Supermarkets discontinue products. WHY?

If you’ve come here for the answer, sorry don’t have it. Other than I assume they stop products in favour of ones that will make them more money?!

So, got to start with Tesco haven’t I? It’s like a given. Nah, this time I will start with Sainsbury’s because it has really really annoyed me. Look at these:
0000001066869_L0000001066418_L0000001065718_L0000001066517_L0000001066746_L Lovely looking cookies huh? See that space though? Triple chocolate cookies missing. Why would you stop that? Seriously. One biscuit with 369 calories in it has got to be good. They are all the same price so just sell the right number of each. Why discontinue? Foolish decision. Foolish. Foolish. Foolish.

Update – they are back well done Sainsbury’s!

Right, Tesco. So, in the last few months they have discontinued
1) The tea towels I buy (very daft when they match other items they still sell!?!)
2) Heinz reduced sugar and salt ketchup (why for crying out loud?)
3) 650g cherry tomatoes so you have to spend more on 300g packs
4) Cherry pie (The Bull is not happy about that)
5) Tesco finest cheese flatbread

Then a few people told me that Tesco Watford has forgotten it is a grocery store and is stocking more electrical, furniture and china. Also Tesco finest baked beans have been discontinued too! Someone said that Tesco had discontinued customer service….

Update – right, remember a few months ago Tesco was reported as stopping 30% of its products. Well I wrote to ole Dave and asked him about the reasoning and what products they were going to stop etc. Here’s his response “In a big superstore we have more than 25% of items that either don’t sell or a single unit a week and taking up space from the lines most people want and they leave disappointed. We are reducing this customers don’t want and increase space for things that they do.” So there you go, although I don’t believe that Tesco finest cheese flat bread didn’t sell.

Hurrah! Sainsbury’s have reinstated the triple chocolate cookie. Was it something I said?

Do join in the rants below about what your supermarkets has stopped stocking!


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Morrisons – Harvested Rustic Garlic Bread Baguettes:

Haven’t managed to find a suitable replacement since they discontinued this product a year ago.. the type of bread they used seem to had been exclusive as I don’t like regular white garlic bread baguettes these were really something special.

Asda – Butchers Selection Peppered Beef Grill Steaks:

May have regionally discontinued across certain stores but always out of stock locally, I’ve tried Tesco, Morrisions, and Iceland versions which all taste like low grade burger beef but Asda’s beef grill steaks are beefy/compact full of quality beef which made them qualify as a steak.. really affordable and was great tasting..

Thanks for the comments, glad I’m not the only one getting annoyed with this!

Silver Spoon sugar. No longer in Booker, Asda, Morrisons or Tesco. Why??? It’s BRITISH sugar. They’ve dropped it in favour of Whitworths who won’t tell me how much British sugar their products contain as it’s ‘sensitive’ information ( for that I read ‘none’).
No one will give me an explanation. It’s all very frustrating when you’re trying to ‘buy British’

Hi they sell them in home bargains if there is one near you have a look in I only saw them by chance as I called in for a friend

For a while Morrisons did 4 cheap squash drinks that didn’t even pretend to be fruit or healthy, they were sweets flavoured. 3 of them were pretty nasty but the marshmallow one was amazing.

But its availability didn’t last. I guess few customers tried it (it was a lucid pink colour), though everyone who tried it at my house liked it (all grown-ups, all stoners 😉 ).

As a product I’ve never seen processed muck from a supermarket “go off” in such a way or so fast. If an unopened bottle was left in the light it would fade slowly, but once open it would fade rather fast and even change taste slightly, and the more air it was exposed to the faster it changed. I ended up squeezing air out of the bottles and keeping them in the fridge. In fact, I was treating it almost like milk…. economically it mustn’t have been the best for these poor delicate globally traded corporations. I was OK to put up with the product shortcomings though because I felt I was still getting good enough value (coloured plastic bottles might have helped).

I moaned to customer services about the product being discontinued, got some waffly PR back (no surprise). Fished for manufacturer or supplier info to find out if there was the same product elsewhere behind another label but no, commercially sensitive or some bollocks.

If they have stopped a product it doesn’t matter if I seek a product elsewhere as no matter what they wouldn’t be getting the money….. Unless their shops are anti-social physical manifestations of psychological persuasion techniques, houses of economy of scale and dens of market dominance, so they think that I don’t really have a choice and I’ll just by something else from them.

Ha, I’ve stuck to council pop! (not really, the capitalists have won again 🙁 Now I tend to buy Vimto from Farm Foods regularly, it’s cheap there (but sometimes the Ribena is cheaper!)).

