This Isn’t Just Praise, This is The Complaining Cow’s Praise

Remember Calmer Cat? She bought The Complaining Calf a birthday present. A walking roaring dinosaur. Except it didn’t roar. One very disappointed 6 year old. This dinosaur wasn’t just any old dinosaur this was a Marks and Spencer’s dinosaur. I looked on line to see if I could get another one, nope. None in Bluewater and none in Lakeside, our two nearest places.

So, I knew I’d get my money back. Obviously. But The Complaining Calf did want a replacement. So, I tweeted Marks and Spencer. I said I had a very disappointed 6 year old. They spent two days searching the country for a replacement. Now, why they couldn’t just type in the stock number and have all the M & S shops come up on the system in a few minutes I don’t know, but they did keep coming back telling me that they were still looking. But then, their online feedback/complaint process is utterly appalling too. (Not the people, the system).

They didn’t have one anywhere in the country! But while they were looking they said they would send a present to The Complaining Calf to say “Sorry”. They sent him this:

Glow teeth dinosaur
Glow teeth dinosaur

It had to be put together. The Bull helped with that. he said the instructions were rubbish. Make of that what you will……

Look at those scary teeth. I could cope with the instructions for that bit….


Anyway, I thought that was pretty good service and really going the extra mile. One cynical person said that perhaps my reputation went before me and got in their first….! Possibly, 🙂 but even though I am highly cynical, I haven’t (yet) written a post complaining about them, my ego isn’t big enough to think that Marks and Spencer staff read my blog! Who knows??? But I did think it was pretty good and so did The Complaining Calf. The only things about this though, is that that child is going to have a very distorted view of customer service as he grows up…….

This is the Calmer Cat in a presentation:

How approval bodies are failing to properly approve and monitor Alternative Dispute Resolution -