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Coronavirus COVID-19 rights, refunds, reschedules

Links to everything you need to gain refunds and redress

Getting help for Coronavirus cancellation claims and shopping

How will Coronavirus affect my travel plans? gives you your rights for cancelled flights, holidays and events and if you don’t want to go.

Having problems with refunds for flights? See What to do when your flight is delayed – the full guide your rights are just the same as at any other time a flight is cancelled. And see Travel in the time of Coronavirus – Your rights explained for this period when companies won’t play ball.

Don’t get tied in knots over wedding cancellation details about venues

Coronavirus and travel – who’s taking advantage? outlines the law and what the different relevant agencies are saying/doing about travel companies and airlines and refunds.

Coronavirus related cancelled and postponed events your rights outlines your rights and how to assert them when events in this country or abroad are cancelled.

Online shopping – know your rights during the pandemic explains your rights and how to assert them when things go wrong with an online shop.

Gym Contracts During COVID : Your Consumer Rights a guest post I wrote for Emma at the Money Whisperer.

Wedding venues and insurance getting refunds


What are your consumer rights during a pandemic

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Holiday, flight and event complaint templates purchase and download to gain refunds and redress.



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8 replies on “Coronavirus COVID-19 rights, refunds, reschedules”

I booked a theatre via Groupon, so far they have given me a credit to spend over the next year. All concert and theatre booking I made directly have refunded me or provided an alternate date. They are refusing to refund because of T&C’s. I think this is as wrong as what Excel were doing in charging the NHS Am I right?

The indication given by the Government was that all venues should refund the cost of the tickets less any additional charges once they prohibited these events. I do not see that using an agent such as Groupon is any different. I am about to write to the CEO but wanted any guidance on my rights.

We booked a Virgin Atlantic flight to New York on 6/04/20 – the airline confirmed on 29/03/20 that the flight had been cancelled due to Covid 19. We requested a refund – Virgin confirmed this would be processed but wouldn’t give us a timescale. After 8 weeks we haven’t received the refund. We have contacted Virgin 5 times to ask when we’ll receive the refund but they have repeatedly refused to give us a timescale which we understand from the CMA’s website they should do. We have contacted the CEO’s office and they are asking us to be patient. I can accept being patient if they would tell us when we’ll receive our refund. What is your advice?

To read the links in the post and when you write use the words “please” and “thank you” they go a long way when you asking something of someone.

I purchased a coat for a funeral from to recieve the article with a USED DIRTY TISSUE in one of the pockets. Obviously had been worn.
The customer services team offered me to keep the coat and a £5 off the price or return for a full refund.
Is this acceptable!?
My argument is my health could be in danger, we are in a pandemic.
Was told could return so putting myself in danger.
I’ve paid for a second hand item and had to purchase another coat from another company, in time for the (covid related funeral.
I’m very upset, disappointed and angry.
Thank you.

We have had three holidays cancelled with “Your golf travel” which we fully understand. However what we do not understand is their assertion than the refund of£2250 cannot be repaid for twelve weeks. I have complained but to no avail. Lee Westwood who is the main face behind the company could perhaps explain this delay when we are. In need of the money for other purposes. Can you offer any explanation please?

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