Tesco – Phillip Clarke is no Sir Terry Leahy

And a few years on we have Dave Lewis as the new group CEO and Matt Davies as the UK CEO being interviewed by me! (Although Tesco had full editorial control):

Tesco | Complaining Cow meets Dave Lewis and Matt Davies

For links to lots more recent stories about Tesco and me including taking them to court and winning see Complaining Cow history with Tesco.

For the whole story so far see Case study: Tesco and a consumer champion

Tesco UK CEO email address

Tesco Group CEO email address

The post below is from 2012.

I had a right beef with Tesco! 

Tesco Service Omnishambles!

Diabolical! It was my latest dealings with Tesco Customer Service that gave me the final nudge to get this Blog started!

Update January 2015

I have realised that when you put “Tesco Complaints” into Google that this post comes up. Hilarious really. Since writing this post I have had more dealings with Tesco, including taking them to Court. Please see links to all these posts The Complaining Cow and Tesco history

Also people will insist on assuming that they can complain to me as if I were a Tesco employee. Rather foolish and obviously shows that they haven’t even read this post! Also, gives some indication perhaps as to why their complaint is being ignored by Tesco if they  don’t actually read things or are simply rude!

Tesco contacts for complaints

I also keep being asked for contact details for Tesco so here you are:

Tesco contact details:

email for customer services:
email for CEO here
All Tesco departments contact details here. ‘phone numbers and addresses.

If you are looking for how to complain to Tesco, see the links are above and you might also be interested in using the book How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results!

Tesco – Phillip Clarke is no Sir Terry Leahy

Years ago I complained to Tesco when Tesco was doing well and when Sir Terry Leahy was CEO there. I got a personal response that was signed by him. One can assume that as the new incumbent Phillip Clarke  ignored several emails from me and the customer service is shambolic, that contempt for the customer is creeping in, perhaps a very good reason why Tesco has slipped from its top position.

Summary (all correspondence available on request!):

4th June took items ordered from Tesco Clothing online back to the store for refund. Had used double up vouchers. Customer Services representative did not know what to do and had to telephone Tesco. I was told that he needed to “…give [me] a few pennies and that somewhere between £5 and £10 will be credited to [my] account.” Told him not acceptable! More confusion and went back after shopping and was given misinformation and nothing in writing although I requested it.
4th June wrote to Clubcard no reply
12th June forwarded email to Customer Services requesting something done, pointing out that doubling up vouchers offer ended on the 13th June and £5 was still in the Clothing website account incorrectly, it should be on the Clubcard or £10 in Clothing otherwise it was a credit note and not a full refund
13th June forwarded email to Phillip Clarke Tesco CEO requesting something done
14th June Tweeted to Tesco and after several Tweets sent details on
15th June and got a reply that did not relate to the complaint but a previous one and made no sense!
15th June Tweeted as such to Tesco and emailed back. Told back in touch as soon as possible
15th June – received email stating that she was unable to work out what complaint to respond to (despite the actual email being in the body of the email and nothing else in the original email!) Offered £20
17th June – wrote back attaching the relevant email again and pointing out that I had now missed website offers due to their delay in responding
18th June – still no response
19th June in the evening – Tweeted that still not had response
19th June – Tesco told me email was in the queue. Reminded them that my original email was dated 4th June! Told that the manager could ‘phone but couldn’t email! Asked for that bizarre state of affairs to be added to the list of complaints! (Was never explained why she could ‘phone but not email!)
19th June – told would get a response by email soon as possible
21st June – still no response. Told would get that one that morning
21st June PM – got an email from the Executive team offered £40 Tesco Moneycard apologised but did not address all complaints, I emailed back as did he no further forward.
26th June – received an email from the Customer Relations Manager at Tesco apologising and saying that the CEO office had responded. I emailed back pointing out the 2 issues regarding not being able to take advantage of offers on the website due to the delay in responding had not been addressed
28th June – received email from Executive Office stating surprise that I had said 2 issues were not addressed and I had copied and pasted a paragraph from previous email which did not address them!
3rd July  – sent a clarification email, I also asked if he would like a link when my Blog was up and running!
6th July – agreed in part with what I said (he had no choice, I was left with money in my Clothing account against their own policy!) that’s the end of this matter at last. Would have been at the £40 but he went and wrote to me suggesting I was wrong and he certainly wasn’t going to get away with THAT!

I asked if they would like to pay me for my knowledge and experience of customer service and how they could improve. They declined my offer! How very silly!


This was a sorry state of customer service. So many people wasting so much of my time! So many not given the right tools. It reflects badly on Tesco too when you think this is how the CEO of Sainsbury’s responds to a complaint. A different league in CEOs from a customer’s point of view I’m sure you’ll agree?!

As you can see, it wasn’t about gaining money it was about the principle of the thing. Annoyingly I went to Tesco to use the Moneycard so I could then take my custom in future to Sainsbury’s and forgot to use the card! Dozy cow! But the next time I went I bought just over £40 of shopping had a £4 off voucher used a £10 Tesco gift card (I have forgotten what I complained about to get that!!) and the £40 card. £13 left. £40 worth of shopping and get £13 change! Amooooosed me!

Seriously though, in May of this year Which? published a Customer Service survey of 11,000 people. Tesco came 4th worst!  A change in focus from the new CEO at Apple from customer to revenue (remember Steve Jobs’ legacy Good enough is not good enough) is not helping their profits either!


Update to this post. Do have a look at the other Tesco posts some are more amusing 🙂




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Sorry to hear about your terrible experience with Tesco Helen… although I’m not surprised.

I was in Tesco’s over the weekend (I normally shop in Sainsbury’s) and was appaled with the customer service in store. As I’m not that familiar with the layout of where things ae, two of the times I needed I had to ask sales assistants where they were, both their responses “sorry, don’t know, this isn’t my aisle/department”!!!

If they were my employee’s I’d fire em!!!

Tesco you may think you’re cheaper than Sainsbury’s/Asda’s etc. and you may well be, all I know is that you service is cheap & nasty!

