Tesco – Phillip Clarke is no Sir Terry Leahy

And a few years on we have Dave Lewis as the new group CEO and Matt Davies as the UK CEO being interviewed by me! (Although Tesco had full editorial control):

Tesco | Complaining Cow meets Dave Lewis and Matt Davies

For links to lots more recent stories about Tesco and me including taking them to court and winning see Complaining Cow history with Tesco.

For the whole story so far see Case study: Tesco and a consumer champion

Tesco UK CEO email address

Tesco Group CEO email address

The post below is from 2012.

I had a right beef with Tesco! 

Tesco Service Omnishambles!

Diabolical! It was my latest dealings with Tesco Customer Service that gave me the final nudge to get this Blog started!

Update January 2015

I have realised that when you put “Tesco Complaints” into Google that this post comes up. Hilarious really. Since writing this post I have had more dealings with Tesco, including taking them to Court. Please see links to all these posts The Complaining Cow and Tesco history

Also people will insist on assuming that they can complain to me as if I were a Tesco employee. Rather foolish and obviously shows that they haven’t even read this post! Also, gives some indication perhaps as to why their complaint is being ignored by Tesco if they  don’t actually read things or are simply rude!

Tesco contacts for complaints

I also keep being asked for contact details for Tesco so here you are:

Tesco contact details:

email for customer services:
email for CEO here
All Tesco departments contact details here. ‘phone numbers and addresses.

If you are looking for how to complain to Tesco, see the links are above and you might also be interested in using the book How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results!

Tesco – Phillip Clarke is no Sir Terry Leahy

Years ago I complained to Tesco when Tesco was doing well and when Sir Terry Leahy was CEO there. I got a personal response that was signed by him. One can assume that as the new incumbent Phillip Clarke  ignored several emails from me and the customer service is shambolic, that contempt for the customer is creeping in, perhaps a very good reason why Tesco has slipped from its top position.

Summary (all correspondence available on request!):

4th June took items ordered from Tesco Clothing online back to the store for refund. Had used double up vouchers. Customer Services representative did not know what to do and had to telephone Tesco. I was told that he needed to “…give [me] a few pennies and that somewhere between £5 and £10 will be credited to [my] account.” Told him not acceptable! More confusion and went back after shopping and was given misinformation and nothing in writing although I requested it.
4th June wrote to Clubcard no reply
12th June forwarded email to Customer Services requesting something done, pointing out that doubling up vouchers offer ended on the 13th June and £5 was still in the Clothing website account incorrectly, it should be on the Clubcard or £10 in Clothing otherwise it was a credit note and not a full refund
13th June forwarded email to Phillip Clarke Tesco CEO requesting something done
14th June Tweeted to Tesco and after several Tweets sent details on
15th June and got a reply that did not relate to the complaint but a previous one and made no sense!
15th June Tweeted as such to Tesco and emailed back. Told back in touch as soon as possible
15th June – received email stating that she was unable to work out what complaint to respond to (despite the actual email being in the body of the email and nothing else in the original email!) Offered £20
17th June – wrote back attaching the relevant email again and pointing out that I had now missed website offers due to their delay in responding
18th June – still no response
19th June in the evening – Tweeted that still not had response
19th June – Tesco told me email was in the queue. Reminded them that my original email was dated 4th June! Told that the manager could ‘phone but couldn’t email! Asked for that bizarre state of affairs to be added to the list of complaints! (Was never explained why she could ‘phone but not email!)
19th June – told would get a response by email soon as possible
21st June – still no response. Told would get that one that morning
21st June PM – got an email from the Executive team offered £40 Tesco Moneycard apologised but did not address all complaints, I emailed back as did he no further forward.
26th June – received an email from the Customer Relations Manager at Tesco apologising and saying that the CEO office had responded. I emailed back pointing out the 2 issues regarding not being able to take advantage of offers on the website due to the delay in responding had not been addressed
28th June – received email from Executive Office stating surprise that I had said 2 issues were not addressed and I had copied and pasted a paragraph from previous email which did not address them!
3rd July  – sent a clarification email, I also asked if he would like a link when my Blog was up and running!
6th July – agreed in part with what I said (he had no choice, I was left with money in my Clothing account against their own policy!) that’s the end of this matter at last. Would have been at the £40 but he went and wrote to me suggesting I was wrong and he certainly wasn’t going to get away with THAT!

