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Dodgy tumble dryers – your legal rights & what to do

Many people have what some of us might consider as dodgy tumble dryers and have asked what they should do if they think they are affected and how long is reasonable to wait. Please read this post before asking what you should do, the answers are here!


In April 2018 I published a report. This report outlines the whole story. It includes contradictions, results of Freedom of Information Requests to Government departments and Peterborough Trading Standards, London Fire Brigade statistics and recommendations, research and investigations. All in one place.

The tumble dryer story without the spin.

Download Whirlpool – the tumble dryer story without the spin


This post below was written in February 2016 and updated in March 2017. Please see the link above for much more and updated information on the story.

So what is going on?

Current situation
1) 113 different Hotpoint, Indesit or Creda tumble dryers have been recalled. However, it is not a full recall in that all machines are being replaced. The machines affected were manufactured between April 2004 and September 2015. Dryers affected could pose a fire risk if fluff should come into contact with the heating element. 750 fires involving Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda tumble dryers have been reported since 2004, including three injuries. Update 12th March 2017 On the 23rd February Whirlpool has now amended advice and says to unplug and not use machine. It has still stopped short of a full recall. New advice.

2) Despite the potential risk, Whirpool has said the dryers are safe to use following precautions, such as not leaving the tumble dryer on when asleep, not leaving the house when it is on, cleaning the lint filter after every use, and  ensure proper venting

3) Whirpool will send an engineer to check your tumble dryer and have said it will be a 6 – 8 week wait, alternatively they are telling some people that they have to wait until June because they are still recruiting engineers! Update in March now saying 3 weeks to get a call back and wait could be up to 10 months! Given how long everyone involved in this fiasco has known about the issues this is not good enough and in my humble opinion not a good enough reason for delay should you take the matter to court.

4) Trading Standards calls for a full product recall before someone dies.

5) As of end February 2017 Whirlpool has finally changed its advice and said unplug and do not use.

What you should do if you think you are affected
1) If your tumble dryer is not affected there will be a green dot sticker insider the dryer either on the door, rim or back panel. Look for a green dot sticker inside the dryer either on the door itself or on the rim.

2) You may want to not use your tumble dryer despite Whirpool’s advice. After all, do you think it’s ok if it catches fire just because you are in the house?! I don’t!

3) Check to see if your appliances are affected. Hotpoint and Creda tumble dryers can be checked on the website and Indesit ones here Which? also uncovered the models affected and you can find the list here.

4) Contact the company and arrange for your service. Log all your calls, length or time on the phone and costs involved as you are due redress for this.

5) People are really struggling when ‘phoning to get the service sorted. I would advise putting your request in writing see here for why.

6) Check with your insurance company as to whether you are covered if your tumble dryer were to catch fire even if you were following the guidelines about sill being able to use it. If not, then use this information in your complaint/claim. Although, please also see point 6 below!

Your rights and what you can do if not happy with your situation
1) The affected tumble dryers were manufactured before October 1st 2015 and therefore, if bought prior to October 1st 2015 are covered by the Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994. You are entitled to purchases that are fit for purpose and are of satisfactory quality. Whilst I agree that for you to be covered by this law, you should follow maintenance guidelines in the handbook, you should be able to put the machine on like you would a washing machine and dishwasher when you are asleep or out of the house! The affected tumble dryers are therefore not fit for purpose and not of satisfactory quality. Any products bought after 1st October 2015 are covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

2) Under the Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994 or Consumer Rights Act 2015 you are entitled to a refund, repair or replacement. the company can legitimately charge you something towards a new machine as it can deduct an amount for use (after 6 months in the case of the CRA). You can argue how much this should be because if they are charging £99 for a replacement to a family of 4 who have used it for 3 years they should not be able to charge the same for a single person who has had the machine for a year! Some months have now gone by and you will only be entitled to a repair or replacement. The company says it will “modify” the appliance, so one assumes that this is the repair. Some people are getting a free replacement when they assert their legal rights and what they expect! Your rights are as with any other item, one chance at repair is enough before demanding replacement or partial refund.

3) If you stop using the machine because you deem it unsafe (and if the engineer carries out modifications then there is your proof that it was!) you are entitled to your out of pocket expenses. So if you go to the launderette for example, you are entitled to these costs plus cost of going there e.g. public transport/petrol. Update 12th March 2017 Whirlpool have now said unplug and do not use the machine.