Not a happy customer 🙁

Sorry I missed this and didn’t reply. Yes that is a typical response from tesco staff! the other day I took something back to customer services was told because it was electrical I had to take it to “Electrical”. I did. Poor bloke was left on his own on his first day!!! Didn’t have a clue. No-one to help him. Took it back made customer services do the refund. A hour later after completing my shopping the chap was still on his own! Customer services manager served me and still didn’t get it sorted. I’m surprised that the poor new chap stayed! Maybe he was one of the cheap labour people who didn’t have a choice?

wrote to Tesco ceo a few months ago regarding poor service and in particular the 5p
per litre off fuel offer that they run. I have noticed over several years that the pump
price goes up 1p the night before the promotion starts. I feel this is a con and was
interested in the explanation but have not had any response. now there is a surprise !

Of course you didn’t have a response, the man is really really rude and ignorant of his customers. Sometimes the letter gets handed to the Executive Office. When it didn’t when I wrote about the vouchers, I took them to court and won!

wanted to find out rather than complain why our local tesco in clacton on sea is always so poorly stocked . empty shelves and if they have anything on them its normally empty boxes , dont know if theyre short staffed or just lazy but i know people who would kill for a job in there . is it a stock issue or what. after reading all about tesco complaints and how theyre dealt with i think ill just start shopping elsewhere. if thats the only way they will sit up and listen to the public that keep them in a job ,then maybe everyone should think about shopping elsewhere.

Poor management, often is the problem. Write to them and ask why shelves so poorly stocked.

This is not a hit against Tescos but one of it’s staff at Lisburn store. My wife had been shopping there and had been trying out the new self service checkouts. A female member of staff whom was off duty had been checking out on another till but was probably blocked by my wifes’ trolley. Without so much as saying excuse me, the lady just grabbed my son whom had been sitting on the trolly and moved him out of the way along with the trolly. A simple heads up like “get the F outta the way!” would have sufficed for most hoodlums.

I’ve just had the worst time dealing with Tesco and i now have a 13 year old extremely upset he still hasn’t got his PlayStation3 even though it was ordered on the 25th for click and collect delivery on the 28th, Still hasn’t been delivered in store today the 2nd of Jan! Been fobbed off and brushed off numerous times in store and over the phone. No one seemed to know anything or even who to contact!

I’m glad this blog’s been made to highlight how terrible customer service is. I’ll not be recommending Tesco in the future.

My son has worked for Tesco for 10 years
He hates it but it got him thru Uni and he is desperately looking for job in his field after getting Degree
I can tell you Tesco treat their staff terribly
The managers are rude unempathetic and make an 8 hour shift a nightmare
Sometimes my son is refused a break after working 6 hours ‘as we are too busy’ this is a clear breach of Employment Act
However much my son may hate his job he is always cordial to customers like he says without customers Mum I wouldn’t have a job so he takes the abuse from managers as reporting it falls on deaf ears
Well I have contacted the CEO yesterday as after another issue of verbal abuse I emailed him and stated all the info
I got a reply from his PA this morning saying she has passed it to”Employee Relations Team”
I am not letting this drop so philip clarke will be so sick of me I intend to email every day until this is addressed
So yes Tesco customer service can suck but please be aware there are staff who are constantly verbally abused daily by their Superiors
My son is only still there as it is soooo difficult to get jobs I can’t wait for the day he tells them to stick their lousy job where the sun aint gona shine.

I have many posts re Tesco on here and I often say the problem is because of the CEO’s attitude. He cares little about customers so does not invest in good customer service. He doesn’t take notice of any the Top Tips for companies that’s for sure! I find the man blatantly rude and many of his senior team. have a look at other posts about Tesco, not least the court case. It does not surprise me that Tesco treat their staff terribly, I think I have alluded it to many times on here and Twitter. I wish you lots of luck in your correspondence with the CEO. You may have to come back and do a guest blog post for me?!

Thank you although am not holding my breath for a response from Philip Clarke or any PA
When my son’s store find out about this I dread to think what will happen to him

What is the difference between a Tesco Pizza and a Waitrose Pizza? If I eat Waitrose Pizza I do not wake up with diarrhea.

I went into my local tesco at whitfield, dover. To find that their 500g Anchor
spreadable had gone up 45p it is now £3.35 how can they justify this enormous
increase. I bought it at my local One Stop in the end as theirs is only £2.95. Tesco what are playing at. Will be shopping else where from now on.

Just tried to arrange a delivery to holiday cottage address. This wasn’t registered on system although next door apartment was.
This problem has happened in the past and used to be able to be sorted quickly online.
Phoned the number indicated and after 15 minutes someone answered. Initially they told me that it was likely that Tesco didn’t deliver to the address (before checking what that address actually was). When she checked she said that it was a glitch but for the address system to be reconfigured it would take 6 weeks as it had to be sent to India. She asked me if that was OK. Unsurprisingly I responded that this was unacceptable for a delivery required for Saturday.
This ridiculous experience left me feeling frustrated and resolved never to use Tesco again and to share this example with others.
Hello Sainsbury’s!

Write to them and complain about their service. Have a look round the site you’ll see I complain about Tesco a lot!

Errmmmm I’ve just spent 2 hours constructing an email of complaint & sent it to Philip Clarke! Was this a waste of my time?? Where would you recommend I forward it on to?? I don’t want it ignoring!!

My guess? Yes it was a waste of time. If you are a little bit lucky it will get dropped down to the executive team, a little more luck someone might answer it. Have a look at the other Tesco posts on here…

Just emailed their customer service department with a complaint. Had a reply saying they don’t deal with it! Gobsmacked doesn’t cover it!
Tried to find the email addresses of their board of directors, no luck. Anyone got a clue on where I can find them?

Depends what the complaint is – if banking for example then it is a completely different arm with a different CEO too. (link on my home page) to find email addresses of all the CEOs. Phillip Clarke will ignore your email however, it may get passed down to the exec team so it stands a chance of being sorted. What is the complaint? Also search Tesco in my site – there a re a few stories!

I’m complaining about the quality of the tablet/ipad type things they sell. We purchased 2 for our sons as Christmas presents, they keep breaking down. They have replaced them a couple of times, but now they’ve broken down again we want a refund and will go elsewhere. We’ve misplaced the receipt, although we do have the receipt for the insurance purchased at the same time. The other tablet was purchased from Tesco Direct, the store refused to take it.

