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Stay home and save lives

What is so difficult to understand about the message stay home and save lives?

It seems that some people are still having problems understanding the simple truth about staying home.

Too bad there isn't a vaccine against stupidity cartoon operating

For example, over the past weekend Essex Police had to close Epping Forest to cars.


Just what is it that people don’t understand about “stay home”?

Why are people (not key workers, those on essential journeys or taking exercise) not staying put?

People travelling on public transport when they are not key workers and their journey is not essential has contributed to the spread of the coronavirus. Social distancing: The credibility and equality gaps

And now people are driving to parks for a walk. Just why?
Nurses, doctors, bus drivers, children, young people, adults of all ages have died.

They have died without their loved ones with them. People who refuse to keep 2m away from someone else are so disrespectful. The people who drive to places and then can’t keep the 2m distance because so many people have joined. The people sunbathing, the people having barbecues, the people on the taped-off play and gym equipment, the people who think the rules don’t apply to them.

Just why? Is it refusal to believe the facts? The fact that coronavirus is incredibly easy to transmit? The fact that you don’t know you have it? The fact that it kills? The fact that walking past someone within 2m could harm or kill them or someone in their family? The fact that people are not able to have tests for cancer? And that people are not receiving the cancer treatment that they need because the medical system is now overloaded?

I’ve actually heard people try and justify travelling and sunbathing. Just how? Sense of entitlement? They are different to the majority of the country and indeed the world? How do you live with knowing that someone has died and you could have been the person who killed them?

What will it take to make these people stay at home?

Someone on my Facebook page suggested “Or rather than fining them lock them up in an open jail so they can wander around within the compound. Scientists can then study them to find out how the virus works!”

In India they are beating people with sticks who won’t keep the 2m rule! In Germany and Spain they are fining people.

I find it astounding that the facts aren’t enough to make people stay at home.

Why are some people just not doing it? Why are they prolonging the agony and the speed with which we can get back to a new normal?

Obey the 2m rule and stay at home except for essential journeys and exercise

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