I asked if they would like to pay me for my knowledge and experience of customer service and how they could improve. They declined my offer! How very silly!


This was a sorry state of customer service. So many people wasting so much of my time! So many not given the right tools. It reflects badly on Tesco too when you think this is how the CEO of Sainsbury’s responds to a complaint. A different league in CEOs from a customer’s point of view I’m sure you’ll agree?!

As you can see, it wasn’t about gaining money it was about the principle of the thing. Annoyingly I went to Tesco to use the Moneycard so I could then take my custom in future to Sainsbury’s and forgot to use the card! Dozy cow! But the next time I went I bought just over £40 of shopping had a £4 off voucher used a £10 Tesco gift card (I have forgotten what I complained about to get that!!) and the £40 card. £13 left. £40 worth of shopping and get £13 change! Amooooosed me!

Seriously though, in May of this year Which? published a Customer Service survey of 11,000 people. Tesco came 4th worst!  A change in focus from the new CEO at Apple from customer to revenue (remember Steve Jobs’ legacy Good enough is not good enough) is not helping their profits either!


Update to this post. Do have a look at the other Tesco posts some are more amusing 🙂




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i have been to your store tonight in gloucester, I shop at tesco all the time as I live opposite. When I go to the store I will always look for any offers or reduced items. Tonight I was looking at the fruit and veg and saw two men the trollies full of reduced items like eight punets of strawberries priced at £1.12 each, with many other items , ofter all the items had been reduced on the self these two men had all their offers reduced again. I noticed the strawberries were reduced again to £0.20′ I was annoyed as would liked to have bought only one punet for £1.20′ this in my book just greed and unfair. I immediately reported to the personal manager Daniel Driscoll.

I do not blame anybody apart from management as about six months ago I wrote a letter to the store manager and delivered by hand, hence I got no acknowledgement what so ever. Also I have also witnessed these scroungers complaining because the reduced items were put on the self too late, and getting nasty with your staff because of the amount of the the reduction – these scroungers should be removed from the store, I wonder what your security guards are doing, should they be looking on the security monitors, yes they should!!!
I would like to think that no staff member would get into trouble as this is a case of management training or lack of explaining company processes. One particular scrounger is in the store every night putting this pressure on your staff.

I do hope that somebody could acknowledge my complaint, my mobile number is xxxxxxxx my name is xxxx

I am not Tesco, please read the post above and contact details. I have removed your ‘phone number from the comment as this is an open blog for the world and his wife to read.

You got ur name right didn’t you. I was actually agreeing with you at the start of your moan and I think tesco’s response time is really poor but then I read your last bit, naming the vouchers you used and said “I forgot what I complained about that get that one”. I never understand how people blame those on benefits and the shops for the ever increasing rise in prices gut its people like you who are ruining this country. You and thieves!! Well done mate, god you must be barrel of fun

Thanks for your comments
1) “Forgetting vouchers used” was irrelevant to story so not included, also added humour for most people. The vouchers were for redress for poor service received with an online order which was a breach of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.
2) My complaints are genuine and I have no time for people who complain just to get stuff. See explanation here.
3) Tesco it would appear take a different view to you and the CEO has met with me and I was back there again today for lunch with him and his senior executive team talking about how they could improve.
4) Yes I am a barrel of fun. The huge amount of feedback I get about how useful this site is and how it is presented in a humorous way is always nice to hear.

I bought a Vodafone Wifi R207 on promotion at Tesco for £18 with 4GB as stated on receipt but once o registered and checked with Vodafone there was only 2GB.I tried to sought this with Tesco who would not help with this problem except to offer me a refund which I feel is not good enough..So be warned not all special offers are true at Tesco.

Seriously?! You were offered a full refund. What more do you think you are entitled to? Why do people assume they deserve something for nothing? Mistakes happen, an offer was made to rectify it, you are entitled to and deserve nothing more.

Do you have other blogs for the other high street supermarkets. These kinds of experiences aren’t exclusive to Tesco.

I just have a lot of blog posts for Tesco because that’s where I shop and at no point do I ever say these are Tesco specific, although perhaps CEOs do make a difference (see the other Tesco posts). Take a look around the blog you will see other stories and comments about other stores.

