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Can you credit it? Barclaycard offers?

Strange offers from a leading credit card provider – but why?

This week I got wind of some promotions by Barclaycard which don’t feel right…

Barclaycard appears to be promoting a couple of businesses that raise questions about the integrity of the Barclaycard business model.

Firstly, Nutri-Genetix:

30% off ngx starter pack

I wonder what kind of deal Barclaycard got for promoting this?

Nutri-Genetix claims to be able to provide information based on your specific genome, telling you what and how to eat to maximize your health. This field is being developed by dieticians and nutritionists with a special interest in high level performance for world class athletes who are looking to optimize their nutrition.

“It’s good to have these kinds of tests available”, says Lamorna Hollingsworth from Lamornafitness, who is a certified nutritionist. However, she advises using them to top up and optimize nutrition, fitness and lifestyle factors that are already being worked on by the individuals consuming this product.

She is uncomfortable with the claims put forward by this business, commenting “I feel their statement ‘You can now get all of your nutrition in a tasty, convenient form’ is misleading. Despite following their suggested 2 shakes/day regime, you still need to consume the vast majority of your daily calories (with appropriate macronutrient split), nearly 30g of fibre (suggested amount as per Government guidelines) and eat an appropriate diet to maximise performance or weight loss goals.”

It all seems rather pointless then, doesn’t it?

The starter pack is £129.99 for one month of shakes!

The science is unproven and the product is expensive. So, is it ethical for Barclaycard to be promoting it?

Secondly, TransUnion.

Barclaycard promotes unnecessary service

Now, this is really peculiar.

free credit report

Promoting something as a time limited offer that can already be obtained for free elsewhere seems a little odd.

You can already get your credit report for free from the three credit reference agencies: Experian, Equifax and Callcredit.

Sara Williams from Debt Advice website DebtCamel does not like this approach from TransUnion. She says “Barclays makes it sound as though they are giving you something valuable for free by giving you 6 months free access to a free TransUnion credit report. But you can get a free report forever by signing up to Credit Karma” She also advises that people check all 3 agencies as they hold different information.

So, why is Barclaycard doing this? It appears to be framing what is in effect a non- offer as something that is worth having.

So what does Barclaycard say?

A Barclaycard spokesperson said: “We work with a number of partners to present exclusive offers and discounts to our customers. We select these deals based on what we hope our customers will find useful and valuable, and we carry out robust due diligence on all partners to ensure that that they meet the high level of service our customers rightly expect.”

I question the due diligence. Barclaycard isn’t saying that it recommends or endorses any products or services that they partner with but they are peculiar choices. I imagine customers expect products and services that are promoted by Barclaycard to be of high quality and not in any way questionable? (Given that I have questioned them here?!)

Is it just me or should Barclaycard be doing better in their choice of promotions?