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Helen is a breath of fresh air, standing out from other speakers in the sector! Her experience, knowledge, originality and approach to both speaking and customer experience is distinctive. Always unforgettable with an explosion of boundless and unstinting energy, Helen is exceptional in how she captures and entertains audiences. Bringing creativity, participation and improvisational methods to presentations, she is resourceful and sharp. Helen can bring her special sparkle to any consumer topic!

Through her fun and powerful storytelling, audience involvement and inspirational content, she informs, educates, enthrals and empowers. She bounds around and commands the stage, with gusto.

Helen is a credible and authentic expert in consumer matters and is frequently seen in the media covering the latest consumer issues. She is widely known for her no-nonsense, direct style and unorthodox attitude to conveying visionary messages.

An established consumer champion, columnist, author and blogger, Helen supports companies though transformation and continual improvement. Regularly hearing from consumers, she is uniquely positioned to gain insights of customer perspectives and needs. She uses these to help businesses reduce reputational and financial risk. Demonstrating how you can increase sales by retaining customers and turning them into loyal superfans, Helen will have you rushing to put what you learn into practice. You’ll be receiving great reviews and referrals to grow sales soon after listening to Helen.

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Available to speak at events, conferences and business training events, Helen enjoys bringing innovation, ideas and entertainment to the masses!

“If complaining is an art form, Helen Dewdney is Rembrandt.” Rob Rinder, barrister, presenter and journalist.

Speaking topics

  • Consumer rights.
  • How to increase sales by turning customers into superfans
  • Business lessons through improvised presentations
  • Customer service lessons through improvised and interactive presentations
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

Consumer rights

Helen is able to speak on how to complain effectively, how to be assertive and consumer rights in particular sectors or more generally.

3 top take- aways:

  • Consumer rights knowledge.
  • Empowerment to assert your consumer rights.
  • How to approach a complaint effectively to get redress.
Rob Rinder talks to Helen Dewdney about empowering people

How to increase sales by turning customers into superfans

It is widely accepted that it costs at least 5 times as much to gain a new customer as it does to retain one. With this in mind it makes sense to put resources into customer services.

Topics can cover; Top 10 customer service frustrations and solutions, How to turn customers into superfans who rave about you in reviews and refer more people to you, How to exceed expectations, Treating customers as individuals, reducing risk to reputation, finances and impact on vulnerable customers and a combination of all these things.Rachael Chiverton testimonial

3 top take- aways:
  • Techniques to tweak and re evaluate customer service.
  • Ways to reflect on current correspondence with customers and improve it.
  • Approaches to handling complaints so that customers still rave about you.

Business lessons through improvised presentations

Ava and the Aliens… and some dogs

This innovative session will be mostly improvised and will depend wholly on delegates’ contributions. In this unique interactive session, and unknown to the audience until Helen starts, some of the audience will name their dogs with one characteristic. Helen will weave the dogs and their traits into a performance that is captivating, entertaining and thought-provoking.

Following the storytelling, the session will provide top-tip lessons for customer service which can increase loyalty and sales.

[Workplace/network meeting title] nursery

Helen improvises a Joyce Grenfell type nursery story involving individual members of the audience. Particularly good for online network meetings where people introduce themselves and what they do so Helen can interweave this into the story.

3 top take- aways:
  • The importance of storytelling with quick wins on how to create stories.
  • The significant impact on customers when you include or exclude them.
  • How not conforming and taking risks makes for change and can increase sales.

Customer service lessons through improvised and interactive presentations

“I Need a New Bum!”
"I Need a New Bum" teaser

Helen reads from “I Need a New Bum!”, a story for pre-schoolers onto which Helen puts her own unique spin. Before reading the story, the audience are asked to keep an eye out for customer service lessons.  On nearly every page she will name members of the audience and add commentary to the story.  When it is finished the audience will be asked what lessons they noticed and Helen will explain and elaborate on those lessons.

3 top take-aways:
  • The benefits of feedback and what you can learn
  • The importance of integrity and consumer law
  • How to exceed customer expectations and turn customers into superfans

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Helen in action

Helen Dewdney Consumer Champion Showreel


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Helen is regularly invited to speak at the Westminster Business Forum on consumer issues, such as Alternative Dispute Resolution, following her work on the reports  she co-authored with Marcus Williamson. The first Ombudsman Omnishambles:  Serious unresolved issues affecting the operation of the ombudsman ADR system in the UK in 2016. The second was More Ombudsman Omnishambles: The UK ADR landscape 20 months on…. In 2018.

How approval bodies are failing to properly approve and monitor Alternative Dispute Resolution -

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