Hi, last Thursday I placed an order with Tesco direct online, a few minutes later I then received an email saying my order was cancelled so I phoned customer services helpline and apparently this was because I had pressed back to mamybtomes on my smartphone. They couldn’t reorder it over the phone for me ( I don’t see why they couldn’t) so they told me my money would go straight back into my account and the £106.00 vouchers I had used would be sent back to me in an email within 25 hours! 24 hours came and went… 48 hours came and went so I called the customer service and they Told me that they was sending a request form to my bank to release my money and that my evoucher would be with me within 24 hours I said its already been 48+ and all I got was sorry. Cutting it short I had to wait 8 days for my money to go back in my account and 7 days for an evoucher I was contacting them daily and just got apologies each time. I missed out on three deals on Xbox console which would have been an Xmas gift. Do I have a right to send a massive complaint?? Any help would be great thanks. Xxx

This exact (well nearly exact) same thing happened to me! I ordered an iPad on the 28th November – only to be emailed an hour later to be told they were out of stock (which is fair enough,it was black friday so I didnt have much hope that i would get the item.) Anyway the refund should have reached my account yesterday. I called them today and spoke to 3 different people! Two of the ‘customer service advisors’ told me there was nothing on the system to show them taking my money. Anyway i spoke to someone a little while after and that called another company that deals with the card transactions- and they confirmed that the refund hadnt been processed. So the Cust Service Advisor then told me hes passed it on to his team leader and they are giving me a refund which should hit my bank account by next friday. Nice one tescos! I guess i will just fly to work for the next week!

Complain in writing – always writing – see all my other Tesco posts and tips and go get ’em!

I ordered my TV on Black Friday 2014 delivery for Saturday did not arrive contacted customer services advised of delays would be delivered Monday,no arrival,once again customer services contacted delivery would be Wednesday. Guess what no delivery, on contacting customer services told no stock but Tv should be with me soon. Amazingly Tv arrived Thursday just a shame the screen was smashed.Customer services contacted no Tvs in stock and refund will be issued. Broken set collected 8.30 am Friday refund still not account had my money for Two weeks now.Telephone call from customer services Wednesday 10/12 Tv.back in stock did I still Want one sorry no I bought one elsewhere refund promised immediately still no sign of payment into my account 5/6 calls 4 emails and still nothing Tesco deserves to go down the pan

My wife and myself r both with tesco mobile my complaint is about the network we both can, t text or ring out we can, t get any numbers up on our phones so when it comes to topping our phones up we will not be able to which is due on the 2nd of january i would be grateful for any help u can give me thanks m mccallum

Good Afternoon.
Myself and my wife went to Tesco at the Eden Centre to go see Customer service..
Reason Being is because on Sunday the 04/01/15…my wife and I bought a 3for2 offer and when we got home my wife looked at the receipt and noticed that we were charged for all 3 products… now when we bought the offer one of Tesco’s employees said that all 3 of the products we were going to buy was part of the 3for2 offer as all 3 products had the exactly the same sticker on them…now we went to Tesco today to see what was going on and we went to customer service. And there was a Man who was very un helpful to us demanding that I go over to the shelf and find the product that was on the 3for2 offer… I then asked for the manger… the Manager came and said the Product were to different items on sale and not in the same group but in good will she will give us the refund and told the rude man to give us a refund for the amount…my wife went over to the register with this guy to get the refund then he blurted out to her that if she dares to come in here again looking for a refund he will take her photograph!!! this put instant fear into my wife.. I then went back to the Manager and she said she would speak to him and offered us no Apology at all. do you have any advise on what would be the best route to take regarding this issue please? thanks

I went to Tesco’s filling station in December 2014 to buy fuel and the total came to £25.02. I went inside to pay the cashier and gave her £30.02 with a due change of £5.
I was surprised when I got the receipt without my change and pointed out to the cashier that I gave her £30.02 and not the amount she put on the receipt. To my surprise,she called me a liar in front of other customer, I requested for her manager and a lady came and said she’s the supervisor (I later learnt she was the manager on the day) I explained to her and she said there’s nothing she can do until when the money is sent to the cash office and if there’s anything extra with the balance for the day. She got my details and in the process I enquire if the CCTV are working and to which she said 24/7 because that’s the only thing that can show that I gave her £30.02 and not £25.02
I got a call the following day to say there was no excess balance for the shift hence, I will not be getting any apology for being called a liar and my money back. I asked if the CCTV was checked as promised and was informed that this was not done…..I asked again for confirmation that it was working and was assure they were by the lady. She promised to do that and get back to me. I didn’t get any call for (three) 3 days so I decided to follow up with another call.

