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When something goes wrong with your stay at a hotel you are within your rights to complain. Here is how best to complain.

Complain at the time of your hotel stay

This is important because there is an onus on the consumer to be reasonable as well as the trader. If the matter were to go further you will need to show that you provided the trader an opportunity to put matters right.Ask to see the manager

Get evidence of problems with your hotel

Take photos, details of names of people you complained to, dates and times and any evidence you can use at a later date if you need to do so.

Know your legal rights regarding your hotels

Consumer Rights Act 2015 The key things regarding hotels here are:
You are entitled to services to be carried out with reasonable skill and care. So if your room isn’t up to scratch or the service you receive is poor then you are entitled to redress. The percentage you should expect will depend on the level of service and how quickly they put matters right.

The place you stay must match the description. So if the brochure/website said the room will have xyz then xyz must be in the room in good working order.

The ultimate guide to complaining when eating out provides detailed information on how to complain in restaurants and cafes etc.

Complain at a later date

If you feel that you didn’t get redress at the time or you were unable to complain in the time then do complain when you get home. This may be to the manager or if a chain go higher. Use to find the contact details for any CEO.

Complain effectively! 

See Top 20 Tips How to complain! for guidance on writing the perfect email/letter

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How to complain when your hotel over books

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Complain even if your hotel is not in the UK!

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Further help to complain effectively

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