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  • Ombudsman Omnishambles The UK ADR landscape 20 months on...

Ombudsman Omnishambles: Serious unresolved issues affecting
the operation of the ombudsman ADR system in the UK
 22 June 2016

More Ombudsman Omnishambles: The UK ADR landscape
20 months on… 28 February 2018

Research and recommendations reports co authored with Marcus Williamson



Fire Whirlpool The tumble dryer story without the spin


Whirlpool The Whole Tumble Dryer story without the Spin 25 April 2018

On 23 November 2015 Whirlpool issued a warning regarding 113 different models of tumble dryer due to risk of fire. Since then there have been fires, injuries, possible deaths, product recall research and working party, court cases, questions in Parliament, widespread criticism of Whirlpool and the Government by individuals and consumer groups.

This report outlines the whole story. It includes contradictions, results of Freedom of Information Requests to Government departments and Peterborough Trading Standards, London Fire Brigade statistics and recommendations, research and investigations. All in one place.

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