I spoke to the cash office manager and she apologised, got my details again and stated that it could well be an error on the part of the staff (a trainee), agreed to pay the money back but with no apology from the staff…….(please note that I’ve been loyally shopping at this store for more eleven (11) years with no problem) I refused and informed her that no one deserves to be called a liar unless you have prove that they’ve lied.

A couple of days later after waiting for the promised called to check the CCTV, I got a called from the cash manager saying unfortunately, the CCTV for the filling station of a whole Tesco are (conveniently) not working hence, they can’t check the images for the day. I disagree, I said Tesco is too big not to take safety and security of staff & customers seriously and what if something serious had happened on the day that required the CCTV images to be looked at by the police.

I wasn’t happy and requested to speak to the store manager. The manager called few days later and it was obvious from his tone that he’s got preconceived thoughts about me. He confirmed the CCTV for the store is not working and to my shock stated “this is a mathematical thing and not an emotional thing” and “I’ve been told this about you and this is the problem with people like you”…….possibly referring to my ethnicity.

With the above I was livid and ask if this is how he speaks to his staff and as if that wasn’t enough, he stated “you are banned from the store”
I have no problem at all with that as I am now a convert to ALDI and LIDL not to mention ASDA.

I got in touch with Tesco’s head office and emailed the CEO directly but one of his people responded and I can tell from their communication so far that they’re covering the weaknesses/mistakes of their staff without being open and transparent in their investigation and customer service.
I was informed by the Head Office that the CCTV FOR THE STORE ARE NOT WORKING (fancy going to a store where your safety and security is not top of their agenda) and there’s nothing they can do about the situation since the store manager conveniently gave them a completely different version of event by saying I “verbally abused” his staff…….which NEVER happened and the cashier who took my money was “reduced to tears when investigated”
I have not been given my hard earned money back……though it was promised (yes it’s only £5 but as an upstanding citizen it’s the principle behind it by being labelled a liar) and I am still waiting for an apology.

It’s always the principle of the thing with me. See all my other posts! I’ve complained about a lot less!

That’s precisely what I said to the store manager at Tesco Extra Gallows Corner in Romford Essex when he called but I guess a good customer service/care and public relations are two of his weaknesses going by his insinuation from his comment about “people like me” and it’s a “mathematical thing and not emotional” when I informed him of not believing that the CCTV for a big store like that is not working, and for the record I did inform him after the statement that I have a degree in accounting and a proud upright black man who will not allow anyone to label him a liar.

I have a recorded conversation with the cash office manager on my mobile phone which I informed her that I was recording our conversation (this is one of the reasons why such apps come in handy) but am waiting for Tesco to play out their blame game of saying the manager stated that I verbal abused staff…….I was overtly polite in the recording as always,
I will appreciate if you could please advice whether I should make them aware of the recording now or wait for them to persist with the false allegations of verbally abusing staff before I bring out my “Ace card” recording.

It doesn’t help when the Head Office can only base their investigations on what their store manager tells them and the important tool (CCTV) that can reveal the lies and cover up of the store manager is conveniently not working

Wrong. Romford WAS in Essex until 1965 when it was removed from the county. Since then Romford has been in London. In the London Borough of Havering in east London.

We receive healthy start vouchers from government went to tesco today purchased all the items stated on the voucher ie fruit vegetables milk total bill came to 22.14p each voucher is valid for 3.10p tesco however would only take 3 of the vouchers. When we came home on reflection decided to go online to tesco to complain told that we would have to speak to customer services who said they didn’t know much about vouchers so try to use them again and if they don’t expect them at the cash out ask the cashier to give us a reason why to which I replied we did that and she didn’t know today so is she going know next time!
We rely on the vouchers to help feed the family so try to use them where ever possible due to them having a end date but when they won’t take more than 2/3 at any one time

ordered a personalised birthday cake for my mothers birthday. supposed to feed 50, they lost the cake !!!! I had to buy cupcakes from asda at 9 pm at night, tesco paid for these but i had the stress of trying to find an alternative the night before party. I certainly would not call it easy entertaining

Well I got falsely accused of attempting to steal stock from tesco. I seem to have been targeted twice by a particular staff member at my local tesco. I’d sue but I was so angry that I told the chap to “f off” which alas makes me the bad guy. I’ve never been in trouble with the law and I am a respectable citizen. I only wish I’d kept my cool as I am sure I could sue for slander as the staff member totally made a false allegation against me. My plan is to boycott tesco forever.