4) Do not waste much time ranting on social media. The social media teams will be dealing social media simples! So many people are affected that you will be one of many and your case will not rise above another unless you get lucky. A few people have been lucky this way, most haven’t.

5) If you think the time to wait is too long, or you have been kept waiting longer than they advised or you want to claim, then go straight to the top. Go to and contact the CEO outlining the issues and use the Tips for effective complaining here and the bestselling book which has more advice and templates here. State that you want a replacement or engineer appointment brought forward.

6) The Consumer Protection Act 1987 states that if you are harmed by an unsafe product you can sue the manufacturer. You can begin your court case up to three years from the date of the injury. In some cases, you can even sue up to ten years after the product was sold. If for instance you sustain a personal injury or damage to your property. The value of the damage must be more than £275.

7) Your contract normally is with the company to whom you paid the money; however, as the manufacturer has admitted fault your correspondence should be with them as in this case the manufacturer is responsible not the trader. But you could also contact the retailer and request a replacement or repair, you may find that a good retailer will also act on your behalf and get your engineer out to you quicker, or offer a refund. If you find the retailer unhelpful you can also go to the Furniture Ombudsman if the retailer is a member.

8) The “General Product Safety Regulations 2005” dictates that manufacturers must make arrangements for the collection and/or return of the product for destruction from consumers who have purchased the product.

9) If you bought the dryer on your credit card you can also use the Consumer Credit Act 1974 Section 75 as it is equally liable and it should give you a refund.

10) If you are given a replacement machine or parts that develop a fault your rights remain and see 1, 2 and 3 and links within above. Remember consumer rights always override a warranty.

11) See Tips for how to write that complaint and many others: How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results! for more help advice, templates for complaining effectively. 





Things still wrong after replacement or modification
Some people are getting in contact to say that they have had the repair or paid the £99 and had a new machine but still have problems. This is what you should do:

1)  Contact them in writing. Most important that you have it in writing as evidence. Give details of date of repair (and all the issues getting to that point if it wasn’t straightforward) and that it is not working properly. Give details of the issue. State that as you have given them a chance under the appropriate law (see above) you are entitled to a replacement. They may still argue for for repairing again. Your choice may well then be between taking one more try or to carry on fighting through the Small Claims Court. See Tips for how you should write your email and what to include.

2) If you have paid the £99 for the replacement you have in effect entered into a new contract under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. As such, if you have had it less than 30 days you are entitled to a refund, repair or replacement. After this time it is a repair or a replacement. Again, follow the tips for how to write the email and what to include.

3) If you have tried 1 and 2 above or are in the process please email me!

BBC article 11/03/16 Danger dryers in 11-month repair wait

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152 replies on “Dodgy tumble dryers – your legal rights & what to do”

My tumble dryer caught on fire Friday 26/02/2016, I rang and was told I’d have to wait until Monday for a phonecall, now Wednesday and £30 spent on phone credit chasing somebody to sort this I still have not heard from anybody don whirlpool!! I am left struggling with 4 children and unable to do any washing as I cannot get it dried, I already have 1 load of clothes that I have to bin as they have started to mould due to bein wet too long :@ I am upset with how Iv been treated and not even an apology to myself or my children for the horror of having a fire in our kitchen that choked us all

I am in a strange situation- I had my modification done last month but am now waiting for my third engineer to arrive as now my dryer does not dry! Even on a max cycle hottest setting clothes come out damp. Where do I stand with this? I am at z complete loss!

i had my dryer modification done a couple of weeks and and now my dryer is not heating up to dry my clothes….

I had a modification completed in december and the engineer they sent out was not equipped to do the job he used my dyson hoover to hoover out the machine and even though he could see it was full to continued till he blew my hoover up !
I am yet to receive a call from the claims department to replace my hoover and conveniently there is no one to speak to i just have to wait till they contact me in due course.
Not sure who i would escalate this complaint to as a bit of a joke now the time they take

I don’t recommend products at all, not what I do I’m afraid. Please read the post above for what you should do about your current dryer.

My dryer is about 6 yrs old, well ventilated and have always, without fail, cleaned lint.
I have got an appointment for an engineer to carry out the modification on friday however just heard on This Morning that a woman with dimilar situation to me had a modification 2 days ago and the dryer went up in flames yesterday after the modification.
I am now wondering if I can refuse the modification and request a replacement contributing some payment….see text below from hotpoint I found ……..

