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Complaining habits of public figures – Rob Rinder

Helen Dewdney interviews Rob Rinder about complaining

In my series of interviews with people in the consumer world regarding their complaining habits, today it is the turn of Rob Rinder.

In this series I ask the same 11 questions of everyone. It might sound a bit daft for me to do this for Rob Rinder too (which it was but I did it anyway, adds a bit of humour I feel!) :😊

Find out how much Rob Rinder complains, when and how…

Rob Rinder talks to Helen Dewdney about his complaining habits

Other interviews with Rob Rinder

Rob also spoke to me about his life as a barrister in an exclusive interview with me. Find out about his journey, what he thinks of the system for new entrants and who he thinks should be the next Chief Lord Justice.


Rob Rinder talks about his media career in the second of the series of exclusive interviews. Find out what he enjoys, what he doesn’t, what’s next for him and more!

About Rob Rinder

Rob Rinder is a barrister, TV Judge, Presenter, author and columnist for The Sun and the Evening Standard.

Face shot of Rob Rinder on Zoom

Read about the interviewing habits of other public figures in the series of interviews by The Complaining Cow

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What's in there then? A review by Rob Rinder


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Helen Dewdney – exclusive interview with Rob Rinder No. 2

Rob Rinder in the media: past, present and future

In December 2019 Rob Rinder kindly give me a review for my book 101 Habits of an Effective Complainer. Having kept in touch since then, I recently undertook a series of exclusive interviews with him.

Last week I published the first interview where he spoke about his  barrister journey: Rob Rinder – From Barrister to TV Judge

This time I ask him about his media career.

Robert Rinder and Helen Dewdney on Zoom

I asked Rob Rinder what the favourite part of his media career has been

Rob feels very privileged to have been able to do what he has done/is doing and talked about that privilege as well as what he really thought about Strictly and celebrities who moan about the public!

Rob Rinder talks to Helen Dewdney about the favourites part of his media career


What do you wish people would ask you but never do?

Rob talked about the questions he gets asked and it’s worth pointing out that he didn’t tell me any of my questions were stupid! 😁

Rob Rinder talks to Helen Dewdney about the questions people ask him


What is the biggest misconception anyone had or has about you?

Rob talked about the importance he places on what people think of him and talks about the time when his mother told him off after a filming of Judge Rinder.

Helen Dewdney asks Rob Rinder about the misconceptions people have about him


What do you think will be next for you?

Rob talked about subject matters he would like to cover in documentaries in future.

Rob Rinder talks to Helen Dewdney about what he would like to cover in future media work


Rob talks about his complaining habits with me in the 3rd and final part of the interview series.