Not enough information here. Info you may find helpful here. If you have no signal don’t top up find another provider? Email them ask advice – use tips don’t write in capitals makes it difficult to read and is the written equivalent of shouting at someone so customer services will think you are being rude.

I bought a Lego set from Tesco Direct for my grandson, it arrived late and a bit scuffed. I was asked for feedback, so I gave honest and critical feedback. Tesco replied that their moderators had decided not to post my feedback on their site. I was surprised and decided not to trust Tesco’s feedback scores in future as they obviously deleted the critical feedback. Tesco then emailed me again to ask for feedback on the same transaction! So I supplied the same feedback with an addendum describing what happened to my original feedback. Tesco again replied to say they had “moderated” my feedback – see below:-

It cannot be published to the website, but.. —


Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!

Submit something new

Thanks again,
The team at

Slow delivery, scruffy package
I bought this as a gift for my grandson, and paid extra to make sure it got there in time. It was not delivered on the day agreed, but the day after that, Tesco refunded the express delivery charge. The package was a bit scuffed, not badly enough to send it back, but it was not perfect. Tesco asked me for my feedback, and I complied, giving the text prior to this sentence. I then got a message from Tesco saying they had decided not to post my feedback, without any explanation, I assume because it was critical of their service and they were trying to protect their feedback scores. Tesco then asked me again to provide feedback, so here it is …

Contact Customer Service with questions or concerns.

I was not complaining, I was not trying to gain something, just giving honest feedback.


That seems appalling. Shall tweet this out and see if we can get a response from Tesco… Asked, they have asked if you can get in touch with them on Twitter?

Dear Sarah, Customer Service

Thank you for your reply, I agree with you the response that you have given me was not the one I wanted, the reason I was asking Tesco to get involved was that I would have got an answer and also that Tesco’s believe in moral/social responsibility irrelevant of race,colour or creed this company has no moral responsibility to the Muslim community to date they have never responded to my e-mail, bearing in mind they have had a copy of our e-mail every time i have sent you an email and totally ignored the request.
Any Companies that are not prepared to tell the truth about their Halal product have a lot to hide and can not be trusted.
Why is it we as Muslim community for once not been given the truth, do these companies not have a social responsibility or care as to what they feeding the Muslim community, if this question was asked by a non Muslim customer what they were eating I believe this would have been answered.
Why is there no pressure been put on this companies to tell the Muslim customer the truth, this pressure can only be put from Tesco, so I am hoping by asking Mr Dave Lewis CEO of Tesco for his support in getting me the truth that is all I seek is a simply request as to the halal product that has been packed by Shazan under their label is Stunned or Non-stunned that’s it, as the label does not state this information
Please Mr Dave Lewis can you HELP? as you will do a great service to me and to my Muslim community here in UK
I await your Response,


I am not Dave Lewis, I do not represent Tesco, I do not work for Tesco. Please read the blog posts.

I’d like to add my own experience of shopping with TESCO.

Tesco was offering its Hudl 2 for £99 rather than £129 over the Easter break. I ordered one on Thursday, April 2 online for’click&collect’ (collection from my local store which doesn’t stock Hudls). I was emailed notifying me that it would be available for collection on Saturday, April 4 after 3.00pm. I could have travelled a couple of miles to a store that stocked them but Saturday was fine and fitted in with my plans.

However, on Friday I ended-up in a store that stocked Hudls. I therefore asked if I could simply collect one thereby saving Tesco the bother of shipping. Bearing in mind that I had already paid, I was told that I would need to pay again i.e. basically a new purchase – the option of matching my online purchase to issuing one from stock could not be done. I found this somewhat poor in this electronic age.

On Saturday, I was near one of Tesco’s large stores and was tempted to go in and try again but decided to have faith in Tesco’s ability to deliver. Big mistake! My local store had not received my order nor could the manager explain what had happened other than something to do with Yodel. As it would be Tuesday at the very earliest before one could be delivered I was offered the option to cancel my order. I duly did so which turned out to be a mistake.