Full refund Sale of Goods Act. You don’t need a receipt just proof of purchase so could be credit card bill. Less than 6 months clearly fault was therefore before. You have accepted replacements but that does not mean you can’t have a full refund. You maintain your legal rights when you exchange. Write as I said below and threaten legal action, then do it. Have a read up of when I did it, yours is an even easier case than mine with less evidence to put together so will take no time.

Under Sale of Goods Act you are entitled to a full refund or replacement equivalent to cost of any electrical goods for up to 6 years after purchase. Yes I did say 6 years, a lot of people don’t know this and it was a friend of mine who is an ex copper who told me.

I have only come on here to find how to complain to the CEO as my husband bought a sandwich from Tesco Clacton on Sea that had a piece of plastic in it, he nearly choked to death, not getting anywhere with normal complaint procedure and now they say they cant do anything as the plastic has mistakenly been thrown away…how convenient is that!

The Sale of Goods Act states items should last a “reasonable length of time” before developing any fault. You do have up to 6 years to claim though if that is what you meant? This is civil law not criminal. Therefore if an item develops a fault and you want to claim and end up going through the courts you do it as an individual, the police do not get involved.

If you want to contact CEO the website you need is here although as you will see from my Tesco posts (see others too) the CEO of Tesco will not respond. If you are lucky you will get a response from the Executive team, but see my story regarding taking them to court! Not known for their good communication! Good luck! Thanks for posting and let us know how you get on!

TESCO is not doing fairplay.Hardworking excellent appraisels dont matter.TESCO kicks your butt any time they like.TESCO is unfair! On top of it,they cut the bonus you deserve due to his excellent appraisle.Well, Tesco is huge, and we are just little employees who can be replaced any moment.Nobody tell me that Tesco is a fairplayer, or values the wellbeing and satisfactory of their employees.!Mobbing,judging, sentencing &executing.But dont forget, you are not above the law!

I don’t doubt that Tesco treats staff appallingly. I’ve said it elsewhere on here. It comes form the top. If the CEO treats people with no respect it all follows. Look at my AO post – really happy staff = happy customers. Why? Because the staff are treated well.

Ordered and paid for a photo & frame. Not delivered, lost, who knows Tesco certainly don’t. Can’t get refund, no-one interested in Tesco. They are a disgrace and no better than thieves.
3.3 billion in profits !!!!

Do NOT give up! It is the principle of the thing, the more people who don’t give up the more accountable Tesco becomes and it will have to do something. Not least get rid of the CEO, whose days are numbered surely?

Hi I’m wondering if you could give me some up to date details of who to contact with regard to complaints at tesco, a tesco trolley seat snapped whilst my 16 month old baby was in it and as so far she doesn’t appear to have sustained an injury my concern is with whiplash or strains she wouldn’t be able to tell me of she had and discomfort, however this is still I feel a very serious incident.
Thanks in advance

Have updated the post as keep getting asked this, links there. Good luck

I bought a pack of Tesco Finest couscous last August, which contained a 1cm stone and cracked a white filling in my tooth, which cost £100 to replace. Have had a totally rubbish customer service response from Tesco: there is no doubt that the food contained the stone, which their supplier has admitted, yet 9 months later I’m still in communication to get them to even pay for the filling, let alone lost time at work. I think it will have to be the small claims court/trading standards if writing to Chief Executive at doesn’t yield a better result.The mark of good customer service is not that the company never makes a mistake, but how it treats customers when it does. If Tesco sell food contaminated with foreign material, they should own up and take responsibility.Note to Tesco: your customers deserve better!

I’m not sure from this as to whether you have read all the above post or the links. Yes, that is the email address for the CEO, but as you will see from the above post and other posts (links in the first para) he ignores all emails. If you are lucky they get passed down to the executive team. However there are times when they also ignore you. This is what happened to me and why I took them to court. (See the links) I encourage you to take Tesco to court. Please do take a look at all the posts and the tips to help you in your case. The Sale Of Goods Act is what you need to be quoting, items not of a satisfactory standard. Good luck. Come back and tell us the outcome, or if you want a rant join me on Facebook.

I routinely purchased items from Tesco with my credit card – genuine transaction with a receipt, each time with slightly different values (pint of milk, loaf of bread, generally small purchases). Several months after each of them I would find another transaction, but not be able to find the receipts and feel baffled as to what happened. But it repeats and a pattern begins to form… The duplicates were also exact values for a previous genuine transaction.

As I was forced to petition through Magistrates to have the credit debts cancelled, I never took action. (I also missed out on the PPI compensation, etc, which would have effectively halved my debt.) Have reported this issue to another consumer website, and now reporting here for other customers to keep an eye on their credit card statements. (For Tesco – the debt was written off, but I still have all the credit card statements.) Best wishes.

Blimey! Every little helps eh? See my post re why we should complain always complain. how many people do not know that they are getting caught out like that? It’s the principle of the thing hence why I took them to court and complain about every single penny that I don’t believe it should have! Thanks for posting!

On the 27th of April I went and bought £40 worth of fuel from tesco to which I got half a mile down the road until my car cut out. After getting assistance from the AA (who had many calls for the same symptom) I was told that the fuel was contaminated and this was due to the tanks at the station being filled with the wrong fuel. Everyone makes mistake and I was happy to try get everything progressing and resume life as normal with the inconvience. My car though is less than a month old and with that is under warranty, there fore vauxhall wanted to deal with my car directly with their engineers instead of tesco contracting the RAC to pump the fuel out of my car as my warranty would be nil and void. So as my car was towed to the vauxhall garage I was told by tesco customer service that I had to give details of where my car was going and my own details and to arrange alternate transport(taxis etc.) to which I would be refunded. After it being made clear that my car would be off the road for at least a week I was told that a hire car would be arranged for me and would be dropped off at my house on Tuesday the 29th of April. It did not arrive, so I phoned up asked tesco why it didn’t arrive and was told it would arrive the following day but it still didn’t arrive so I had to phone up again and eventually got the hire car come Thursday the 1st of May. I was then sent an email saying that I had to forward my receipts from alternate transport to tesco so I could claim my money back. I did this but I got no response until 4 days later when I lost my patience and phoned up again. I was told they had lost my email ( which had my personal and bank details on it ) and asked to send another. I refused and stated that until my original email was found I would not send another. They eventually found the email and was told that the process had began to refund myself and the payment for my car plus £30 money card voucher for the Inconvince and as it took between 7-10 days ( not sure why it takes that long ? ) I should have everything sorted by the 12th or 13 th of May. I received nothing. I lost my patience again and phoned up and was told that the process was ready to go through but someone had forgot to send the email. So the they said the process has now been sent through which will now take a further 7-10 working days to go through which will take it to over 4 weeks since the initial incident that tesco’s incompetence caused. Due to the money not being in on time I had to cancel a planned event that I couldn’t afford no longer as the money wasn’t in on time. I then demanded that in light of this weeks events that £30 moneyvoucher for inconvience was a farce and demanded a larger settlement to which I was told ” that’s all your getting”.

