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The Complaining Cow’s history with Tesco

The Complaining Cow and Tesco, how it started… and grew

Regular readers of my blog know of my history with Tesco. However, I am becoming increasingly aware that when people are looking for how to complain about Tesco they are finding my blog! Interestingly it is the post that started this blog back in the Summer of 2012 to which most people are directed and not the ones where I took the giant to court and won! I get enquiries and comments etc. about my dealings with Tesco and thought it was time to provide a clear history of posts, so here you are:

The Complaining Cow asks Tesco Dave Lewis about fake farms

The Complaining Cow and Tesco 2012 – 2013 including THAT court case

12/07/2012 Tesco – Phillip Clarke is no Sir Terry Leahy  – the first post about poor service and the CEO’s regard for customers apparently differing to his predecessor’s

Small Claims Court Confirmation
Small Claims Court Confirmation

10/06/2013 The Complaining Cow v Tesco #TescoFail!  – The result of taking Tesco to court

09/07/2013 The Complaining Cow V Tesco Update #Tescofail (again) an update to the result

23/07/2013 The #Tescofail Saga Ends. (Until the next one) the final update


04/08/2013 The Complaining Cow Battles With Tesco Again a lighthearted battle of sweets with Tesco

21/08/2013 Victory in latest Complaining Cow V Tesco Battle battle verdict

The Complaining Cow and Tesco 2014 – 2015 and meeting the new CEO

14/01/2014 Warning: How not complaining drives up fat cat profits! including a story about Tesco

28/04/2014 Insect Found in Tesco Rice Named Philip After CEO fight for redress

21/07/2014 The Real Reason Clarke Was Pushed! ha! Kicked out, my thoughts!

16/10/14 List of feedback provided by people on the Facebook page to give to CEO when meeting him

Tesco Group CEO Dave Lewis Helen Dewdney in store20/10/2014 The Complaining Cow Meets New Tesco CEO Dave Lewis how I got to meet the new CEO and what happened next

12/11/2014 Statement from Tesco after feedback provided by The Complaining Cow through the Facebook page. (Note that they have acted on some and are acting on others) which will take a little longer!)

02/12/2014 The Complaining Cow v Tesco CEO & Executive Team where I met Dave again with some of his senior staff and after posting this article had to complain on Twitter which resulted in:

03/12/2014  Went to collect groceries and not there had to wait to following day requested them to be delivered for free and got this

The Complaining Cow and Tesco 2016 – 2017, the exclusive interview and in the media

14/01/2015 Can customers trust the new(ish) Tesco CEO? LinkedIn post regarding the January trading statement.

14/01/2015 How to be a Tesco Tester guest blog post from Tesco

22/01/2015 My mother gets in on the Tesco bashing Facebook post

25/01/2015 Tesco is annoying me – short Facebook post on latest annoyances

26/01/2015 A tweet from @ceoemail informing me that 90% of people visiting the from my site are looking for the Tesco CEO’s email address 🙂

06/02/15 Article in The Daily Express I’m proof it pays to complain, says woman who sued Tesco and WON

26/06/15 Tesco figures show that listening to customers pays off a positive post about Tesco figures. Strange but true.

14/10/15 Told Dave in email Tesco appears to be breaking the law again? Up on FB 20/10/15

23/10/15 Dave’s response.

02/12/15 Piece on the public’s views of the Tesco adverts

11/04/16 Are supermarkets giving us value for our money yet? guest post on the Tesco website Talking Shop

13/04/16 Press release Tesco results show “every little helps” but “it could do so much more” says consumer champion

26/04/16 Tesco reduce Clubcard loyalty offer?

02/09/16 Fake farms – a bad smell that won’t go away lots of info about this from people and relevant organisations

15/09/16 The Complaining Cow interviews Tesco bosses Matt Davies and Dave Lewis blog post about this interview (for which Tesco had editorial control):

Tesco | Complaining Cow meets Dave Lewis and Matt Davies

20/12/16 Tesco on track to increase fake farms

14/03/17 Casual sexism is alive and kicking in UK boardrooms following on from sexist remarks made by Tesco Board chair and other CEOs at Retail Week conference

Alessandra Bellinini CCO Tesco22/05/17 The customer is still the boss. Interview with the new Tesco Chief Customer Officer


03/07/17 Tesco insect in raspberries!  we named him but don’t think they got the  joke, that or they are miserable

27/12/17 Don’t gobble rancid Tesco turkey. Know your rights Tesco finest turkeys, complaints and your rights

The Complaining Cow and Tesco 2018 – 2019 quiet but something is brewing…

Xmas party food on tiers baubles hanging in corner


16/07/18 Tesco Christmas in July event where lots of Christmas stock is put on show. My take on it all!



The Complaining Cow and Tesco 2020 -2021

13/11/21 Tesco fails to deliver – on delivery slots! people tried to get slots by staying up to midnight to book a slot as soon as it became available. However, customers queued online for well over an hour and in some cases more than two hours.

25/10/21 Tesco website crash – every little helps? The website went down and there was talk of data breaches.

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Tesco contacts for complaints

I also keep being asked for contact details for Tesco so here you are:

Email for customer services:
Email for CEO here

All Tesco departments contact details here. ‘phone numbers and addresses.

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The Complaning Cow & Tesco CEOs


Case study: Tesco and a consumer champion  


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The Complaining Cow Meets New Tesco CEO Dave Lewis

The background

Those who have been with me for a while will know that I think this is funny. Really funny. I started this blog with a complaint about Tesco back in July 2012 and how Clarke was pig ignorant compared to his predecessor and competition counterpart at Sainsburys. Then I ended up taking Tesco to court and then Tesco failed in paying up. Then there was the insect in the rice. Few others I think, then the last one was on my opinions on Clarke. Still say I was right and I saw the demise of Tesco coming years ago. The Complaining Cow’s history with Tesco for all continuing stories.