Oh thank goodness for this site. Tescos has stopped selling Silver Spoon party craft writing icing and silver spoon food colouring especially the red colour. In favour of their own awful writing icing which is absolutely rubbish.

Asda have annoyingly discontinued their own ‘chosen by you’ sensitive fabric conditioner. Why???? It was chosen by us wasn’t it so we must have liked it! Well, I liked it anyway. The scent wasn’t as heavily perfumed as most of the other fabric conditioners. They’ve not replaced it with anything remotely similar imo.

Can’t believe that today walked into Sainsbury in Ashford, Kent to discover they no longer stock Silver Spoon sugar, dropping this in favour of ‘by Sainsbury’ brand……

…..just another reason why thinking about moving away from Sainsbury after being loyal for over 10 years!!!

I have walked away from Sainsbury for the first time in a bout 42 years. They have sunk SO low, in so many ways. DO IT.

Having lift leamon tea for years and enjoy it daily all top supermarkets have stopped selling this product at the same time no explanation can you enlighten me.

I am so happy that I have come across this website, Asda have been stopping their ‘chosen by kids aproved by mums’ range one by one and it’s really frustrating me! Having 2 kids under 4, one who is a very fussy eater, I have used every once of energy to make her healthy dinners which are also low in salt. I cook a lot of things myself like soups, pasta dishes and stews but for those ‘easy meals’ you just need to throw together after work some days I fell in love with the fruity korma sauce they done in that range … and then it disappeared off of the shelves!! My little girl was very disappointed when she asked for it one day only to be given something that mum tried to wisk up herself. Following this they removed their chicken monster feet and munchy fishy bites …my kids loved these and they where much lower in salt than the usual chicken nuggets or fish fingers. Why oh why have you done this to my household asda!! I don’t want to contaminate my kids with too much salt and I don’t have the time to cook everything from scratch when I am a single parent and working. Oh not to mention they have now removed heinz farmers market soup from their shelves …which was a favourite of mine in the winter for work.

Yeah ginger is a root vegetable! Vegetables are SOooooo hard to find because someone with Mediterranean skin working in Spain caught SUNTAN last September. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Sainsburys infuriate me like hell as well..I live next door to the store.

They discontinued my fav pastry (sainsburys own brand all butter pastry) I used to make sausage rolls with it and it was so lush dammit.
They discontinued the french patisserie creme brulee’s, they only have a huge box of there own make cornflour when I only want a small one, whenever I see an advert for new stuff on the telly, sainsburys dont keep up with the times and stock new items.
On the plus side though they’re good about stocking detergents and own brand toothpaste & shampoo that dont test on animals. I buy Ecover items, anything with the leaping rabbit Logo.

Tesco have discontinued loads of my favourites:
Mini magnums
Choc chip brioche
Garlic and rosemary chicken crown
Double choc cheesecake
Rooster potatoes
Chocolate trifle
Red sky crisps
And many more.

They just stopped Tesco chocolate frosting which l used all the time its so frustrating when l asked if they discontinued they said ring no. On club card l did they only ant to discuss the club card so no help at all.

Sainsburys my local supermarket is getting worse at discontinuing stuff namely cranbury wheats- cadburys cream egg biscuits Airwick refill spray mulled wine and apple cider.and others!!!!!!

My local Morrisons has discontinued an in house baked bread called Artisan Boule. I have to travel 30 miles to my next morrisons to get it.

Asda has become a really bad shop. At least half the lines I regularly bought there have now disappeared off the shelves within the last year or so. Replacements have arrived for some: less quantity, higher prices and much reduced quality. As for the bread in my local Asda people used to drive miles to buy it because it was so good. I don’t even buy bread there any more: under-proved, under-baked and absolutely shocking. As for the shop itself as there are so many staff filling shelves and fulfilling orders for online customers there is no room for the actual customer.

Asda really annoying. Used to have Lime and coriander chicken, always sold well.
Never price reduced, Not to high in calories or salt…but suddenly stopped selling it ?
Still puzzles me….Anyone help ?

I agree with you there Margo.

They have stopped a lot of items I buy regularly in my local store…. granted it’s only a small store but still.

I thought Clover and Anchor spreadable was a popular brand, but apparently they have discontinued the whole clover and Anchor line in favour of their own brand or higher priced like Lurpak.

I can understand stores like Aldi and Lidl changing their products and lines often due to premium space on shelves etc.