Is there any way of making a real claim through court for inconvience and stress by tesco’s negligence and unprofessionalism ?
Is there any way to get my car and money back faster ?
Help is much appreciated.

Have responded through email, do please come back and let us know if it helped! If so please do share the blog etc etc etc 🙂

i Dom
Please can you help us? check us out on facebook and http://www.haywillanimalrescue.
In January I purchased a Karcher wet and dry hoover, I was then very busy with the rescue and at that time didnt need to use it. I was so pleased as I purchased it in the sale for £40. – a bargain. On finally opening it I noticed there were several bits missing! I trot off the Tesco I bought it from Hattersley. “Sorry bring it in and you can have your money back”. “Sorry dont want my money back when the complete product that I have paid for! ” If I got my money back would not get and decent wet and dry for that money! Will check and ring you back later” No ring back!
So off I go again.
Go through the whole story with someone else!
“Happy to give you your money back” “no want the product please”
Speak to manager
“dont do this anymore – but will check if stock anywhere, will ring you back!” – no call
Back again
Go through the whole story, please check while I am here – 1 hour later no stock anywhere.
“Ok because of all this messing about you can give me another model any wet and dry”
no only head office can do that.
Ring head office
“you can have your money back dont want it want wet and dry machine.”
“No we will give you your money back”.
“Tell them animal rescue -Explain product not fit for purpose and against the law”.
“Will give your money back – nothing else”
“Can I speak to manager” – “none available will ring you back”
no ring back
ring again same answer – ask for CEO name and I email him
No reply.
I have closely inspected this item and there are two splits in the hose as well and it has been used as there is dirt in the tank!!!!
I know this is a small amount but I feel this is so unfair please Dom we have very little money and I am sick of being ripped off

Lynn P Haydon-Williams
Thank you xx

I am not Dom.

I have taken off your mobile phone number from your post as I do not think you want to publish that on a public forum.

Tesco has not broken any Law here. Clearly the item is faulty they haven’t denied that and have offered you a full refund. Of course you haven’t had a response from the CEO, he’s rude and ignores comments – see all my posts about Tesco links in the post above. You could try complaining that it is poor service and hope for a goodwill gesture but there is no reason for them to offer you more than they have. Sorry.

Just thought would let you know what has happened. I checkede with the rescues solicitor and I was right under the trades description act. If the item is sold as complete (ie there is not a sign saying it is incomplete) then that is the item you are entitled to.!
Anyway result! New Karcher (upgraded model) delivered to the rescue. told to keep the other one and a £20.00 voucher and more imprtant a letter of apology. My phone number is the rescue’s number and is in the public domain. thanks anyway even though your information was incorrect I appreciate a response x

Your posts are slightly difficult to read. I would like to clarify that the information I gave you was not incorrect. If an item is incomplete then of course it is breaking the Sale of Goods Act as well as Misrepresentation Act. As I stated you are entitled to a full refund. If they do not have any more stock then they cannot give you a replacement. Your post read that you didn’t want the refund you wanted a replacement and that Tesco offered you a refund. Tesco IS within the law to offer you a full refund. Given the circumstances I would have gone for a refund plus something for inconvenience or an upgrade as you will see from all my posts. Legally it did not have to give you an upgrade. Legally it had to give you a refund. This information is correct. Glad you got a result though and that Tesco gave the goodwill gesture of upgrading the model. Being decent for once, shows up on this thread! Helen (not Dom)

i have spent this afternoon trying to complain to tesco,i went online to tesco direct today as my son wanted a game,i saw that they stocked a selection of the games that he would have been interested in at tesco so i went round to our local branch in amesbury wiltshire,when i got there i noticed there was a difference in price but couldnt remember how much the difference was as there were a few games he wanted but hadnt made his mind up until we got son had chose a game however the price edge label stated £47 and at that point i said to him,that the price wasnt the same as online,i then proceeded to the customer service desk and explained to her that there was a difference in pricing against tesco online,she then checked the price and said yes its £47,i then said well if i went home and ordered it on tesco online they could have it at the store tomorrow for cheaper,she then turned round and said to me “well yes if you want it cheaper then you will have to do that,at that point i thought to myself and yes young lady your customer service skills are outstanding it was a present for my son, i went ahead and brought it from the store as i didnt want to let him down.we then had to wait for them to bring the game to the customer service desk as they didnt hold the games behind the counter, after a few minutes waiting i thought ok the game will be brought to us in a minute ,how wrong could have i been,it took them 12 minutes to bring the game to us,no apology no nothing for the amount of time we had to wait for the game. when i got home i went straight on the computer to find out the price online,i was furious to find out that online they are selling it for £35 (the game is called thief for xbox one) , that wound me up as i thought a couple of pound is acceptable but to be charged an extra £12 i thought was scandalous to say the least.i then phoned tesco customer service and was put on hold for nearly 12 minutes and then the phone went dead,i then rung them back again and waited about 3 minutes to actually be told “its because tesco online can buy in bulk thats why its cheaper,i tried putting my point across that every time they are selling the game in the shop they are instantly making a £12 profit,whether it be online or in the shop, her answer to me was im sorry,which infuriated me even more ,now if i had brought exactly the same item from asda they would
have done a price match for me but there was no mentioning of a refund for the difference i had paid in tesco, i feel so ripped of ,its scandalous what they are doing and seem to be getting away with it.i
still didnt feel happy about the difference in price and the shody service i had received instore and with customer service on the phone,so i then emailed customer service and told them,shortly afterwards i received an email back from jim mills operation manager stating that they would look into my email and message me back personally,but judging by the trouble people have had ,im not holding my breath as it feels like im fighting a loosing battle and its fallen on deaf ears regarding tesco.i have enclosed the attachment of the receipt stating i paid £47 and the actual online price,i feel ripped of as tesco are instantly making a £12 profit from people like me ,im feeling very there anything else i can do so another person doesnt get ripped of regards sharon

No Law breaking here I’m afraid. Online prices often cheaper than in store for many companies. Sorry 🙁 You should get a response from a complaint though and I would expect a goodwill gesture.

