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Coronavirus COVID-19 rights, refunds, reschedules

28/11/20 update

Getting help for Coronavirus cancellation claims and shopping

How will Coronavirus affect my travel plans? gives you your rights for cancelled flights, holidays and events and if you don’t want to go.

Having problems with refunds for flights? See What to do when your flight is delayed – the full guide your rights are just the same as at any other time a flight is cancelled. And see Travel in the time of Coronavirus – Your rights explained for this period when companies won’t play ball.

Don’t get tied in knots over wedding cancellation details about venues

Wedding venues and insurance getting refunds

I have just undertaken a Facebook Live to give a general rights thing and answer some specific questions below.

Normally I would say fight for a full refund all but please try a reschedule rather than refund for events where possible to support  small businesses in particular.

18/03/20 update Glastonbury cancelling, tickets will be transferred for next year if you want this.

As more events going through the year get cancelled your rights remain the same. Please see link above as well as the below.

Coronavirus your rights

Events, trips, reschedules, refunds, partial refunds, flights accomodation, consequential loss. All here. please do share.Note that as of the PM Press conference this evening… it was advised that everyone work from home where possible should avoid all mass gatherings, clubs, theatres and pubs. He did not say that the theatres etc. had to close so this makes it far more difficult to get a refund for anything that is not cancelled. You should certainly try, quoting the Government advice.

Posted by The Complaining Cow on Monday, 16 March 2020