“If the customer’s machine is under warranty they can wait for the repair or have an exchange for free, if the machine is out of warranty then the customer can have a repair for free or pay a charge for an exchange…is this correct?

Warranties are rarely worth the paper they are written on. Rarely if ever do they give you more protection than your statutory rights.Your problem here is that the machine is at 6 years old. That is the limit for taking matters to the Small Claims Court. So they are in breach of the Sale and Supply of Goods Act, but in court they could argue that a machine has lasted a reasonable length of time and you would be entitled to nothing if the judge saw in their favour which is highly likely as you would be out of the 6 years and the case may not even be admissible. There fore, I suggest you follow the advice in the post above and see what you can get. Certainly mention that the modification is no guarantee that the tumble dryer is safe. Legally one could possibly argue that they don’t have to give you anything because it is over the 6 years, however, given the circumstances and what they have said I would grab the exchange with contribution with open arms. (First go for replacement and following advice above and be prepared to drop down to shared expense on an exchange. That shows you as being reasonable and so should be willing to negotiate with the amount, don’t accept the first offer. negotiate as much as you can.

Having waited four months for the modification and dates getting pushed further back, this blog spurred me into action.

By requesting payment for laundry bills I had the modification within a week and £100 reimbursed – thanks TCC!

I have an affected tumble dryer & have had an estimated repair of November!! This is ridiculous it’s 8 months away. What do I do?

I’m still waiting for them to provide me with the technical info to enable me to accept the replacement that I’ve been offered. My dryer is about 18 months old. It was ‘fixed’ but the engineer told me he had no idea what the problem was and he was just doing as he was told, so I complained again. I accepted a replacement over the phone but when I googled it, it’s just the modified version of the same thing, so I then rejected it. I won’t rest until I have a dryer I feel safe using.

We have one of the affected tumble dryers we bought in 2005. We complained at the 8 month wait for modification that we were initially given and managed to get it ‘modified’ in early March. One week later it made an awful noise and the drum (one of the replaced parts) stopped turning….so we went from a perfectly working appliance ‘before modification’ to one that doesn’t work. After MUCH effort we finally managed to get an engineer booked to come out on April 11th. If it’s fixed then this will mean we will have had three weeks of laundrette bills plus fuel costs amounting, in total, to just over £85.00 (we live in a rural area 63 miles from the nearest laundrette). On asking for reimbursement they have offered a maximum of a £30 voucher as they, and I quote “…as a company we are not liable to cover 3rd party costs.” both in writing on their Facebook page (seemingly the only means of contact) and in a telephone call today. Is this in breach of my rights?

Please see the post above which outlines your rights. The difficulty with yours is that it was bought in 2005 so way out of time for taking it to court as a faulty appliance per se. However, as Whirlpool has admitted problem and they are at fault with modifications etc. you are entitled to out of pocket expenses caused by them now. Please see above for what/how to quote and see links within.

Help !
Our year old indesit tumble dryer caught alight 1st week of November, our house was severely smoke damaged etc
Indesit have replaced the tumble and our insurance company have met all our replacement costs ie decorating and cleaning … My question is we could have been a lot worse off we are lucky !
Can we sue indesit ? For the distress and trauma, due to the stress my husband had a heart attack in December, and I’ve been putting off going back to work after been made redundant to care for him.

Very hard to do and you would need to take legal advice from a solicitor. That type of case would take a long time and be very difficult although possibly not impossible (so much would be taken into consideration). Contact some solicitors outlining the case and see what they say. This is a specialist area recouping for stress on top of what you are legally entitled and you should take legal advice do not even attempt to do on your own.

I’m still waiting for my tumble dryer to be fixed .I always clean it but it’s making my clothes smell as if they are burnt . How much longer will I have to wait .

I opted to purchase the replacement dryer offered by Hotpoint and paid the £99. The dryer was delivered on 4 February 2016 but yesterday heard a loud noise and the dryer stopped working, makes a humming sound but the drum does not turn at all. I have tried numerous times to arrange a repair but either get put on hold or cut off after being on hold for over 30 minutes. I am not happy at all with the service or replacement especially as my other dryer was working fine. Any suggestions on how to actually manage to speak to someone at Hotpoint?


I have an ‘affected’ dryer which has recently been setting off the smoke alarms in my house due to overheating. I’ve called hotpoint as my modification date was supposed to be April 2016 – bearing in mind I reported this in November last year. I’ve heard nothing since Im now being fobbed off saying it maybe May or even June – they just don’t have enough trained engineers!

