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“Ben and the Bug” takes to the small screen

Natalie Reeves-Billing, children’s author, and I have teamed up to create a new video to help children understand the current Coronavirus situation.

The video, based on Natalie’s book Ben and the Bug*, helps to explain and stimulate discussion with young children through a beautifully written and illustrated narrative. In the tale, Ben visits the local park and meets a bug called Ben and brings him home. Ben causes people around him to get sick and learns how to protect people from getting ill.

I read the book to a friend’s young son and I was instantly captivated by the way Natalie had told the story of a virus in a simple and non-frightening way. I have now partnered with Natalie to bring the book to life for families to watch and share online in an entertaining and educational interpretation reading of the story.

I joined forces with fellow independent author Natalie Reeves-Billing to explain the complexities of Coronavirus to a young audience.

Natalie Reeves-Billing, the author of best-selling Ben and the Bug, believes that whilst the world struggles to come to terms with Coronavirus young children need help to understand what is happening.

Ben and the Bug by Natalie Reeves-Billing

About Natalie

Natalie Reeves-Billing is a social entrepreneur and children’s author. In February, she launched Split Perspectivz, a business helping schools and community centres in underfunded areas to access literacy aids. Natalie believes storytelling to be a powerful form of catharsis and self-growth, and an essential tool for accessing tough subjects. Her latest children’s books are an example of this. Natalie explores alternative viewpoints and multiple narratives to help families achieve connectedness and understanding. There’s never been a more important time to convey this message.

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