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You may have seen the ITV Tonight programme on 2 December 2021 about complaining. Part of the programme was a story about how I helped Olivia and Bella get their money back from

Given the time allowed for the segment, we could not cover the whole saga! Here, in all its glory, is what happened. It was one of the most frustrating cases with which I have ever been involved. It is certainly up there with Virgin Media for being one of the poorest companies at communication.

I do believe, being the cynical cow that I am, that some businesses think that providing such appalling service will just put people off. Because, in reality, it does. However, it just makes me more determined.

I then got involved. booking

Olivia and her friend Bella booked a property in Albufeira for two nights. They paid for this in full on and received confirmation that same day. They also had a reminder email about the upcoming trip on Sunday 15th August. On Thursday 17th August they flew to Portugal as planned, leaving East Midlands Airport at 7:00am.

two women in masks on plane

They arrived in Portugal on time, went through all the necessary checks and then got a taxi to the hotel arriving around 12:10. When trying to check in they were advised that it was too early and they could leave their cases behind reception and make use of the hotel facilities.

Woman in t shirt and shorts in mask outside of landed plane problems started

At 13:50 (ten minutes before check-in) they received an email from to inform them that the hotel reservation had been cancelled. This email came with no explanation nor an apology. Bella and Olivia sat by the pool frightened, as they were now alone in a foreign country with no accommodation, not knowing what to do as had offered no assistance.

At reception they were told that the hotel had informed at the time of booking and that the reservation should have been cancelled immediately at that point.

After finally getting through to customer service, they explained their situation and were immediately cut off. Frustrated and scared, they contacted a second time, and spoke with a woman who said, “I am in Japan and it is midnight, I don’t know what you want me to do.”

Alternative hotels were out of their budget so they decided to find a flight home.

Return home due to failure

Due to the COVID regulations for entering England, they had to have a negative test taken within 72 hours of departure. The test that they did before leaving was quickly running out of time to ensure they were eligible for entry into the UK.

Bella and Olivia recall:

“There was only one remaining flight back to the UK which took off at around 7:00pm, if we couldn’t book and make it on that flight, they would have been on the streets in Portugal!”

Left with no choice, the flight was booked at 16.00 and they had to quickly get changed and get a taxi to the airport to ensure they made the flight.

They got the flight home and calculated their financial losses, made up of the loss of their hotel and all consequential losses which are the result of the failure by

Total costs incurred

  • Hotel Cost £189.44 on 07/08/2021
  • Antigen tests to travel out (Covid-19) – £58
  • Day 2 PCR tests (medicines online) – £98
  • Pre booked test for out in Portugal to be able to return home – £36.16
  • Breakfast at the airport – £19.87
  • Taxi to the hotel – €42 / £36
  • Taxi back to the airport – €42 / £36
  • Food at the airport – €15/12.87
  • Flights out (Ryanair) – £43.33
  • Original flights back (Jet2) – £65
  • Early flights back (Ryanair) – £280.58
  • Total = £ 875.25

Refund from provided

The pair received just £187.75 from on 18/08/2021.

All requests for anything else had been ignored, which is where I came in.

The Complaining Cow brings plan of action against

It is slightly more complicated complaining to a company outside of the EU since the UK left the EU due to different cross border laws. However, we still had a number of options available. The first step was to escalate the issue by writing to the CEO, finding his details on

I helped Olivia write to the CEO stating that were in breach of The Consumer Rights Directive 2011/83/EU (CRD) and the EU Directive 2005/29/EC by providing services with defects. They had incurred costs as a direct result of’s failures, in addition to disappointment, stress, anxiety and worry.

Expectations of

We expected to receive the total of £685.81 which was incurred as a direct result of’s failures.. I also advised requesting redress for their stress, anxiety, and inconvenience caused, plus a full explanation and an apology for everything that happened.

I advised threatening legal action. (This can be complicated cross border, although help is available. See Taking legal action cross border below).

Oliva sent the email with all the attachments to the CEO on 23/09/21.

The sorry saga of communication with began…

On the 27 September 2021 someone from the customer service team replied asking for more information, most of which was already in the email to which they were replying. Olivia clicked “reply”, providing the information already provided and the email she got in response was bizarre. Really bizarre. It said that the email address to which she had written (she had clicked “reply” remember) was no longer in use!