I know that it is so true that Tesco is so poor in Cuatomer Service. No wonder they had to pull out of China and could not go into the French and American market. Tesco are snobs and I have been right since 1991 in guessing economics world wide. Tesco is going to go down the business ladder a few rungs and will stay there: I am glad about that.

Last summer at the start of the hot spell of weather, Tesco increased their 2ltr bottles of Everyday Value water by 30% and an irate customer wrote to the Mail on Sunday pointing this out and criticising their greed.
This summer they have withdrawn their Everyday Value bottles of water and replaced them with a more expensive brand.
They really must think that their customers are green if they can’t see their greed

Rude Customer Service Staff, Ms Karen (Proudly claiming to be Customer SERVICES LEAD!!!!) at New Malden Superstore.
I approach her to return Online purchases. She told me to go upstairs to Tesco-Direct. I go to 1st F, Tesco Direct and they inform me it has to be returned to Customer Services. I come back and ask her why did she mis-direct me.
Instead of apologizing, she accused me not telling her it is Online ‘GROCERY’. And I politely told her, I had told her Online and she retorted she assumed it was Electrical! I asked how can she assume Online is Electrical? Rudely she shouted, ‘I cant read customers’ minds!!!’ And she probably assumed I would read hers 🙂
Instead of asking what online stuff, she mis-directs me, shouts and shows bad behaviour and rude attitude, plus threw things around creating a scene. Shocking and Bad! When I asked for store Manager- she shouted he is not there & I asked for complaint form, she rudely threw a paper at me and when I asked her name, she proudly said that it was Karen and she is customer services Team Lead! And could see the smirk on her face. Am DISGUSTED.

Don’t bother with feedback forms. See my other posts linked in this post. Write to the store manager then go above.

Just a little annoyed with the newish local Tesco Express in Richmond-upon Thames.
Over the last 6-7 weeks I have had to return 4 items all at least 2 days within the sell by date, 2 beef filet steak strips, 1 rank smelling the other in a pack bulging with foul smelling gas, a large cheese block which when opened was green with mould and a 2 litre milk that was curdled. All items were stored in a Siemens 3 star fridge which has been temperature checked.
My female partner has Picks syndrome (A virulent form of Alzheimers) and we live in a care home and Tescos is our local and closest store, so it is difficult to go far to shop.
I took the items back to the manager and was given a refund. I asked for the matter to be referred to head office as something appears to be wrong with maybe cold storage but have had no contact from yourselves. If you check our loyalty card you will see how much we spend in both the Express and Richmonds main Tesco store and generally like both quality and customer service but this has disappointed us.
Our loyalty card is in the name of my partner Jacky Lawson number
A comment at least would be appreciated.

1) I am not a Sir, I am Helen The Complaining Cow
2) I am not Tesco
3) This is a public forum so I have taken off your full names and addresses and loyalty card number as any old bod could have contacted you!
4) Have a read of the post on which you commented and follow the links, they may help.
5) My comment? Typical typical Tesco! Contact customer services

Good luck

Just had another run in at Tesco. Why do they persist in sending money off/extra points coupons which, when you try to redeem them, you are told that the product you have selected is not that referred to on the coupon and they don’t stock that particular item. I’m sure they make it up as they go along. I usually go to the Tesco Store at Golden Hill in Bristol but have considerably reduced my custom with them over the last year or so. I find that the local Lidl is much better, the products are fresher, taste better and are usually cheaper and the staff are much more friendly and helpful. The Tesco staff at Golden Hill are awful, they seem to delight in blocking the alleyways with their trolleys, many are unhelpful and surly and the checkout operators seem more concerned about arranging their social lives than providing a quick and accurate checkout. It is very obvious that the number of customers at this store has reduced considerably of late. It is a mystery why Tesco have not noticed the decline and taken some remedial action. It’s no wonder they are going to the dogs!

I’ve written to the new CEO and will be meeting him I’ll add this to the list!

Thought I share my experience with tesco savings.

They send me a new card. ATM rejects pin for it on first entry and swallows card leaving me without access to food etc, I have to explain this to my children. So I ring to see what happens.. Banking side closed so end up being transferred to credit cards who says she can’t really help as they are separate to savings. She agrees to send an email to say I have called and says to call back today.

I call today to find out what happens now but get told I have no security or on my account so they can’t help me. I’m puzzled as how then did I manage to open the account? She refers me to terms and conditions and letter sent when opened account. I hoard things and have said letter and ask her where it says all this. Letter dates back to 2009. She ignores me.

She tells me I have to wait for a letter to set up security and then when they have got that sorted they will send me a new card. Will take at least 14 working days? I ask her how I access my money in the meantime and get told you can’t! Obviously I find this frustrating as need access to my. Money for food, bills etc and ask to make a complaint. She types it up, then without investigating starts to reply to it!

Hang on a minute, not only I am paying for the phone call but part of the complaint is about her so I am supposed to believe she will answer it objectively? Also without looking into the complaint I am amazed she instantly knows all the answers. I then ask for an address and get told that they don’t recommend this method! Why?

Thanks… I won’t let it lie… Have to say I do also nominate staff in store when they have been helpful latest one for one of the till spits that said 75p off spread. I asked whether it was marg type spread, sandwich spread, cheese spread and even she didn’t know and we joked about how vague it was so she said if you buy something with spread in the title and it doesn’t come off automatically bring it to CS and I’ll sort.

