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The complaining habits of those in the consumer world – James Dodkins

A series of interviews by The Complaining Cow

In my series of interviews with people in the consumer world and public eye regarding their complaining habits, today sees the turn of James Dodkins

James Dodkins’ complaining habits

 1) Generally, do you complain to a company regarding a faulty item?

I generally don’t complain to companies about service, I just won’t use them again, but with faulty physical goods I will work to get the item replaced or refunded.

2) How much does the likely redress have to be before you will complain and why?

I don’t really have a set limit, but personally it would d have to be a pretty bad situation for me to actually complain.

3) How well do you know your legal rights (Consumer Rights Act, different sectors regulations etc.)

Not very well at all.

 4) If you receive service over and above good do you give feedback? How?

I try to give feedback directly to the person who gave good service. I personally feel that that does more good than filling in a faceless online form.

5) If you receive poor service how many people do you tell (include your social media followers too!)

If I have really bad service I will usually tell my immediate family and friends and my 15,000 + LinkedIn connections.

6) If you receive good services how many people do you tell?

The same, I like to evangelise good service, maybe even more than bad.

7) If you don’t really complain or it has to be a significant amount in question before you will, what stops you from complaining?

In all honesty, I’m a busy person, It’s more efficient for me to just black list the company. This is a shame really because a complaint is the perfect opportunity for a company to do the right thing and turn an unhappy customer into a life long advocate.

8) What do you think of using social media to complain?

I find it’s usually pretty rubbish. But that might be because I don’t approach it in the best way.

9) Is customer service/being able to gain redress a factor when deciding where to purchase an item

Yes, so for example the reason I buy Apple is because I know that if anything goes wrong they will fix or replace without question.

10) Do you ever contact a CEO of a company? If so at what point in the complaint process?

Because I have a large Customer Experience network I would usually reach out to a Director of Customer Experience or Chief Customer Officer first.

11) If you have ever used an ADR scheme (ombudsman/mediation/arbitrator) or gone to Small Claims Court tell us about it

I have not.

About James Dodkins

James has many combined years experience in the music and business world and uses that experience to present simple yet powerful ideas that influence immediate action. His music key note presentations are legendary.

Find out more about him on his website James Dodkins

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