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Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow offers a variety of tailored services. She is a practised, dynamic, inventive, and resourceful leader of change. She has run numerous projects and programmes, striving for continuous improvement in her own work and in service delivery and regularly identifying and developing opportunities. One of her particular strengths is that she is not hung up on sales speak, the way you have always done it, what you think customers want and how they work, what analysts think, she tells you straight what customers want, not what a bunch of people round a table discussing what the customer wants.

The Complaining Cow Consultancy

The Complaining Cow logo Innovative and fresh ConsultancyTailored consultancy which can involve any of the examples below:
• Reading/research of annual reports, staff feedback evaluations, customer feedback, evaluations, websites
• Meeting with the senior staff (to include CEO, Head of Customer Experience, Group Marketing Director, Head of Online etc.) regarding current status, where you want to be with customer service in a year’s time etc.
• Observation of customer service team dealing with social media, writing emails, taking ‘phone calls.
• Meeting with contact centre manager team, heads of customer service, experience etc.
• SWOT analysis with customer service team and others

• Research including social media, emails, mystery shops in store and online
• Discussions with relevant specialists
• Producing a final report outlining findings and recommending actions.

What mystery shopping can do for your business

Half and full day workshops

These include discussions, small and large group work, role play, question and answer sessions and quizzes.

Red background TCC logo Working with Consumer Champions Complaint Handling Consumer Rights and Complaining EffectivelyWorking with Consumer Champions

This is for senior staff members from various organisations or heads of departments from one large organisation.
A) Participants will see the benefits of involving consumer champions in their work
B) Participants will understand practical methods for engaging with consumer champions and overcoming some of the barriers to working with consumer champions
C) Participants will feel challenged, entertained and empowered in creative ways to make changes in their consumer-facing working practices.


How open are you to challenge?

Complaint handling

Aimed at customer service teams in one organisation or for members of various organisations
A) Participants will explore ways of dealing with complaints
B) Participants will identify gaps in knowledge needed
C) Participants will share positives and negatives of exiting framework
A report with findings and recommendations will be produced within a week of the workshop for the Head of Customer Service and above

Consumer rights and complaining effectively

Aimed at anyone who wants to find out about complaining effectively and feel empowered to always gain redress
A) Participants will learn about the most commonly used consumer laws
B) Participants will learn about different complaint processes
C) Participants will learn how to appropriately convey facts, and what outcomes they want

The Complaining Cow speaker

Helen is an accomplished speaker available for speaking at conferences/events regarding consumer issues, complaints, rights, topical consumer issues etc.


The Complaining Cow Confidential

Red background TCC logo mystery shopping with a differenceThe Complaining Cow will discuss a tailored review of your product and/or service. How does this differ from other Mystery Shopping? No standard scenarios, no standard questionnaires. You need people who can compare services, write tailored relevant well written reports and not just fill in the bare minimum to gain entry to a competition. You need significant specific feedback that you can really use to improve the quality of your service and therefore your sales. It’s the same with hotels, restaurants or any service. How does someone purchasing a specific item on a specific day testing a specific service/person etc. really help you? You need real life visits, return visits and real customers.


The Complaining Cow as a customer, works with you to plan the most appropriate ways to test your systems, processes, services and products and then does it, reporting and advising on every aspect of the service detailing what matters to the customer. This will inform you about areas that you might not have thought about and provides you with the knowledge you need to take your company forward armed with feedback that your competitors just don’t get.

The Complaining Cow and promotion

Red background TCC logo Creative PromotionHelen undertakes promotional work with companies. Whilst she is completely independent and does not endorse products and services she is able to work with companies on stories. For example, interviewing CEOs for national media, YouTube channels, websites etc. collaborate with companies on ideas for documentaries and take ideas to production companies, being involved in testing products, processes and documenting it and is open to any other ideas you wish to discuss. See The Complaining Cow interviews Tesco bosses Dave Lewis & Matt Davies



See Case study: Tesco and a consumer champion for a variety of experiences of working with a consumer champion.

Tesco | Complaining Cow meets Dave Lewis and Matt Davies



If you would like to discuss working with The Complaining Cow please contact her in the first instance on

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