Complaint sent to Tesco Chief Customer Officer 7/8/14

Ms Jill Easterbrook

I am writing in the hope that someone will finally deal with my complaint in a professional and satisfactory manner.
On Saturday 26th July I purchased divan double bed from Tesco Direct in the Broadstairs extra store.
The staff member dealing with the purchase informed me I would be contacted within a few days with delivery details etc. This duly happened on the Weds 30th July by phone. My wife requested a Friday delivery day to coincide with my day off from work so I would be in attendance, as my wife is wheel chair bound with MS. She was informed that wouldn’t be possible and that the delivery would be on Saturday 2nd August with no time given. My wife requested that the delivery team phone to say they were on their way once they had completed their delivery before us and to also phone on arrival as it takes her time to get to the door in the wheel chair. This was agreed and on that understanding before leaving for work on the Saturday morning I removed the old bed and deposited it at the local rubbish dump on my way to work.
On my return home that night I was not impressed to find no bed or that my wife had not received any phone calls to explain the lack of delivery. It is at this point my complaint with the customer service handling of the situation starts.
Sat 2/8/14 – 1845hours checked Tesco direct website order no JKPV8T3H for any information re delivery. Very surprised to find no record or details of the order
Sat 2/8/14 – 1855hrs – 1915hrs (20mins) waiting on the Tesco Direct customer service phone number 08456004411 in a queue with no response
Sat 2/8/14 – Obtained contact phone number of Broadstairs store from their web site (03456779112) and spoke to a service manager (Ned) who after hearing my complaint said he would transfer me to after sales and it would only take 2 mins to be put through. Left on the phone waiting to be put through 1919 -1942hrs (23mins)
Sat 2/8/14- 1942hrs. spoke to Lea (after sales) and explained my complaint and before he could reply we were cut off
Sat 2/8/14- 1950hrs phoned the store again and spoke to Ned again, who said he would put me through again and didn’t know why it took so long the first time to get through. 1951-2030hrs another 39min wait with no contact I put the phone down
Sat 2/8/14- 2115hrs arrived at Broadstairs store after a 40min drive and spoke to Matt a duty manager. Told by him he couldn’t do anything at that time of night as the Tesco direct team had all gone home. I asked him what my wife was now meant to do re sleeping as it meant she would now have to sleep with her MS condition in a chair. He had no answers and only offered a half- hearted sorry. He said he leave a message for someone to chase it up in the morning
Sun 3/8/14 – 1014hrs. After waiting for a call I then phoned the Tesco Direct customer service line and had another 24min wait before getting Diane who after listening to my complaint informed me that nothing could be done until Monday. A second night my wife had to spend trying to sleep in a chair.
Mon 4/8/14- 0900hrs. I spoke to Ian at Tesco direct call centre who said he would look into why the bed had not been delivered. When he returned my call he at first stated the delivery centre denied saying the delivery date would be Sat. and they were going to check the phone call with my wife. I informed him that was wrong and I would also like to hear the recording plus get them to confirm the day my wife had requested as proof of the conversation. Throughout the day either myself or my wife had further phone conversations re the problem and when I was finally told that I couldn’t expect a delivery until at least another 2 weeks I decided to cancel the order and have my money refunded.
Later that day I received a call from a duty manager David Martin who apologised about the problem and that he had been looking into it as it had only just been brought to his attention. At first I was very happy with his apologies and his concern for my wife having to sleep in a chair at night in her condition especially when he phoned again stating he had been able to put in place a quick solution. He informed us that he had organised for a temporary replacement bed to be sent out until our preferred bed was delivered. He also gave us the option that if we were happy with the temporary bed we could purchase that one instead. We could expect delivery of the bed Tues.
Tues 5/8/14- While I was at work my wife received a phone call from a delivery service telling her they would be delivering the bed but as it was a one man team they would only be able to road drop the bed. My wife explained she was wheel chair bound and our neighbours are 94yrs old and a single woman the other side so could the delivery be at 1830hrs so I could be there by leaving work early.
On my return home from work still no delivery or phone call re the bed.
Tues 5/8/14- 1845hrs on the phone again to Tesco Direct and again having to explain to a different person the problem because the people I had previously spoken to weren’t available. I was told that a message for the people dealing with the problem would be passed on and someone would get back to me.
Weds 6/8/14- 0800hrs I contacted Tesco direct again to be told the person dealing with the problem was not due in until 0900hrs. and they would phone back asp. By the afternoon having received no phone call my wife then phoned Tesco direct and spoke to yet again a different person Stuart and received a promise that someone would phone by 0815hrs Thurs morning
Thurs 7/8/14 – By 1000hrs still no phone call hence why I am contacting you now.
So far a total of 6 nights for a wheelchair bound NMS sufferer having to sleep in a chair at night and a large phone bill with no reason for the delays forth coming.
I will be forwarding a copy of this letter to our local newspapers and review web sites including one which you have regular dealings with (The complaining cow)
We were regular customers using your stores for our major purchases of food, clothing and household items but now we can’t wait for the new Sainsbury superstore opening opposite your store to open in autumn because I will definitely be changing shopping habits after this incident.
I would like a response to this e-mail within the next 48hrs please

David and Vida Ivatt

LOl Tesco don’t have regular dealings with me!! I do however write about them often. Do come back and let us know the result! Breach of the Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994 by the way 🙂

This is regarding product number : 454-9741
This product doesn’t match the description , faulty , poor quality , missing parts , wrong dimensions . . .
Bought two of this single beds for my boys , received the beds , took the old one to the bin ,
start assembling the new one ! To fin out that there was part missing from both beds , different size than what it was advertise , very poorly made an finish , put them back in the boxes and called tesco direct they told that they will be pick up next day ! The beds still in my home and they told they will be picked up next monday .
My boys been sleeping on the floor since 19/08/2014 , i can’ t afford to buy new beds because tesco told that it will take 3 to 5 days for the moneys to clear in my account .
Someone from customer service offer me 80 pound for the time my kids will be sleeping on the floor and the time the product will be left in my home till the pick up ( i refuse ) , the second manager offer me 35 pound as good gesture ( i refused to ) .
I feel that the stresses that this transaction cause to my kids and the nights they been sleeping on the floor worth more than this .
I am sending this email to you as the last step before taking my complain outside tesco .

Thank you

and yet again someone doesn’t bother to read the post or look around the blog to see that I am nothing to do with Tesco. Good luck, would suggest you read things before emailing Tesco not least my Tips and getting someone to check that your next complaint is readable. (i.e. good English).

This was the a copy the email i send to the ceo of tesco and it was not for you COW TO DEAL WITH .
I was just sharing my experience with tesco direct .
I can read and write in five language , DO YOU ,COW ???