Sad face 🙁

Hopefully the higher ups will take note as the poor shop floor staff and customer service staff we all rant and rave too don’t have the power to decide what gets sold in each individual store. If they did I am sure they would make them “magically” appear on the shelf for us to buy them.

rant over…. for now at least lol

So, for some time I have been a HUGE fan of a sainsburys ready-meal. It was a Thai Chicken coconut noodle thing. This was a big deal for me as I never get takeaways or ready meals. But this. This was something else. I can’t even remember the name but I would always locate it on the aisle like a fully trained sniffer dog.

The realisation started slowly. One day it just wasn’t day. There were some new items and each time I went, again nothing there. I have finally looked to order online and it’s definitely, 100% NOT THERE!

Why? I just don’t get it, why? I got all my friends on the gravy boat too.

Does anyone know if I can contact sainsburys for a comment??

What irritates the Hell out of me, is when Tesco discontinues a quality “Brand” in favour of its own cheap ‘n’ nasty version!

Take for example, “SPONTEX Thick Moppet Sponges”, which were robust enough for kitchen or bathroom cleaning tasks. Gone, because they weren’t selling well enough!

The Tesco version is thin and frankly, rubbish.

I came here because out weekly online shop from tesco has gotten worse and worse with most of our products dissapearing into the ether:
– Steam freash vegtables
– Single packs of Scottish salmon
– Plenty 8 pack
– Baxster chicken stew soup
– Tomato and herb bruchetta bread
– Douwe eggberts hazelnut coffee
– Red Delicious Apples

It’s getting to the point that 8 out of 10 times I order things ( which’re in stock ) it comes to the door with items missing or items I search for aren’t available. Their stocking issues are annoying as I can’t physically get to the shops and must rely on the online shopping.

Also as of 5th Mar 2017 Tesco have stopped selling Silver spoon.. basically some rhetoric about “Price to quality for customers” which I read as “We want to spend less, so deal with it”

Link to daily mail article, which funnily points out a supermarket on the other side of the roundabout to the Silver Spoon factory.

Well, this about takes the biscuit – Tesco no longer sells individual 415g cans of Heinz Baked Beans !!!!!!!!! If I get the chance I will contact them and report back.

I didn’t believe you! Checked online and you can get them with sausages or barbecue flavour! I can’t believe that they are more popular than basic beans?!

My wife just told me and I thought she was winding me up, bearing in mind she knows that I would never buy any other make of baked beans ?. You can buy packs of four but not individual cans of 415g. I’ve just sent them an email.

Hi, here is Tesco’s (not very well written) reply.

Hello Paul

Thank you for your email.

I contacted our Business Support Team and they confirmed this was a Cooperate decision as the product did not sell well across the Country and most sale were for 4 pack.

We have been asked to record all feedback from customers during this review, because we need to know how customers are feeling about the changes and also what impact this is having. While I cannot promise that these products will be reintroduced in the future, your comments will certainly be taken into consideration, along with any others we receive.

I’m sorry to send you such a disappointing reply.

Kind regards

Stephen Davies
Tesco Customer Service
Tesco Customer Engagement Centre

What appalling English! Write to the CEO (he won’t reply but will go to his team) tell them I sent you! 😉

In the last week Sainsbury have removed most of their own brand frozen potato products; crinkle chips, potato waffles, potato croquettes, lightly spiced fries..

Now you have just 2 choices; straight cut chips and sweet potato chips.


I used to buy Asda brand packet soup they were good value at 4 for £1.00 they don’t do them anymore they tasted exceptionally good, they sell Magi soup and Nor soup both are expensive. I usually make my own soup now but it was much easerer to put a packet in with 1 pint of water and get decent soup

I loved Bachelors Broccoli and Stilton cup a soup…..It was always selling well…So, usual thing with me if I like it;,they stop doing it….or Has anyone any idea where I can get it?

Asda sold popular items then stop selling them , why? And now they have stopped selling gruyere cheese , not funny when you can’t get it elsewhere

Absolutely gutted yesterday to discover Morrisons have discontinued Whiteways Cherry and Apricot fruit wines. I could tell by the stock movement that the cherry sold very well, the apricot not so much, but why not continue to stock the cherry if it was selling? I honestly thought that because it was selling OK they would continue to stock it. There’s nothing to compare with it, and I’ve never (well not since the 1980s) been able to find it anywhere else. I’m not a great drinker and was quite content with the cherry wine as my tipple. VERY annoyed with Morrisons about this!