So, Olivia forwarded everything again to the CEO. She did not get an immediate reply.

Threatening legal action against

We decided it was time to play hard ball. On 6 October 2021 Olivia sent a further email with “Email before action” in the subject line.

Unsurprisingly, that got their attention. But the situation remained bizarre. The “CS Senior Guest Specialist” replied saying that they would refund the accommodation costs. It is hard to understand what part of the email she read and what she didn’t, seeing as the email said that the accommodation had been refunded and it was everything else that was being requested.

So, later that day Olivia replied again  with all the correspondence. Yet again. (We are on the fifth email at this point). Was there another bizarre response? Yup. This time the reply said that they didn’t have access to the original complaint. Remember, everything has been attached to every single email, so it is not possible that they didn’t have access because they replied to the email with it!

To say that this was frustrating would be an understatement. The sixth email went off informing the “specialist” that further action would be taken should a satisfactory response not be received.

Bizarre response number 4? Yup. This one was from someone who apologized and provided a link to the legal team. This was a clear attempt to fob off the complaint to another department.

We decided to ignore that one. So Olivia asked the “specialist” how she could respond to the complaint without having all the relevant information that was attached! Unsurprisingly the “specialist” couldn’t answer this question but asked for receipts. 🙄

Sigh. So Olivia sent the evidence of expenditure. Again. In case you are losing count that’s our eighth email.

Something got through! Hurrah! Nope, not really. We are now onto another respondent who told Olivia she had received the refund for the accommodation. Sigh, we had told them that already, more than once. She asked what Olivia wanted. So Olivia responded with another email, the ninth, explaining exactly what was expected, plus a reasonable amount for the appalling service received. Again.

Result from complaining to!

I had told Olivia to ignore all calls for the reasons shown in this article Why you should write not ‘phone to complain effectively

An email outlining that £500 compensation from to Olivia then followed.

So, eventually a good result, I always get there in the end but usually it’s one or two emails. Not NINE! response to the programme

A spokesperson for said

“At our primary aim is to enable smooth and enjoyable travel experiences for all of our customers, which has unfortunately not happened on this occasion. In the majority of cases where an accommodation partner is unable to accommodate a guest due to overbooking, we are able to rectify that immediately, including offering full support with relocation and will be investigating why that did not happen on this occasion.”

Thoughts on

How many people would have just given up after the initial refund?

How many of those who continued would have given up after the first and second emails, all the way through to the final one?!

Some companies rely on consumers not knowing their consumer rights and/or just giving up.

You will almost always get results if you persevere, even in cases where you shouldn’t have to do so!

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Help with complaining effectively

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Taking legal action cross border

In reality if you wanted to go through the legal route cross border you would need to take advice from the UK European Consumer Centre who would help you with your case. A spokesperson for the ECC said:

“The EU Small Claim Procedure is no longer available due to Brexit, so generally speaking consumers have to issue a claim through the UK normal civil court if they wish to take traders to court in either the UK or abroad (as per the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 amendments).

Under these Regulations, amendments have been made to the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982 where section 15B states that where there is a consumer dispute the consumer can bring proceedings in the part of the UK where the other party is domiciled or in the place where the consumer is domiciled regardless of the domicile of the other party.

The business can only bring proceedings against the consumer in a court of the UK if the consumer is domiciled in the UK (subject to any agreement the consumer may have made to the contrary).

As regards the jurisdiction, the Trader could accept or deny the consumer’s jurisdiction or elect their competent court (as expressed by their Ts & Cs), but this will be a matter of their litigation strategy.

To make things similar to the pre-Brexit situation, the UK have applied to re-join the Lugano Convention. Until the application has been accepted, the enforcement of judgments will be determined by the domestic rules of the country concerned. More information on those can be found by clicking on the flag of the relevant country at:

See? Complicated!



