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Enquiries from the media

If you are not from the media please skip this section.  Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow is represented by Cloud9management. For enquiries from the media regarding paid media  bookings please email and copying in

Any query about advertising, sponsored posts, writing a guest post and the like you are NOT from the media and you will be ignored and blocked, whatever email address you use. You may also be reported to the ICO.

See most of Helen’s media experience on the Moodia page.

Emails relating to any issues regarding consumer rights or the website sent to Cloud9management  will not be read or answered.

Please note Helen does not undertake any unpaid media work. She does not work for free! See video below:

Not paying freelancers and small businesses - are you guilty?

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Enquires from businesses

Helen offers mystery shopping, consultancy, workshops, training videos and speaking at events. Please see services for more details and testimonials.

All other correspondence from consumers

The Complaining Cow also provides paid for services such as making and looking through complaints for consumers. More at The Complaining Cow Can Complain for YOU!

Please note if you have emailed Helen and not have read and abided by the guidance below you will be directed to this page to read. You are welcome to contact Helen again having read and undertaken the requirements.

Please do not contact Helen with stories of your complaints. These will not be read.

Consumer rights/complaints queries and requests for help

Please make sure you are following Helen on social media Twitter Facebook and Youtube and have shared something you have found useful BEFORE contacting her asking for free help. She will get a notification when something has been shared.

Having looked at the blog and searched for relevant pages please email one short paragraph only.  Helen is unable to read through masses of emails every day and advise. Helen is not funded to run this site unlike other consumer advice sites. Please respect her time, skills and experience. Anything that needs more than this please see services.

Helen is unable to provide more than this goodwill gesture as to do more is an unfair expectation of her and is also unfair on paying clients. She will also prioritise people she has not already helped for free.

Please consider the below if you are hoping for free advice thank you.


Cover of How to Complain updated 2019 large cow logo


See  How To Complain: The Essential Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results! if the blog and book don’t answer your query it is likely that you will need Helen’s  Services.



Attachments will not be read under any circumstances except for paid for services.

Helen does not read through emails to check for you. This is a paid for service.

Note the video below.

Not paying freelancers and small businesses - are you guilty?


Telephone and video call queries

Helen does not undertake these for consumers under any circumstances except for paid for services.

How to find the information you need for yourself

Use the search facility to find a related post before emailing Helen and let her know which ones you have looked at so she can update it if it does not have the information you need.

Further help from The Complaining Cow


book Logo cartoon cow at a laptop of book cover. How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results!

You can also look at the Top 20 Tips for how to complain effectively and more tips on the YouTube channel. You can subscribe to this channel to get updates.

You can GET THE BOOK! How To Complain: The ESSENTIAL Consumer Guide to Getting REFUNDS, Redress and RESULTS! for masses on consumer rights, laws, tips and templates for complaints for most sectors.



When emailing Helen…

How important are good manners in business


Guest posts, sponsored posts, links, info graphics SEO requests and backlinks

Guest posts are Strictly invite only. Please do not request to do a guest blog post on this site. Your email will be marked as junk and deleted. Helen does not take paid for posts or paid links either. If you email saying that you want to write a blog post paid or otherwise for your company or on behalf of a client you will be blocked. Reasons three fold – 1) you haven’t bothered to read and/or understand this paragraph 2) you are rude and 3) this site is independent and does not take payment from any company for any inclusion.

Helen does not respond to unsolicited emails requesting to include infographics and links to sites, paid or otherwise etc. You will be blocked.

To reiterate. Helen DOES NOT respond to ANY emails offering payment for ANY type of post, link or placement. She will NOT respond to you.

Contacting CEO’s

Contacting CEOs – Helen does NOT have contact details for CEOs. Please do NOT contact her regarding anything to do with CEO contacts. Please see to get a CEO’s contact details. If the address is missing or not up to date please contact the editor of the site, “Email the editor” is at the top of the site.

Non consumer rights issues

Please note Helen only covers consumer rights. For example if you have been accused of theft, or you want to accuse a staff member of anything other than poor service, e.g. physically hurting you or stealing, then these are criminal allegations with which Helen cannot help. Contact Citizen’s Advice Bureau.  and the ACAS website for lots of information on employment.

If you are a business with a consumer complaint against another company

Please note Helen does not advise on b2b contracts.

Keeping informed on consumer issues

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Contact email address

If you re requesting free help (any email not offering to pay is asking for free help!) please ensure you read this section. This must be read if you want a reply. for general enquiries and requests for advice but please ensure you have read all of this post BEFORE emailing her.  Helen will NOT REPLY if it is clear you have not read this page. 

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