I have a question with regards to the replacement driers – are the brand new or refurbished as I can’t seem to find the answer on the page?

Thanks in advance

Simply ask them! They may have variety ask what you are going to get and get the paperwork!

I reported my dryer in February and they told me it will be December before I can get the modification. I don’t want a modification as I still wouldn’t trust it to be safe. I don’t really want a replacement either, again because I’m still worried about safety, plus they want me to pay £99 which I really don’t see why I should have to, given that they sold me a defective product.
Is my only option to accept the £99 replacement?

I have read it! It suggests I have to accept a repair or replacement. I don’t want a repair, I want a replacement but I don’t think I should have to pay for it but I guess that is the only way of proceeding.

See “Your rights and what you can do if not happy with your situation” point 2 which outlines your legal rights and points 5 and 7. You have to pay something towards a replacement because you have had use of your current one. You can argue that you have not had £99 worth depending on how long you have had the dryer and have other avenues for complaining. If since October 1st use the CRA – link above.

My tumble dryer is one of the affected ones. I bought it from next on the 14th November. Whilst awaiting delivery the story broke out. As soon as it arrived I checked If it was one of the affected ones. It was. I immediately reported it. I have had several dates for the engineer to come out, they have been no shows. 3 weeks ago, my 5 month old tumble stopped working! I phoned next to inform them. They sent out an engineer last Thursday. I told him it wasn’t working and he said he was only here to do the modification and not repair. He said he couldn’t touch the tumble and left!! I had a very irrate phone call with next. I have asked several times for a replacement. All I’ve had is another date for an engineer. Up to now I have lost 2 days of work waiting for an engineer and all I have is a very expensive ornament in my kitchen which is useless. I’m not happy about just having a repair. Surely it shouldn’t break down in just 5 months and at the time I bought it, they already know knew they were faulty!!

Please see “Your rights and what you can do if not happy with your situation” in the above post and the link to Consumer Rights Act 2015 as you are covered by this.

I purchased my machine from Currys and it was less than six months old when the announcement was made. I have written to Currys asking for a replacement machine which I understand I can request as my dryer was less than six months old. Currys do not want to know. I have written two letters, sent two e-mails and been on the phone for two and a half hours. Hotpoint have told me over the phone I am entitled to a new machine but I have to do this through Currys, who tell me that they are not interested. Where do I go from here. My colleague who purchased hers from Tesco a week after me has had hers replaced, no problem. I have not had any contact about arranging an engineer, which I don’t want, I want a new machine without having to pay any extra. HELP

Please read post above section Your rights and what you can do if not happy with your situation points 1, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 and the links within points 1, 5 9 and 10. Threaten court, you may have to do this in the end if none of the advice above works. You’re welcome.

Indesit are taking no responsibility for this problem. Already waited 6 months for them to come to repair my dryer. They phoned me last Thursday at work asking for confirmation of the serial numbers. Who has the serial number of an appliance on the
at work? They said they would phone back in a couple of days as they can’t book me in without it. It is now a week later. No one has phoned. Today I phoned the number that is on my letter from them. They said I will have to wait for them to call back. I told them I wasn’t prepared to wait. They said they can’t contact other departments to sort it out. They are very evasive and unhelpful. Phoning Trading Standards.

My predicament is slightly different. I have been given the option of a replacement or engineer fix but mine is approx 7 years old and is also covered by Curry’s ‘whatever happens’ cover. I spoke to Curry’s and they say they cannot intervene as it’s a manufacturer agreement to replace the dryer for a specific amount. Do you think I should be entitled to demand a replacement (of a different brand of course) from Curry’s?

Advice for this is covered above and the links within. You will struggle being over 6 years old for any recomense from Currys, I doubt that their cover last forever. Frankly, for seven years old the manufacturer’s offer is a good one. You’re welcome.

The problem is that I have been paying the cover every month and I am still paying it at a total cost of over £230 so far!! I have emailed Curry’s to inform them that I demand a replacement under their terms and conditions or I will start court proceedings.

i purchased my indesit tumble drier just over a year ago from on online supplier( who have just informed me my one year gurantee is about to expire ) do i still have the same rights as buying from a shop. as from what i have read , i think i would rather have a replacement than a repair .i did contact indesit (twice) only to be told an engineer wont be available to at least october which considering the severity of the incidents happening i find this unacceptable

Please read post above for advice on how to bring this forward. Your rights are the same when buying online. You’re welcome.