You didn’t say that, when people do that they say so. Nope I don’t read and write in 5 languages, but I speak read and write well in the one I know. 🙂

Bit confused here – so English isn’t one of the 5? I wasn’t being rude when I said get someone to check you complaints for grammar etc. It is one of my tips You won’t get redress from that email sorry. Mind you even if it had been perfectly written you wouldn’t have done because the man is ignorant I have higher hopes for the new one. See here

I have been a regular( £1000 a month) customer at Tesco for several years. I have put up with their awful customer services, their rude managers, floor workers who don’t speak english, being sneered at when I asked for help with a Xmas shop ( £800) and told to park the basket and get another one.
I was picked on by a weird man who stopped baskets when the alarm went off, if turned out the till girl hadn’t taken the tag off the DVD, he was less than courteous and I was fuming. Next week he stopped me even though there was no alarm, I complained. Next week he stopped me again, this time I contacted head office and the man was moved away, I felt seriously frightened. The staff are dreadful, they stand talking while customers are struggling and find it funny. They deserve all they get. I use lidl now, no customer service to speak of but no rudeness either and half the amount I used to pay.
It’s a shame that no one bothered to ask customers, bearing in mind they have full details of buying patterns via our tesco cards, they could have found and solved some of the problems.

Hi I have tried sending a email to tesco protector line as I work for them sent it last Thursday and no answer still ment to be next working day . Also could you help me find the right hr tesco address to email my letter please or help me in the right direction . It’s about my ill Heath and don’t take any notice of me or doctor ect thank you

Never heard of Tesco Protector!? Is it a product? Not sure why you would want the HR address? Links for various emails addresses throughout the posts for ceo and exec team. Hope that helps.

Tesco are a complete & utter disgrace – Tesco mobile & Tesco credit card are painful experiences. They are clueless & careless – staff idiotic & embarrassing when you complain – the retail group continue to flounder – Leahy long gone & more lambs to the slaughter continue to follow. Not a big fan of discount retailers but have to applaud the irreparable damage they have inflicted on the Tesco market share. I for one will now boycott these cretins for ever more and would urge others to do likewise. Arrogance & ignorance has been their undoing fuelled by obscene complacency. Oh the fools that are shareholders now reap their just rewards as the customer kings leave in their drives. Let’s hope they are destroyed & the sooner the better. A quite vile organisation from top to bottom they really are. Now – I feel so much better for that after another run-in with their incompetents this evening!

I have been shopping withe tescos for about 15 years and after the last few months I doubt I will be again all because of the club card . I have recently been wondering why my points are not growing very quickly I recently ordered a case of wine online to which I should have received 300 points when noticing on my next visit to tescos I noticed no points had been added plus my fuel save points was missing after talking with customer services in store I went home and rang the club card number and got told no points had been awarded due to being directed to another site yet this site was still operating with the tescos name . I’m not surprised tescos is losing customers being to greedy to honour points and fuel savings when spending £300 and when ringing to complain was stuck on hold and ignored after being told I would be transferred to the complaints manager disgraceful way to treat loyal customers tesco you should be ashamed.

That doesn’t sound right to me at all. I don’t understand why you were directed to another site that didn’t attract points. Either it was a Tesco site or it wasn’t and if it was were you mis-led into believing that you would get points? Have a look at the links in the post you’ll see I take on Tesco quite a bit, including in court and winning.

s quite long so I decided I didn’t have time so I put the paid for ale back in my bag and walked out the shop. About two steps outside I was physically yanked backwards by my rucksack by a six foot six security guard. I protested saying, “I’ve paid”, to which he replied, still pulling me, ” No you haven’t” By now I’ve turned myself round and I’ve managed to get his hands off me, I start to look for the receipt. As this is happening one of his security colleagues has come over and confirmed that I had paid. I then found my receipt and made sure he had a good look while I firmly told him,”that was what he should ‘ve asked for.” I received no apology from them which left me even more angry as I left the scene. Sorry if this is longwinded but it’s actually helping to recount the events.
The other incident happened s looking for Saturday gone, which is why I was looking up other peoples experiences. I went in their Hurst Street branch with not much time again as usual. I picked up something to eat and went to grab a paper. As I chose which one I noticed out the corner of my eye a navy suited man was standing right next to me. He then said,” can you move so I can pick those up,” referring to the newspaper magazines that were on the floor from other customers. I said “yes no problem.” As he knelt down I said” It’s not fair how people read the papers and leave them a mess” to which there was no reply, so I said it again. This time he replied with a sideways scowl “Did you say something.” I replied “I haven’t done this,” to which he stood up and said I was standing on them. I’ve replied,”I didn’t even notice them,” which was true and that how was I supposed to get to the papers if they had a moat of magazines around them. Rather than go into the whole scene he became aggressive and called security and other staff to back him up which I reacted to by standing my ground, not physically, but verbally arguing back as I had done nothing wrong. The initial perpetrator kept saying,”just kick him out,” and the security asked me to leave in a fairly professional way. I replied by saying, ” I’d done nothing wrong and that his colleague needed to change his bad attitude.” Anyway, the argument continued outside and I eventually left again fuming and con fused that something as simple as me wanting to spend money in a shop could end up with me being treated like this.
These two violent events,completely initiated by Tesco staff, are not the only problems I’ve had. The prices on their special offers are consistently wrong at the till, in their favour, which makes a ten minuite shop twenty minuites by the time they’ve done a price check. I even had problems with their home insurance, when they changed my house details on my policy from end of terrace to semi detached bungalow thus bumping up my premium. I got
my money refunded for that and promptly changed insurers.
You start to think it’s you but I also shop regularly in Sainsbury’s, Lidl,Aldi even Waitrose and I never ever have any problem whatsoever. Possibly the only other one with this gang mentality contempt is Asda but they’re not in the same league as the Tesco werewolves.
It’s good you are giving people an opening like this as hopefully it will encourage more to avoid this bunch of fascists as I’m definitely going to do as much as I can for the sake of my health and sanity.
Thank you.

No. Apart from telling friends and sharing the events with you that’s it. I know it’s probably the wrong attitude but I figured they’re rotten to the core and after the most recent experience the best way to hurt them, for want of a better word, is to go elsewhere.

Well listening to the stories coming out today….. and I don’t think my taking them to court caused their problems! The very first post was about Tesco though! Sign up for the newsletter too for news on the book coming out next month which Tesco features in!

