Have a Power Hour with Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow

Helen offers a Power Hour for £99.  Over the phone or via Zoom she can discuss issues affecting your business and help with creative solutions. This will be recorded so you can refer back to it and share it with colleagues if applicable. Some things to consider include:

Increase sales:
– Getting feedback – looking at how you get feedback from customers and building your reputation
– Consumer laws/legal requirements and adhering to them to increase credibility
– Exceeding expectations, how to do it easily even when handling complaints
– Reflecting on current practice and making changes – looking at what you do now, critiquing it and improving it

Resolving customer complaints first time:
– Reduce matters getting escalated
– Change mindset when looking at complaints
– Reduce the number of complaints reaching the relevant ADR provider
– Achieving and knowing that an issue has been resolved first time

Improving how people complain to your company to make it easier for you to resolve complaints, how you can
– Find out what it is customers are actually complaining about
– Discover what it is customers want as a solution
– Stop matters escalating
– Identify and support vulnerable customers

Reducing risk corresponding with vulnerable customers;
– How you identify vulnerable customers
– Explore what vulnerable means
– Seeing customers as individuals
– Ways to improve correspondence

3 ways power hour

Same as above but more specific. Let’s discuss 3 ways to…

  • turn customers into superfans who rave about you and drive more custom to you
  • keep customers happy
  • treat your customers as individuals
  • manage expectations
  • exceed expectations
  • deal with difficult customers

And if time allows these can be increased to 5. Always flexible – it’s important to be flexible with your customers!

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