1 little Known Fact You Need to Know When Your Gas is Cut Off!

Gas hob rings

Cold innit? Even colder when you are without heating. Gas people ever cut you off without notice? Back in 2011……

Gas works caused us to be without gas

there had been some gas works undertaken in our road for some weeks. Starting on the 14th December we were without gas for 3 days. It was extremely cold, around the time of the snow and we were given 2 small electric heaters, a further heater the next day and 2 electric hobs. In addition, it was only by chance that we were not without heat for longer.

Gas workers didn’t know we were without gas supply

When we had been without gas for all of the 14th and it was about 5pm I went outside to ask the workmen when my gas supply would be back on. They told me that I should have gas and that when they had put the cameras down, our house was showing as fine and being served from across the road (where pipes are not being replaced).

Guess what I did? I just put up with it, well there was nothing they could do was there? Yeah right! Obviously I did what I do best. I complained.

How to complain about loss of gas supply

Now, I know people who have said they have been without electricity or gas and they don’t know how to complain or what to say. What you do people is fight them with their own rules!

Here, it’s the National Grid. The Gas Standards are here. You study them, you pull out every one they have broken and you use it. It isn’t quick, it isn’t just “oi give me money for annoying me”. It does take research and time.

So, I said that as per GS13 of the NG Standards I was not provided with notification in advance of interruption of supply at least 5 days in advance. In fact I was not given any notification. Had I been, I would have been able to make alternative arrangements, including taking my two year old to a warm house and not wasting food I decided to add. Always give that extra bit of detail when appropriate. Payment for that is £20. That’s a given they have to give it to you.

Add detail to your complaint about loss of gas supply

Now, remember I said add a bit of detail? Here was a bit more. The heaters gave little heat compared to a normally fully centrally heated house I said and I was unable to cook the meat I had defrosted (so couldn’t refreeze) I said. And indeed other meat in the fridge I said. I had a two year old which made the situation worse as it was imperative that he was kept warm I said. We had to have the heaters on full blast for the entire time we were without gas supply at obviously great cost to us I said. Electricity costing more than gas! I expected to be compensated for the 3 days we were without supply which I believed to be £30 plus £30 for each 24 hours without supply, plus the increased cost of running 3 electric heaters. (I said).

Redress for loss of gas supply

Got £140. (Under GS14 they have to respond within 10 days, sadly they did!) Spent most of the day at a lovely friend’s house two doors away anyway! We also sold the heaters… But anyone want some electric rings??? I got some friends a couple of hundred pounds from the National Grid using different Standards, such as GS2 for leaving their lawn wrecked too.

Further help to make a complaint about energy

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