Today has been the final time I’ll ever use Tesco.
I’ve been a regular shopper in their new, large Sunderland branch since it opened. I enjoyed the wide range of products they sell, the occasional club card offer, and the fact it’s a nicely spaced out store. However, the word appalling can not do justice to the ‘customer service’ that takes place in there.
This particular store actually has a reputation for how bad the staff are. Many people I know who have frequented it occasionally have commented on the staff’s attitude. It is so bad that every time I’m there I’ll either use a self service machine or, if I have a large shop, I look for the one staff member who actually knows how to speak to customers. No matter how long his queue is I’ll wait in it; that shows the extent of the problem.
Anyway, today was a large shop day and this person wasn’t on any tills. So I picked one and hoped for the best.
I shouldn’t really of been surprised that my smile and greeting of hello was completely ignored by this woman. Not asking if I needed help packing, or if I had my own bags, is something I’m used to in this store. Throwing my items at me with such force after scanning them that it actually hurt my fingers is, again, not a new occurrence. What WAS a new classic customer service trait for me was the way that, once all the items were scanned, she merely gazed away in the opposite direction and never total me the total price, forcing me to have to find the screen to see what it actually was. My inquiry if it was okay to pay half cash/half card was naturally met with complete silence. What did perk my interest was her studying my receipt for a couple of seconds, before flinging it to me and turning around without a single word. Once I got home it seems the 75p off voucher I handed over for one of my items had not been used. Yet after looking at my receipt she hadn’t mentioned this or even returned the voucher to me. I only assume that, much like not being a total b*tch to customers, it was a policy she couldn’t be bothered to adhere to.
I was going to write a complaint email, but notice that Tesco conveniently make it difficult to find the address. In the end I thought, sod it, what is the point really. Just glad I can share this with you.
So Tesco, I genuinely hope Aldi and Lidl send you into administration. I’m going to only shop at M&S from now on. The increase in my food bills shall be worth it at the cost of not being treat like a piece of excrement found on your shoe. also in another post I give the executive office email address, see al the Tesco post links in the above post.

Complain – how many other people get ripped off like that and don’t complain? Like I say in other posts all those pennies that people don’t complain about add up. I took Tesco to court and lots of people told me that the same thing had happened to them they didn’t pursue it, so how much was that total? And also, to be fair if no-one reports that woman then can you blame Tesco for not dealing with the issue if they don’t know about it?

Just a quick thought. I have tried four separate times for the Clubcard to send me a forgotten password link so I can order an electrical product. Each time I clicked the request link a message appears saying that it will be sent to me within fifteen minutes and they have been constant in not carrying out their promise/threat.

I am going to order the product from Argos and told them that if their website cannot do this one simple operation than their security and programming structures are unsafe.

The CEO reassuringly is constant is his lack of concern or care. I remember reading an article about a month ago where one its main Investors admitted that they had made a mistake by placing so much of its “funds” into the company. I would suggest tracking the story and company down and educate them with Tesco’s “great savings” that they have made on customer service and goodwill.

Perhaps they may try to helpfully recommend a tweak to the policy and the CEO ?

Are you aware that the CEO was changed? He started in September. I should be meeting him on Friday if he doesn’t cancel… Here are my thoughts on why Clarke was pushed.

i want to complain about one of your staff in the dunlaoghaire branch he has black hair a bl ue shirt with selves rolled up he is not a nise person he bump in to me at least 3 times and if he has a trolley he heads straight for you and then turns off just before you a friend of mine s sister is in a weelchair shoping in the same store in dunlaoghaire when she was hit from behind and neerly knock out of her weelchair by this same guy i know alot of people thats trys to avoid him he stare at you when he see you not nise i hope you do something about this person by the way i am a pensioner .

Once again the staff at Tesco, Golden Hill, Bristol just cannot get it right. They must really be the worst in the whole organisation, if not it can be no surprise that the organisation is rapidly going down the pan! On this occasion I purchased two 450g packets of Redybrek, listed on the shelf at £2 or 2 for £3. On getting home I find that I have been charged the full price without any discount. I tried to phone them but get their call centre in Glasgow where the chap tells me I will have to return to the store to get a refund. I don’t want to do this but ask him to transfer the call to the store. He tries to but no one will pick up the phone! Just about sums up Tesco Golden Hill!

Write to customer services, Sale of and Supply of Goods Act 1994 items not as described you are under no obligation to return the items at a cost to yourself. Every little helps 🙂 More tips in the book! 🙂

How do you go about complaining to Tesco about being wrongful accused of shoplifting? The police already confirmed to me on the day that it was a breakdown of communication between myself and the egotistical head of security who did not even take a minute to listen to what actually took place as l took an allergy reaction to one of their products and had to take medicine in the store. The police just looked at the cctv images and let me go thou the manager informed me l was banned from Tesco for life!

The manager is not breaking the law. A manage can ban whomever s/he likes for any reason. However, to for when there appears no good reason is certainly worth complaining about. See the post above? There’s an email address there – try complaining to him and let us know how you get on!

Hi, just wanted to share my experience with you all. I purchased 2x Hudl2’s today in my lunch hour. After finishing work, I got home, opened them and turned them on..only to find that 1 didnt work. As it was for my sons birthday in 8 days time I took it straight back to the shop (at approx 9:20pm) only to be told that the electrical desk AND CSD closed at 8pm and didnt reopen until 9am..and that there was nobody authorised to do refunds/exchanges outside of these hours!! I work for the NHS and am currently rostered on for the next 10 days (missing my sons bday no less, and unable to get into store between 9-8) so am stuck with £129 of useless electrical equipment thats unfit for purpose. Theres no advertising instore showing these hours, so how are customers supposed to know?!
I dont know what they’ll do when I return in 11 days but its a bit late as the hudl was a bday gift. I have written to the Customer Service Centre via snail mail, but thought I’d let you all know that if you need a refund/exchange after 8pm not to bother! Take care guys x

With 11 days you are less time than deemed to have accepted the goods – so a full refund shouldn’t be a problem if that’s what you want. Different customer services desks in different stores will open at different times but there should be a sign, there is on ours (closes at 10pm I think) so complain about that and the waste of your time. You could email customer services for that.

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