How, When and Why do you Complain or don’t you?

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This should be an interesting survey! Let’s see how many people really complain, what you complain about what you complain for and why you complain and do you do it effectively? Should take less than two minutes to complete. AND you will be taking part in a national survey of great importance! Be part of a survey that may be analysed in all the media! Please answer the questions honestly regarding what you do and not what you think you should behave! Thank you

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7 replies on “How, When and Why do you Complain or don’t you?”

I’m an Australian male that in the past has generally kept pretty tight lipped when it comes to complaining. Its only since I’ve worked in a Customer Experience role that I’ve realised that good companies welcome feedback – especially negative feedback – because it helps them to improve their overall offering. Now, I have no hesitation in telling companies what I think about them – both the good and the bad. And if they make it clear that they don’t like what I have to tell them or they argue with me, I recognise that they’re not the type of company I want to be dealing with and take my custom elsewhere.

I will always treat the CS representative with manners this gies a long way. Shouting and balling and using social media threats is in my opinion only used by people who ate generally in the wrong

Yes, you are right – I cover this in the Top Tips and when I covered the programme The Complainers Complaining effectively is about doing it politely and assertively whatever the method you use. Btw – given the time of this comment I don’t think your answers to the survey were submitted if you would like to try again? The survey is about complaining effectively not rudely of course they are two different things.

I will complain when I’ve consumed from a company who misrepresents & over markets it’s products / services, and fails to deliver on promised expectations leaving me to feel cheated, annoyed, and manipulated.. It’s very common the average consumer accepts it for being normal but I can’t carry on through life without first calling them on their bullshit. I make a strong effort to ignore advertising & marketing skipping over all the subjective descriptions and read only factual information but it’s good to complain openly in the public domain as it informs other consumers..

I give positive feedback if a company has exceeded stated expectations or if I feel it’s provided exceptional value for money but is rare as few providers under-promised and over-deliver but overall it is simple and convenient to complain and occasionally I will give friendly feedback notifying seller of minor inaccuracies & concerns in the hopes they will change and improve..

Thank you for your comments hope you have filled out the survey as these answers will be collated into a post later.

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