My indisit dryer 2 yrs old. Only used 4 times for grandchildren towels. Still looks like new so booked in last November for modifications. Recently received email it wasn’t registered so had to do it again. Now been told have to wait until May 2017 in which case will have moved house to different area which means they’ll delay it again. Rather have money back so I can go buy another dryer.

Hi me and my partner got a tumble dryer from bright house on high purchase it’s a faulty dryer like thousands of others that catch fire .now they said in a email that they would send a engineer out in mar 2016 no one came now another date for engineer 6,7,16 it’s 14 months old we only used it for 5 months of this time then it tripped my electric off at the mains they still insist it’s safe to use even today ..can we get a full refund even tho we are still paying for this dryer we still owe about 140 pounds give or take . We don’t want a modified or quick fix only to catch fire or have them back every month ..thank you in advance.

Please read post above regarding your rights. You will need to look at terms and conditions of your finance agreement as to who owns what when etc.

I accepted a replacement dryer at a small cost. It is not fit for purpose. I have had Towels on Bed and Bath cycle for seven hours plus and they are still not dry! Have contacted them on numerous occasions,but keep being passed from pillar to post. My laundry mounting up may have to pay to have it dried then send them the bill.Discusting that they can treat customers this way and get away with it. I will never buy products linked to Hotpoint ever again.

Just 5 days ago I collected a new Hotpoint dryer in lieu of old Indesit being exchanged. Cost £19 and I thought it was better than waiting for a repair team. The Indesit was working fine. Less than 5 days later the Jotpoint has broken down, not turning drum and smell of burning! Got through eventually to a Click and zcollect team at Hotpoint and they have arranged a new dryer as the other is less than 28 days in use. The whole thing is a joke and will only start to come right when they do a total recall. Or somebody gets killed.

To all, look At machine for a green sticker, if it has one,this means your dryer is not one of those that needs attention. However, the new one I received as part of Hotpoint £19 exchange has one. Guess what, it broke down after 5 days. See previous post.

I Have a Hotpoint Tumble dryer one of the faulty ones.Was told they would come out in June to modify it But no one has been .Rang them this morning and was told they would be out in September or I could have a new dryer for £59 or £99 from Currys.I don’t buy from them as I have had lots of problems with them in the past.If anything goes wrong with your item they are just not interested.I have my dryer insured with Domestic and General .Do you think they will deal with this for me.

I have also, unfortunately and unknowingly, purchased a faulty tumble dryer and the ‘responsible’ suppliers/manufacturers seem to be rather lax in their efforts to resolve the very important concerns this issue has raised. It may be beneficial to the affected community if someone (‘hint’ this website manager) could provide details of an alternative tumble dryer supplier/manufacturer who can provide an appliance that is not liable to incinerate our children. This may (hopefully) result in the current suppliers/manufacturers reassessing their business/commercial/financial priorities and correctly addressing the situation. – Thanks – Ken.

This is a consumer rights site. I only provide advice about consumer rights and how to assert them. I do not give endorsements or undertake reviews. For finding out about best buy tumble dryers look at review sites. Thanks

Slightly different angle – our Hotpoint (one of the affected models) started smoking and giving off a burning smell last year before we were aware of the recall / modification. We replaced it (with another brand). I today received an email with the offer of a replacement (to buy) or an engineer call – ironically estimated to call in March 2016. Where do I stand as I no longer have the old dryer. I replaced it as it was out of warranty (bought in 2011). Can I still buy the discounted replacement or get a refund? Thanks in advance for any pointers!

If you got rid of it because it was faulty then you should have complained at the time. Warranty irrelevant use your statutory rights in future (see post and links above). You can try it but don’t hold out much hope. You certainly won’t get a refund you wouldn’t have got tha if you still had the machinebut you could try for the discounted new one.

