Once upon a parking ticket…

Once upon a time, a Christmas time in fact, I got a parking ticket. I don’t like getting them. I caught the parking warden writing the ticket. I told him that I had had to queue for a ticket and look it was in my hand (along with rather a large bag of shopping it has to be said!) The warden took a photo and told me that he would make a note of it and I should appeal. So I did.

parking ticketsI appealed. I got no response. Now, if you have been following this blog for a bit you know I don’t like that. I don’t like it all. So… I…. complained!

I emailed Waltham Forest and said “Oi, I’ve appealed why haven’t I heard from you? It’s past the time you should have responded by.” Might not have used those quite those words…

Three days later I received a letter telling me that because I hadn’t paid the fine it was going up to £60. Oh no it wasn’t! (Well it is pantomime time!) So, I wrote again telling them to have the courtesy of responding and  to look through the correspondence!

Got an auto response. Sigh. So emailed again and started to pull out some new weaponry.  Emailed the CEO. Always a good one – speeds things up somewhat! Threatened to tell portfolio holders in the council. Might actually have just done that… Guess what happened? Immediate right off payment.

Now the lesson for you here is this. Even if it is possible that it has been issued correctly, it is quite possible that the powers that be won’t process your appeal properly, which is what happened here. The appeal may or may not have been upheld, but they were out of time for responding to my appeal and therefore in breach of process so they had no option but to throw out the charge.

The End.

So incompetence. It’s everywhere. Fight, fight, fight it! Anyone else got a good parking ticket story?

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4 replies on “Once upon a parking ticket…”

IIRC you have to have received a reply by a certain period after making an appeal, not just that they have to respond. I used to appeal parking tickets for my couriers for fun (!) and I got off one once because the council had only sent their reply on the final date allowed. This meant, unless they couriered their reply to me, I could not possibly receive it in the specified time.

I can not tell you how much pleasure I took in writing to the council to tell them I was rejecting their rejection, and my legal basis for doing so.

Me 1 – them 0. It’s always worth arguing.

Thought I had lost mine after 2nd appeal but council rejected 2nd appeal with
Incorrect Penalty Charge Notice Number
Incorrect Date of Contravention
Incorrect Location
Incorrect Vehicle Registration
So Traffic Penalty Tribunal rejected their charges

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