Liz – thanks be that it’s not just me. Over the last 30 years I’ve found places that stock it (including Sainsbury’s at one point) and then just stop. My initial tipple was Cherry then I tried the Apricot and Damson (there’s also peach) and they are all lovely. I’ve slowly lost the reasons to go to Morrisons – and the others. A lot of my regular buys have gone – coffees etc – and this was my last reason to go to Morrisons. Not a great drinker either – just liked a few glasses at the weekend. I’ve found somewhere on line for around £3 a bottle more and have ordered some for Christmas and they only stocked Apricot. I tried Whiteway’s direct for stockists and got no reply. It’s like they don’t want to sell it. I also saw that the stock seemed to sell well and it only took up a small area. Bit it’s more expensive to have more lines to manage …. and yet they could have put another £1 on it and that would have still been fine as it was only £4.25 a bottle. So why does EVERYONE stock Green’s Ginger Wine?? And that Tonic one. I give up. And thinking on – what ever happened to Oat and Honey Dunkers – blooming lovely, they were. Also gone without a trace. *** heaves a deep and heavy sigh *** Whinge over but nice to find this site. Very cathartic. Now – mug of tea – they’ve not stopped stocking that yet but hey ho …. bound to happened soon.

Tesco has ceased stocking Percol Classic Italiano Instant Coffee, even though it continues to stock three other varieties of Percol instant coffee. Why? Fortunately I can still get it in Sainsbury’s.

A few months ago Tesco ceased stocking Corsican marmalade made from clementines. It was very nice marmalade, with a sharp tang and not too sweet. 🙁

Tesco used to stock Beverly Hills toothpaste. Then they stopped, but Poundland still had it. Now, of course, Poundland has gone bust, so….

Asda have stopped selling their own brand no added sugar lemon and lime squash its the only one i like and it was very popular cannot find anyting near the same flavour elsewhere !!!!!!!

Yes Sainsbury’s and Tesco used to have it to and now they don’t and it’s the only juice my dad will drink and he is bed bound and needs to keep up his fluids. I can’t find any shops with lemon and lime juice.

Accolade the wine merchants have deleted the sales of Whiteways Cherry Wine et al because they assume its not selling, I purchased all the cherry wine from all the Morrisons stores in the UK, the shelves are always sold out, hmm, why are they always sold out one asks?
because its a damn good wine!

REINSTATE THIS VALUABLE COMMODITY! It does sell, it will sell, all you have to do is put it back on the shelves!

Asda have stopped selling their own chocolate covered waffles! These don’t contain milk and are a perfect treat for mums that are breastfeeding babies that can’t handle any cow’s milk in mummy’s diet. I’m devastated and my son is throwing huge tantrums because they were the only sweet treats he will eat and are gone ?

Sainsbury’s no longer sell Advocaat, although you can still buy (the more expensive option)packs of 4 snowballs.

Asda and Tesco chickens and chicken portions are generally from Thailand; when I asked a customer service assistant why, he said that they were cheaper! How can it possibly be cheaper to fly chickens from the other side of the world than to use British chickens which are pretty widely available all over the country. My thinking is that the chickens from Thailand are poor quality and I don’t know what the animal welfare laws are in Thailand but I’d guess health and hygiene are not an important factor. At least Sainsbury’s chicken is British – though judging by some of the reports on tv over the past few months, there is room for improvement in some of the processing factories in this country.

Most of all, what I hate when I query the disappearance of a product from supermarket shelves is to be told that “there’s no demand” I’m demanding it, and while I can see that if something is really not selling well, stores can’t afford the shelf space, to be told that I don’t count is very irritating.

What has happened to Tesco finest Ethiopian Instant Coffee, it was without a doubt the best instant coffee.

Co-op own brand coco pops. They flew off the shelves, and now they’re gone? Also, they’re 19p bottle of water that is exactly the same as their 45p bottle just cheaper. They have the exact same source and ph level (yes we checked, my nephew is a budding chemist)

Asda have stopped selling dairymilk Oreo bars I can’t live without this chocolate and when I go to Asda it’ll left disappointed I don’t know why they stopped selling it I’m sure loads of people buy it.

Morrison’s dont sell my favourite haagen dazs Ice cream flavour – cookies and cream again another junk food I can’t live without yet they sell other flavours 😭

Aldi have stopped making their cheesy bean slices, they were more popular than their other varieties (chicken curry and ham and cheese). The cheesy bean ones always disapeared first off the shelves. I’d have one for a treat at the weekend. So they’ve replaced them with cheese and onion…. sigh.

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