I am not impressed with this tumble dryer dealing…
mine started back in September last year. first saying they were going to give me a new tumble dryer free.. yes FREE as they didn’t make my model anymore. I was please and was told a ruff date that someone call to book a date for a delivery. so this came and it was suppose to be just before Christmas, plus with grandmother passing away I had forgotten about it, when remembering in January I chased my free tumble dryer, to be told that this wasn’t true and someone wouldn’t ring me and say this (so now it sounded like I was being called a lier). I did ask for a complaint to be put in, about why I got this call,but never got a reply to it.
Anyway I have enough problems to deal with,I accepted the repair. might I state outer tumble dryer was in great condition, always cleaned out and looked after and we never left it on without us being around anyway.
After a couple of changed dates (by hotpoint, not me), we ended up with an engineer. well he didn’t clean out the machine very well and it then started to make strange noises.
I then tried calling hotpoint on a few different numbers.. been redirected a couple of times.. been cut off a few times,halfway through my 30 min wait.. worst one was I waited 45 minutes one evening to the get cut off, to try to ring back and be told that the offices are now closed..
anyway after a few messages on messenger someone replies(not with in the hour, but nearly a day later).
so we book a new date and another engineer comes out… opens the machine to see the mess (yes unfinished dusty job) that the other engineer left behind and even has to use my hoover to clean the thick layers of lint.
now this guy sorts it all out and leaves, well that evening my wife goes to use the tumble dryer to find that, it doesn’t even heat now.. turns fine, sounds great but doesn’t nothing else.. heat control button doesn’t even work.. so I have now asked for the discount deal for a new tumble dryer and strangely enough they sent me a date of a new engineer and won’t reply to anything else.
so as you can imagine I am not impressed and will be plastering this all over social and furthering to tv complaints to.

Hotpoint sent a engineer out to my dryer on friday 22nd july 2016 he fixed the dryer never tried it.My dryer is one effected but over 6 year old.He put a sticker with a green dot on to say its safe to us.When I put it on it started to smoke, and I stopped it straight a way or it would have caught fire. We rang hotpoint up sending another engineer out Wednesday, I’ve completed with 2 emails

I’ve got a faulty indesit dryer and it’s stopped heating up is this anything to do with the fault on the dryer got someone coming out on 22

Got my replacement tumbler today which cost £99. Part of the offer was connection. However, as my appliance was wired to the wall the delivery guy could not do this as he was not qualified. Rang Whirlpool only to be told it was not their responsibility and to telephone the Delivery team. They in turn told me that under the terms and conditions it was my responsibility to get an electrician to do the job. I told them I was not made aware of this in the e-mails they had sent me but they said I had not clicked on the “link”. I was not aware of any link. Seriously disappointed in their service.

Double check that – if there was no link or was obscured or they didn’t make clear – breach of Consumer rights Act 2015 – see link above

What happens if my rumble dryer has stopped working? So it still goes round but doesn’t heat up? So probably a heating element issue. I dragged it out and it’s one of the dodgy ones so I’ve completed the online form. BUT it’s broken so I’m not really sure what happens now?

We have been advised by relatives in a similar situation to return our affected tumble dryer and accept a replacement, but i can’t say i’m happy at having to deliver the old machine to Curry’s ourselves and collect the replacement at our expense AND pay £19 – seems we’re paying for THEIR mistake!

Absolutely do not deliver the machine to them! Please see the post above and follow the advice and links.

Ive got an affected tumble dryer had it modified only to find that the bloke that done it left the pipes on top of the machine which i had left there for 3 days then chucked them thinking that maybe he had put new ones on the dryer only to get a call from know how a few days later to tell me that the the bloke filled in the form wrong and said that he should have put the pipes back on left a sharp ribbit that could have cut my clothes up so he condemned the machine so i could not use it i had whirlpool come round today and now ive got to wait for parts they will not compensate me when ive got 4 kids school clothes to dry in the rain all weekend

My hot point tumble dryer has just gone bang & left my kitchen full of smoke. Really scary.. Thought it was going to burst into flames.. I can’t find my serial number for this appliance.. Tried to contact hot point but can’t find a email address anywhere.. Can u help plse?