Holidays and transport

How to Win When EasyJet’s Customer Service Fails

If you are looking for how to complain about delays, cancellations and your rights see All you need to know about booking/complaining about holidays/flights

The Complaining Cow jumped half heartedly over the moon eventually…

So airlines difficult to get money back from? Yes, on the whole, mainly I think because it’s the same old complaints and they know just how to put people off, the same old excuses churned out and they can afford to lose customers. But I’m here to show you that if you keep to my tips (many of them in this case!) and persevere you can do it! (Added to the fact of course that now, with Social Media and Review sites etc., it is much easier to spread the word about bad customer service).

A friend of mine used EasyJet for a holiday with her family. Whilst there, her mother in Law became seriously ill and they had to fly home. EasyJet wanted to charge £1000 for the flight home. In fact they got it for £700 from an Internet cafe. That was for 4 of them one way on top of what they had paid! They, like I thought that was exploiting the fact that they needed to get home before her Mother in Law died. Bear in mind of course that EasyJet would have sold their existing tickets on for more profit. Had her Mother in Law died whilst they were on holiday they would have had their money refunded. Even I am stuck to put a light hearted spin on that state of affairs!

When they got back Jo complained. As you would expect they got some standard rubbish back about prices and their Price Policy. They did say they would pay back the tax. Generous huh? No. Because they then backtracked on that saying it was a transfer. I disagreed. I also disagreed with them that my friend and her family should have to trawl the Internet with no help from the EasyJet Customer Representative. I disagreed that EasyJet should make a profit on the situation. I disagreed that they should not be compensated for the inconvenience and misinformation they were given. So, being quite a disagreeable soul I took to work.

I would have liked to have made this complaint so many people could see but unfortunately the rather brilliant Dave Carroll got there first in shaming an airline by performing the song that went viral

United Breaks Guitars

Anyway, I can’t sing. So out came the hooves and I reverted to type. Did you see what I did there? Clever pun huh? No? Okay back to complaining.

Now, Jo won’t mind me telling you that her written English is rubbish, her emails informal (kisses I tell you KISSES – is there a sighing emoticon one can use? Insert it here!) and well let’s just say when I sent her my version of a complaint to send to the CEO she said it scared the poo out of her! She may have put it less eloquently…

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, pointing out the error of EasyJet’s ways. I wrote an email for her to the CEO (you can get contact details for any CEO at and pointed out the following:

1)    I am fully aware that one takes a risk in flying with a budget airline and can expect to pay more if changes need to be made. However, charging such an extortionate amount more for a different flight I believe is profiteering.

2)    The customer services representative stated that “Sometimes if a flight is not selling as well as expected we would reduce the fare to encourage people to book.” They booked at about 6.00pm for a 10.15am flight the next day. This contradicts what the representative says. There was little time left for people to book and to have 4 tickets available (and there were more) then clearly there was scope for these flights to be cheaper!

3)    The original tickets were approximately £550 including the extras. The actual flights were about £90. They then had to pay an additional £675 (£1000 if booked directly at the desk). Easyjet would presumably have sold the original flight on for at least £675. That makes an additional approximate £1300 profit for Easyjet on top of the original acceptable profit. Nearly 250%! Stunning profiteering I believe!

4)    Easyjet needs to treat all customers equally, so, does that mean it takes advantage of every customer who finds themselves in a difficult situation?

5)    Why should it be cheaper at an Internet cafe trawling through flights than just transferring the flight dates directly with EasyJet!

6)    The representative had offered to refund the tax and this offer was withdrawn as he said that they had transferred the tickets! More contradiction! This is incorrect, they bought new tickets and so they are entitled to at least the tax back. EasyJet even charged again for speedy boarding and baggage – how is THAT is a transfer?!

7)    The correspondence to date was forwarded and the point made that the last email hadn’t even gained a response. (The one of pointing out their contradiction..)

8)    EasyJet’s guidelines on “Refunds and Cancellation fees” state that “In exceptional circumstances, however, EasyJet will consider issuing a credit in the event of the bereavement of an immediate family member provided that the claim and a copy of the death certificate are submitted by post to the EasyJet Customer Services Department.” Not only were they not advised of this by the EasyJet representative, they were not advised of it by any Customer Representative on holiday or in correspondence. With a charge of £30 per customer, totalling £120 I should be refunded the £675 minus £120. A total of £555.

She got her £550 in EasyJet vouchers….

Have you had dealings with EasyJet and other airlines? What’s your experience of their customer service?

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