I didn’t actually mean for the blog to turn into a “Have a go at Tesco” site but it does appear to have more than its fair share of my complaints. Perhaps because Tesco is so big it therefore has more complaints, but I’m only using the one store so it is one store against all the other complaints so if you use that comparison one person one store then hey Tesco is pretty damn poor even if I shop more there than any other if you see what I mean?!


Anyway, Tesco annoyed me so it had to be done. So when Tesco ditched the ignorant one (mind you, did you see his pay off for being rubbish? I thought that only happened in the public sector where it is more difficult to get rid of incompetence! See here story in The Independent – it was reported that Clarke got £10mill! Surely not for crying out loud? I always say customer service is not rocket science but these people clearly need a rocket stuck somewhere with a touch of reality thrown in. And Dave if you’re reading this and I know you are, then in your meeting on Thursday – yes we would all like to see Clarke pay back some money please and give it to your charity department. Not that one that begins at home, but the one that gives out to the community).

Writing to the new CEO

So where was I? Ah yes – so when Clarke was pushed I sent the new to be CEO one of these bottles. Remember what the foolish, ignorant out of touch with reality IDS said? “What is it?” Ha! I see a new career for Clarke. Anyway, Dave wrote to say thank you and would like to meet up when he started and told me to keep on complaining as that is how they would improve! Ha again!!! Wrote and told him it was a good start! He had replied at least and appeared to have manners. Time will tell if he has more than just better manners about him.

Here’s the funny part. Now, unless you are new here, you will know it amused me when the financial scandal hit the press, to go and test him. Many of my Facebook page likers agreed, many others didn’t think I would email him! They hadn’t been round very long. So I emailed him. I kindly acknowledged that he was busy but perhaps he would like to hear some customer views? Anyway, after asking me to give a few days when I was available and my replying with, any except Friday, I was given a Friday. Seriously. Anyway. I met him. Maybe he’s astute, maybe he’s mad or maybe he was plain scared! Who knows, could be all 3. But we met for just short of two and a half hours and told him there’s more! Well the man asked me for my opinions, what did he expect, he’d seen the blog?! When I told him I emailed him to remind him he wanted to meet with me because the timing amused me he said it was “cruel” in good humour mind.

The Complaining Cow meets Tesco CEO

Dave Lewis Tesco CEO & The Complaining Cow
Dave Lewis Tesco CEO & The Complaining Cow

I got offered a cup of tea straight off which was a good start and I was just about to complain here that there were no biscuits but I vaguely remember he did offer actually so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Next time on the plate just there, chocolate I think. 🙂 Earlier in the year I was invited up to AO which was great, the CEO with common sense. They treated me very well and it was a really interesting experience, but one tiny thing let them down, just one. I didn’t get a single cup of tea. When I got back to the hotel I drank 3 cups on the trot I think!

By the tobacco stand – didn’t notice that, urgh. That was his fault, he chose where to stand. Have to say, didn’t give me the shudders like taking a selfie with IDS did!

So, what did I tell him? I told him what sort of image Tesco has, as if he didn’t know. I told him that Adrian said “I used to shop there always. Now I don’t, I shop at Lidl and have done for 6 years saving circa £9,000 at the last reckoning. That’s all he needs to know!” Told him to look at the list of complaints on the Facebook page to save me listing them so go add your complaints there as well as below. 🙂 He said we may have different opinions on things – I said that of course we will, but mine would be right!

Most importantly told him my Mum’s complaints about Tesco and my 6 year old son’s – that the people who choose the shopping keep giving him pink Kinder eggs and toothbrushes. He asked me if I told Dave off. I did son, I did!

Told him his job was quite easy, frankly. It is not possible that he could be as bad as Clarke and short of going bankrupt it couldn’t get much worse so there is only one way to go. Sainsbury’s had a great CEO, (look at this article in the Guardian – shows just how much he was liked and respected by employee and the public) he had very good manners. As Marcus of said “Leahy and King were gentleman.” Being a decent human being would appear to be important in making a success of a company. Filling King’s shoes – not easy. To be fair Clarke had a similar job filling Leahy’s. But he failed. Big time. I think the new CEO at Sainsbury’s has a much more difficult job than our Dave – whether I shall go offer my help to him remains to be seen…. I really should go and test his manners shouldn’t I?

Whether Dave or his driver last when they see how long it is going to take them to get back to Richmond from Cheshunt come December also remains to be seen!

I sort of mentioned the finance situation… he was good humoured about it, possibly because I took the mickey somewhat, probably light relief, but he  did say at that this stage he was not going to defend or otherwise his finance staff.

PR Department

I found out the Tesco PR department is absolutely dire. My words not his. Tesco actually does some good stuff which we don’t know about. (I know, high praise indeed given that it’s from me but I am harsh but fair.) Someone at the top has no idea what everyone else in the company is doing and is only firefighting or doing nothing and giving no direction or the whole department is utterly useless. Now, whether that someone at the top was Clarke or the head of PR (ultimately it is the CEO of course, but for how long will the new incumbent be able to play the “It wasn’t me guv” card?) it will make a nice change to pick on a  different department 🙂 ‘cos yes I’m going back. I’m going to chat to some of his senior staff, he’s even buying some of my books for them. There better be tea and biscuits.

Tesco Customer Service Contact Details

UK customer enquiries

Tesco Customer Services
Freepost SCO2298
Dundee DD1 9NF
Tel: +44 (0) 800 505555


Oh and looky look I give you Tesco CEO email address He apparently only gets 2000 emails a day I’m sure he’d welcome some more. 🙂