I have a faulty dryer ,waited 6 months for engineer,when he came I watch him in kitchen doing repair I though? what are you doing I said ,look mate all i will be doing is taking the back off and replacing back after a wipe ,then i will use this new rivet he said which cost less than 5 pence he said to put back on.I said so what are you changing to make safe he said nothing so I said what have I been waiting 6 months for then ? he shrugged his shoulders .I was very angry it has cost a lot of money at wash house I said i don,t , trust the dryer and have no faith in it any more he said well phone up i did they say you are done now and not on our books anymore? what are these people doing to the public
these firms who take our money should be accountable it is a embarrassment of a business the gov should fine them hard together we should get together and make these people pay us back ,who is going to buy of this company again they are a joke

I had a hotpoint dryer it had the defect fixed in October 2015 ,I still wasn’t happy so phoned them and asked for it to be looked into received an email saying they would be out within 5 wks. To this day I have not heard anything I did try to contact them but lines always busy .I them used the dryer on the morning of the 3rd of April 2016 checked it had finished left the door open which I had started to do so no confusion bout it being on as the door was open , went out for the day with family but had noticed the dryer felt a little warmer than usual , 2hrs later I received a phone call telling me my house was on fire .we raced home to find our lovely home a burnt out mess .know 6mnths later me and my husband are finally back in our home after what I can only call an emotional roller coaster , can hotpoint be held responsible for the hell they have put us through I know our insurance paid out we’ve been lucky as I have heard of people who havnt but that’s not the piont we have had a horrible experience which we should not of gone through as we trusted that our dryer had been fixed but not only that it wasn’t even on .it’s the mental and emotional stuff u go through that has made me and my husband ill do we have a case to sue hotpoint for that .we buy these things in good faith and put our trust in these people and I totally disagree that we should have to be buying new ones they should be provided free of charge , if I ever have another I will have to use my compensation money from the insurance to buy one , this surely isn’t right when there product sent my house on fire

My tumble dryer was within its first year of guarantee when the news of the tumble dyers catching light came about. I called them the day before my guarantee; am I entitled to a replacement rather than modification.

I have had my tumble dryer modified on 26/09/2016 .Now it’s leaking water every time it goes on ,anybody had problems like this ?.Been on phone for 2 days and they haven’t resolved or helped my problem .Also they put me through to another department that closed at 5 knowing it was 5-50 when I spoke to someone ,absolute rubbish HOTPOINT

Suzanne, in response i had an engineer around the same time come and modify my aqualtis dryer… So for me the dryer worked, dried but we got no water in the condenser drawer… i didn’t like this so took the machine apart myself to find that the pipe that feeds the drawer had been left unplugged by the engineer and the machine was filling with water internally!

Any advice on what to do if Hotpoint’s engineer has put me at greater risk by opening the appliance ?!

I have fixed the machine myself and tried to inform hotpoint via their site that they have a rogue engineer (or poor policy for reassembly checks) and that had i not noticed there were electrocution and fire risks as the drum was just spinning water everywhere, including over the bare 240v inputs at the top of the machine…

This machine is roughly 5 years old for reference.

I’ve since cleaned out and repaired the problem, let it dry and re assembled, but took photos of how it had been left – dropped an email to watchdog today just for fun as hotpoints’ online forms never actually submit!

I discovered earlier this year that my tumble dryer was one of the affected ones, so registered with Hotpoint for the repair. I was quoted estimated repair dates of Feb and March 2017, and any emails that I sent in response were completely ignored. I read somewhere (contrary to your advice above) that the best way to get the repair completed was to complain on social media, so I did, firmly but politely on Hotpoint’s Facebook page. They responded to this and the dryer was fixed in a matter of a few weeks. As much as I hate it when people who shout loudest get better service, we are a family of five who use our dryer a lot when we can’t dry washing outside, and if increased attention gets Hotpoint to get more engineers out there, them maybe all the work will get done sooner.

My modification was going to take forever I was told if I paid a extra warranty which was only a few quid a month if something was my fault I wouldn’t be charged for the engineer labour costs etc and also when they came to fix my appliance the modification would be done at same time turns out although my model was a dodgy batch fact it had a green sticker the modification had already been done

So today my tumble dryer less then a yr old breakdown for the 3rd time I paid extra warranty which lasts a year as was a dodgy batch to get the modification done quicker and repaired at same time first time was the belt and the thermostat last time the thermostat again and this time cut out and room filled of smoke and smelt of burning is there anything I can do phone bills go up and up and nothing is long lasting it’s not a yr old til febuary

Tried to do the click and collect for a few days to replace my affected hot point tumble good was told it finished yesterday the guy said the sight crashed .I can’t afford to pay the higher amount for delivery and instelation think it’s a cheeky

My tumble dryer was awaiting the modification, in the meantime it stopped working (drum not turning) I was looking at purchasing a new dryer for the cheap price. The wife wasn’t happy at all with the lack of customer service as we had waited 8 months for an engineer. She rang them and told them we had smoke coming out of the dryer, an engineer visited within 5 days !!!!
The drum not turning had nothing to do with the modification but both faults were fixed at the same time !
Just a thought in case you’re fed up with waiting for an engineer to carry out the modification…..

