Complaining about goods and services – all you need to know

There are loads of posts on complaining about goods and services on the blog. Here for ease are links for you to find the information most relevant to your issue.

Goods and consumer law

A Guide to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 – the main law covering faulty goods and services

What you need to know about the Consumer Rights Act 2015 digital content additional information

How to use the Misrepresentation Act 1967 all areas of the Act

The Acts of law protecting you from poor service & faulty items particularly useful for items and services purchased before 01 October 2015

Using consumer law regarding goods stories

When flowers aren’t delivered: What to do a quick story regarding complaining flowers not delivered.

BHS customer care mistakes which made it look like it didn’t care! Although BHS is no more this story covers what you can do when a piece is missing from a product and you don’t want to take the item back, you want the piece!

How to beat Uncle Tom Cobley’s customer service a story of the rare occasion when it may be better to deal with the manufacturer

How to complain about an item over a year old and how not to be fobbed off

Rip Off Britain faulty goods


A Guide to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 – the main law covering faulty goods and services

How to use the Misrepresentation Act 1967 all areas of the Act

The Acts of law protecting you from poor service & faulty items particularly useful for items and services purchased before 01 October 2015

Using consumer law regarding services stories

How to get the cream (without being a clot!) a story of complaining about poor service when wanting a cream tea!

When flowers aren’t delivered: What to do a quick story regarding complaining flowers not delivered.


What happens when a business doesn’t prepare for a promotion story of how a delivery was late, then packaged badly causing damage. The claim.

Your Rights, mail order, online and deliveries all you need to know

Deliveries ITV news with Martin Lewis, Helen Dewdney & Peter Handley

All you need to know about unsolicited goods

Your Rights, Mail Order, Online and Deliveries all you need to know

Rip Off Britain shopping online

Specific sectors

Electricity pylon Everything you need to know to complain about energy problems


All you need to know to make a complaint about energy



lap top on woman's knees phone in one hand


All you need to know about complaining to telecom providers



Look out timber frame on a beach "researching, booking and complaining aabout holidays and flights. Tips, ideas and your rights"


All you need to know about booking/complaining about holidays/flights/travel


Taking thing further

How to contact CEOs when and how to get contact details

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): What it all means post that explains what it is all about and how you can use it.

Landing in court with Ryanair warning about using AviationADR when dealing with aviation complaints

Ombudsman Omnishambles and More Ombudsman Omnishambles the research reports looking at how some ADR schemes such as the one run by Consumer Dispute Resolution Limited which used to run The Retail Ombudsman and lost the title are being approved and monitored.

Rip Off Britain Independent reports

Tips on complaining

Top 20 Tips How to complain effectively! Lots of tips and advice

Top 20 Tips for Complaining Effectively

How to write a letter of complaint a sample letter written regarding a complaint to Sharps about fitting a bedroom.

Everything everyone needs to know about call centres the secrets of how they work and how to beat them

What happens when a business doesn’t prepare for a promotion outlines how you can get to the front of the queue of complaints.

Why you suck at complaining (and what you can do about it) not good at complaining? The reason and what to do about it may be here!

Why you should write not ‘phone to complain effectively whenever you can you should write not phone, here’s why.

Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow BBC Breakfast TV Discusses How We Complain in the UK

7 Common fob offs that companies use to not give refunds! typical fob offs and how to address them!

15 Great words to use in complaints helpful to use in those emails!

10 Types of Complainer Which Are You? check yourself out!

How to Complain Effectively

Social media

The twitter symbol How not to complain on Twitter

Is social media an effective method for complaining?

5 ways how not to use Twitter to complain (and 5 ways how you should)


Questioning why you should complain

7 Questions you should ask yourself if you don’t complain!

Warning: How not complaining drives up fat cat profits!

Complaining in the EU

What did the EU do for consumer law? various consumer laws that cover you when shopping in the EU.

What to do when your flight is delayed – the full guide everything you need to know about delayed and cancelled flights, your rights and how to take matters further and a warning should you use AviationADR

Look East interviews Ryanair CCO and Helen Dewdney

book Logo cartoon cow at a laptop of book cover. How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results!


For more advice, consumer laws and template letters GET THE BOOK! How To Complain: The ESSENTIAL Consumer Guide to Getting REFUNDS, Redress and RESULTS!




Nearly everything you could ever need to make a complaint about anything!

How to Get an Extra 3 Hours on Your Holiday!

Last October teachers went on strike. For the Complaining Cow’s Calf school this meant he had a day off. The following day his school had an INSET day. Result!




For the family it meant getting away for a long week end much much cheaper. Third to half the price!

It was right at the end of the season so just perfect for people who hate people! Majorca here we come we decided!

We booked with Alpharooms. We paid for everything including the transfer. There was a shuttle bus or a super saver bus. One cost just £1 more per person so we thought we’d do that, maybe it was a private bus or at least smaller. Wrong. We weren’t alone in thinking this. It appeared that everyone on that bus had booked the same bus, paying the extra £1 per person. But most people thought that it was only a couple of quid and forgot it methinks. However, I am not most people and remember, it’s the principle of the thing. How many people paid this extra £1 and how much profit was made? Just the same as this. Typically we were the last drop off of course. Hour and a half later we were dropped off. This can’t be helped but we thought they might pick us up last going back the other way round as we were less than half an hour away from the airport. When we got the time of when we would be picked up we found that this was not the case and we were to be picked up in the early hours of the morning with no breakfast!

So guess what I did? Yep. Fired off a quick email to Alpharooms asking what the difference was and why the bus couldn’t go the other way and given the time of our flight why were we being picked up so early. Actually, even with allowing the hour and half for the journey it still got us there 3 hours before the flight! So I got the standard response about having to investigate. We were only there for a few days so I got seriously annoyed when I still didn’t hear from them. In fact so did the Bull and we booked a taxi for the transfer. I’ll get that back I thought.

I’m The Complaining Cow. I thought right. Had to email the CEO (you can find contact details for any CEO at to do it but pointed out the unfairness and idiocy of the transfer times, the misleading of customers re transfer buses and the inconvenience. Got the full transfer costs back (both ways which was a couple of quid less than the taxi!) plus £10. I complained a bit more and got another £15 for the “potential loss” of breakfast. A total of £65. I think that was all about right.

However, there is a serious point here. After chasing for an explanation regarding the difference in prices of the transfer I was told “Alpharooms use various providers for the services that we offer. As a result some of the services are described in slightly different ways depending on the information we receive from our providers. The Super Saver Shuttle is the same as a Shuttle bus service; the difference is simply in the branding of the product” All well and good EXCEPT, the two shuttles were the same and were listed at exactly the same time. Do you think their explanation covers that? You decide and if you think not, think how many £1s were made last year as pure profit. Then you might not think me daft for complaining about a couple of quid here and there. It’s the principle of the thing, if more of us did it then perhaps consumers wouldn’t be ripped off so easily when it comes to larger amounts. What do you think?