Tesco insect in raspberries!

How to complain about things in your food

Insect in Tesco raspberries

Time for a Tesco complaint story. Well would be a shame not to wouldn’t it? For those new here see History with Tesco!

So, there I was down at my Mum’s and she bought some raspberries and cream. She did this little shriek when she nearly put some sort of flying insect thing in her mouth ‘cos it was stuck on a raspberry. Now, given that I once found an insect in Tesco rice a few years back and how Tesco dealt with it – I refused to take back to the store as not knowing if it would get “lost” in the post. Anyway, I sent it for them to investigate and they found out what insect it was and gave me £30 for my trouble. This was in Clarke’s day and I wondered if things had changed.

Contacting the Tesco CEO

Now, having met Dave Lewis the group CEO a few times including interviewing him last year I thought I’d email him. Normally I wouldn’t expect a CEO to respond directly but I thought well he knows me and I’ll use my normal humour and see if it makes him smile.

See if it does you?


Before your time at Tesco I bought some rice from Tesco with an insect alive in it. I named him Phillip. Insect in rice.

But now there’s big trouble because I’m down at my Mum’s and she bought some raspberries from Tesco. (Taunton). Raspberries and cream we had and she just stopped short of putting some in her mouth as some thing very big with lots of wiggily wriggly legs crawled out of a raspberry. It may have had wings but there was a bit of a cream crust so can’t be sure. Was hoping to film him crawling but my mother suffocated him with some Tesco finest clotted cream. Not a bad way for Mike to go I suppose but even so Tesco has upset my Mum now and so, well, that has to be at least an email to the CEO obviously! She was very cross which means I am. But I won’t bother with the stuff that I usually put in these things regarding legal stuff and redress because I trust you to do right by my mum!

I have Mike ready to post to Tesco for testing to see what it was and where it came from. If he has wings we may need to change the name to Saint Michael.

Happy Easter

Kind regards

Tesco response to the complaint

Well we thought it was funny. I’d normally do the kind of email that always gets results regarding Consumer Rights Act 2015 etc etc. But got the usual email from the executive office. They took a long time getting back to me with no reference to the story. Miserable whatsits. They told the supplier but didn’t want the raspberries to check what it was. They gave my mum £20.

Well my Mum was pleased….

Tesco Group CEO email or Tesco UK CEO contact details  should you need them.

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How to get the cream (without being a clot!)

Complaining about a cream tea and poor management

No cream tea at lunchtime!

A few months ago my mother and I were in Dunelm and ordered and paid for 2 cream teas. It was a little after 1.30pm. Our money was taken and the assistant made the tea and then told us that there were no scones. We were told that there had been a rush on. I know, a rush at lunchtimes for cream tea, hilarious! It might have been  in the lovely West Country but Dunelm is hardly the cream tea mecca of the world!

Applying a refund with difficulty

The assistant then had to go and ask someone to do the refund. Eventually someone came and then took a ridiculous length of time to work out how to do the refund! In this time my mother had actually drunk her tea and my son eaten his biscuit! My tea had gone cold. Now, depriving me of my tea is not good. In fact it’s just a little bit short of very very very silly ‘cos it doesn’t go down well….

So guess what I did? No, no, actually I didn’t complain.

Complaining effectively about service

Oh of course I did, what do you take me for?! Just not there and then! Always dubious about complaining in eateries, you never know what someone may do! But as I always say in my tips anyway, complaining in writing is nearly always better.

Cream tea deprived
Cream tea deprived

I wrote to the manager and told him that although the assistant was polite, I did not see how there can have been a rush of cream teas over the start of the lunchtime period or how she could not have known that the last one had been served! It is also poor staff management for staff not to know how to issue refunds! (note management fault NOT the member of staff – unless they have been shown of course..) While I was there complaining I also pointed out that in the ladies toilets neither cubicle had any toilet paper. Added the usual won’t use your services again and would be interested in feedback and waited.

Satisfactory response to complaint

Few days later I got a very nice letter back. The Manager was very apologetic. Someone hadn’t undertaken the ordering properly, training was being undertaken etc etc. Here’s a tenner to spend on the next visit. So sent the letter to my mother and she took her friend there one day. My mother being my mother and being a nice person, (I know, some of my genes are unique and not “very unique” as those XFactor fools will keep saying. You can’t be VERY unique, FOOLs,  (I digress) tentatively gave over the letter and then got chatting with the Manager for who knows how long! He apologised again explained that someone had been sacked (look, don’t have a go at me, I don’t think someone got sacked just because they didn’t order enough scones and cream!!!) I was a firm but fair manager and even I would need much more than that! That’s not to say that at other times I’ve probably been instrumental in disciplinary procedures… oh get off your high horse, think what would happen if people never got into trouble for not doing their job properly! I told someone the other day that I didn’t do subtlety, don’t understand it, I take things at face value and don’t understand hidden agendas and politics with that small “t”. “Oooooh doesn’t that get you into trouble at work?” she said. Yup, yup it does! Anyway I digress… again) and then found out all about the latest shop developments to happen in the area! So she was very happy!

Quick complaints

I love the complaints that only take five minutes and you get a good return. Also to be fair let me point out that the redress was good from Dunelm.  So it just goes to show you that you should always complain! Done properly you always gain something and so actually does the company and they are getting some praise here too! It’s not about gaining freebies. I didn’t anyway! I gave it to my Mum like a good dutiful daughter! Yes I know if you were my mother you’d want more than £10 as compensation but hey ho, thems the breaks. My time was wasted and I wanted redress for that. In addition, they annoyed my mother and given what happens to people who annoy my mother I think they got off lightly don’t you?! It’s rare that you actually end up having to go to court!!

Top 20 Tips for Complaining Effectively

Top tips for complaining effectively

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book Logo cartoon cow at a laptop of book cover. How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results!


For  lots more help advice, information, tips, laws and template letters GET THE BOOK! How To Complain: The ESSENTIAL Consumer Guide to Getting REFUNDS, Redress and RESULTS!