Moodia Coverage

For all enquiries please see the contact page. If you would like to be added to the press release mailing list please email with “press release” in the subject line. Helen Dewdney showreelWatch this video on YouTube WATCH: Tesco CEO Dave Lewis and UK CEO Matt Davies get quizzed by consumer rights guru @ComplainingCow … Continue reading “Moodia Coverage”

The Complaining Cow v Tesco #TescoFail!

Oi! Don’t just jump to the bottom to see if I won! There will be a test later you know to see if you read it all! Let’s start the post with a great big sigh. *Sighs. Most people who ever shopped at Tesco will share my frustration. Actually I didn’t realise just how many … Continue reading “The Complaining Cow v Tesco #TescoFail!”