I was told in February that they would be in touch, when I clicked on the email it said my estimated month of visit would be November !

Where are you now? They tell me (as in 3 days ago) that they are bringing appointments forward and that it is now a wait of 3 weeks. Comments?

I was told that November 2014 that I had a faulty tumble dryer and was told to stop using it and an engineer would call. I telephoned Whirlpool in February as I hadn’t heard anything and was informed that there was a massive backlog of engineers and I had a visit date of November 2015! I then received a letter to say that for a charge of £59 I could purchase a replacement tumble dryer. As I use mine a lot I decided to go ahead with this, although I felt I shouldn’t of had to pay anything. The machine arrived which had a fault with, wait for it, the lint catcher. When the drum rotated it took the lint catcher with it! I telephoned Whirlpool and they sent me a replacement lint catcher, which whilst it does stay put, lint still deposits in the bottom of the tumble dryer which to me sounds like another fire hazard. I would appreciate any comments you could make on this as I still feel I have been unfairly treated. The machine should have been replaced free of charge and with a machine which is suitable for use.

My situation is slightly different. I bought my dryer Aug 2015 and within weeks the fire notice came out. We did not get an engineer out until May 2016 and that was after much hell raising. However, two weeks ago my dryer just stopped working. As Hotpoint are refusing to send someone out before December I had my British Gas electrician have a quick look. He found the plug had been burnt out and melted. I asked whether this was because of my plug outlet or the appliance itself. He did say that it would be down to the manufacturer to decide this but that in his professional opinion it was the appliance.
This is scary stuff and I want this dryer gone. What is the best way to make this known and to get someone to listen to me? My dryer was”fixed” supposedly and still caused my plug to melt!! Seems there is still ongoing issues. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thank you!

I had my modification done on Friday October 21st. Should have been done back in August. Since the modification I have not been able to use the dryer, the light which indicates the water draw is full is constantly on, phoned them had to wait a week for the engineer, the engineer came out yesterday 31st to fix the dryer, phoned them again today, need to wait another week for engineer to come back and fix the same problem.
So I’ve gone from a fully working dryer to having the modifications done and am now left with a dryer that dosent work.

I have one of the faulty machines too.I have been offered a replacment for a nominal fee of £19 if i take my old machine to Currys and collect the new one.Does anyone know if the replacment machines are new,or just ones that have had the faulty part replaced.Anyone had any problems with one of these replacment machines ?Many thanks,Mick.

They should collect. Please read post above. See comments from people below re replacements. You should get (in writing) clarification of what they are replacing yours with. You’re welcome.

I bought my tumble dryer August 2015 only a month before the recall order came out. Last October I registered my tumble dryer for modification then I just received an email from them that my estimated month of modification will be on March 2017 almost 4 months from now and an alternative for the modification is to opt out for a brand new tumble dryer but I have to contribute £59 which includes delivery and removal of faulty tumble dryer. Do you think this is fair enough? Please help me decide as I have read here that even they have modified already but still theres a problem. I am just worried now because only yesterday I witnessed my neighbour while using the tumble dryer suddenly a big smoke came out from the dryer I immediately removed the lint filter and unplug the dryer as my neighbour is hysterical already she doesnt know what to do.

When were you originally told would be date? If you have just been told now that you have a 4 month wait write to CEO and say their statements in the media have been saying people are waiting two weeks. They are offering new tumble dryer usually with contribution to reflect use of old one, usually hear of a higher charge than that. Would suggest you argue further though using information in post above. LFB advice is to not use current machine at all and unplug it. Please follow LFB advice not Whirlpool’s. I can’t tell you whether to go for modification or new machine I can only share what people say hear. I would however say that Whirlpool are shocking.

I had a modification completed in december and the engineer they sent out was not equipped to do the job he had to use my dyson hoover to hoover out the machine and even though he could see it was full to continued to use it untill he blew my hoover up !
I am yet to receive a call from the claims department to replace my hoover after several customer service calls ive made and emails sent in to them as conveniently there is no one to speak to as there complaints department does not accept calls !!
I just have to wait till they contact me in due course.
Not sure who i would escalate this complaint to as a bit of a joke now the time they are taking to even discuss this with me.
Any advice would be a great help.