ridiculous? Brexit was sold as a benefit for the UK. One of those benefits being more jobs for UK citizens. But it just isn’t working. We don’t have enough people able to take the driving jobs.

Why would anyone in the EU want to come and work in the UK for 3 months? To help out a country whose Government made it very clear they weren’t welcome. Come and work only to be thrown back again… It is an appalling way to treat people. We will use you while we can and give you nothing but abuse and no security in return…

There is no limit to this Government’s shame and dishonesty.

See just some of the Government lies in this video:

and more since then on Peter’s channel

School uniform costsAnd don’t forget their track record on education too. This was my open letter to OFSTED after Williamson called on parents to complain to OFSTED. Williamson gets an F for trying to incite complaints against schools

We have to keep on fighting the fight and raising awareness of the lies and the general incompetence of this Government. Buy  a book and fill it up with things that you are going to do to make change happen!

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What to do with the ghost of Christmas Present?

Things you can do with unwanted Christmas presents

What are your rights when returning items at Christmas?

Returns – your rights

See Christmas presents, returns – your rights.  If you can’t ask the present giver for the receipt, or you don’t know where the item was bought and there is no way of returning the item you got for Christmas, what can you do with it?

Four money bloggers take a look at what you could do:

Helen Dewdney


Helen Dewdney The Complaining Cow and author of How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide (that’s me that is!)


photo of Faith Archer



Faith Archer of Much More with Less


photo of Emily


Emily Rowley of A Thrifty Fox



photo of Hollie


Hollie Gregersen of Thrifty Mum




We bloggers say first, of course! But make a note of who gave it to you, so you don’t give it back! (Although my mother once gave a little book of friendship to someone. She even handwrote a message on the first page. the woman gave the book back to her with the page torn out! I kid you not!) Keep them with the bargains that you buy throughout the year as gifts for various people and events!


For example, clothes and shoe banks.

Donate to charity

I like to donate unwanted items and there’s more than the obvious charity shop. Towels, duvets and bed linen can be donated to a homeless charity or pet rescue (many places won’t take duvets but pet rescues will take for making into dog beds!) Look at Freecycle too. There are 5,314 groups with 9,140,031 members around the world, and local to you. Run by volunteers it enables people to donate to local people who will give your item a loving home and keep things out of landfill as people find different uses for similar items!


Donate for a tombola or raffle, such as your child’s school. All PTAs welcome good raffle prizes! If there are lots of small gifts suitable for children, consider keeping them for next year and making up a box for next year’s shoebox appeal.


If not Christmassy and has a good “eat by” date on it, give to your local foodbank. Many are grateful for toiletries too. And don’t forget to donate to the foodbank throughout the year. Ideas of how to help at very low cost here.


Faith suggests using hampers as very useful storage boxes or bins, as examples.


Faith also recommends selling on auction sites or car boot as the item is, or upcycled to make more money! And to sell free of charges, try a garage sale, Facebook Marketplace/local groups or Gumtree.


Faith adds that renting is growing in popularity. Some people are now hiring out a range of things, such as baby items, power tools and clothes. Look into doing it yourself or join in with existing budding entrepreneurs!


Emma advises checking with your local council social services department, as many will redistribute toys to a toy library or homeware to a family in need.

Swap or swish

These are great, enthuses Hollie! This is where you can take good condition clothes and jewellery and swap. Organise an event yourself or search online to find a local one. Multi Coloured Swap Shop is back for adults!

Another idea: Perhaps this year is the year that you have a chat with people about reducing the present buying next time?!

What have you tried?