Power Hour

Helen offers a Power Hour for £250. Over the phone or via Skype she can discuss issues affecting your business and help with creative solutions. She will also write up a short report summarising key findings and recommendations. Some things to consider include:

Resolving customer complaints first time:
– Reduce matters getting escalated
– Reduce the number of complaints reaching the relevant ADR provider
– Change mindset when looking at complaints
– Achieving and knowing that an issue has been resolved first time

Improving how people complain to your company to make it easier for you to resolve complaints:
– How you find out what it is customers are actually complaining about
– How you find out what it is customers want as a solution
– How you stop matters escalating
– How you identify and support vulnerable customers

Reducing risk corresponding with vulnerable customers
– How you identify vulnerable customers
– Explore what vulnerable means
– Seeing customers as individuals
– Ways to improve correpondence

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