The manager gave me the telephone number of customer services (albeit the wrong number). As expected, the telephone conversation got me nowhere. Not only did I not have the Hudl, but I would not receive a refund for 3 – 5 working days. This was not the fault of Tesco but my bank claimed Tesco’s employee.

Further, as I had cancelled my order Tesco could not arrange another without me paying again. So, no Hudl and no money. Even if I had been prepared to travel to the nearest store that stocked Hudls, I would have had to pay out again – according to Tesco this was my fault as I’d cancelled the original order .

I have followed-up my calls to Tesco with an email to Dave Lewis (thanks for the address). I would hope that the Complainingcow’s previous efforts will persuade Tesco to respond to me. Whether any such response provides a satisfactory response remains to be seen. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Below is the follow-up to my complaint to Tesco.


Having been far from happy at being let down by Tesco I could easily have fired-off some less than complimentary correspondence to it.

Fortunately, I found your Web site along with the invaluable advice. I sent a firm but polite email to David Lewis expressing my great disappointment at Tesco’s inability to complete a simple delivery.

I duly received a telephone call on Tuesday morning from a very polite and honest Tesco employee. He offered none of the usual company speak or excuses but admitted that it was a total and unacceptable failure on Tesco’s part.

Although he had a basic idea of what went wrong, he asked for another day to complete the investigation. True to his word, he did call back and explained that the courier was to blame – a case of theft if I had to read between the lines.

By way of compensation, I was offered the Hudl for £69 – a £30 decrease on the sale price. However, the most positive thing that came from this was the way Tesco’s employee conducted himself. Simple, straightforward and no arguing, probably go as far to say it was a perfect example of how to resolve a complaint.

It may well have gone differently had I not discovered your site.

I will get the point i am a 41 year old who as been barred from your sowerby bridge store for life, for running around doing people who are unable to leave there home, now what was said to be was stop shopping around in this for anyone else just come in for your own your not making money out of this store, now am taking some goods out of your trolley whats no use to you, so i got barred because another customer had four trolleys of reduced goods as i thought the trolleys where waiting to be placed in the area where there kept, but no soon as i placed my hand in one of the trolleys i was shouted at me by a the man who had all four trolleys of reduced goods, so i went for the manager and when she noticed it was me she just said back, oh its you you know your on a limet, i said back one rule for one one for another, so i was told i run this store if your not liking it you know what to do, so i went to pay for my goods and as i was leaving the store i noticed that customer with the four trolleys going though different tills one each trolleys, so i went back in asked for the manager and she came i asked her where is this been done one customer with four trolleys not paying at the same tills aswell, what was said back then was right get out your barred barred for life get out and don’t come back ?
so now i want you to be told for the past years the police have called to my house saying tesco’s is saying you have been taking photos of there staff , i said back don’t try make me laugh you see there have barred me and there are waiting for me to fight back, as you see one member of your staff walks past my house to go to the store and once he came up to me and said your not getting back in go on hit me then we will see who is still standing he said, not just that time as well once at a bus stop the bus stop face’s a member of your staff when the son of one of your staff came towards me and got hold of my shirt telling me to stop it before i smash your head in, i told him to get lost but if i see him now he puts a right smile on he’s face , so september last year i put it in the hands of a court barrister and since that was sent not once have your company taken any notice, with the allegations saying about me, for a start i work for three different people as each one gave a persal letter about me, for years i have had local mp behind me as there are taking no notice of that aswell, now at the moment with me having no transport of my own shopping is done by train with a suitcase where am welcome , not stopped once is because i don’t go in tesco so you’ve lost one customer someone dids to check that store out because if you lived across road would you drive to work because thats whats going on , now one day that member of staff noticed me at the bus stop and she normley drives facing her house but no with seeing me she backed in so nothing could be seen yours
l ogden

I have a Tesco mobile phone. I have had nothing but connection problems with it since I got it in June last year. I moved in January this year and trying to get signal to send messages, answer or make phone calls and using the internet is virtually impossible. I rang them in February to complain. Of course, nobody rang back. So earlier this month, I rang them again and they finally said I have no connection for calls, texts or internet at all where I live. Why couldn’t they tell me that the first time I rang?!!!!! Even at my workplace – I cannot get a signal for internet! And I work in a different town than to wear I live. I could probably get a better signal from standing on the moon!!!!!
I know Tesco shares its mast with O2 – so there is no point in going to O2 either because my friends cannot even get signal on their O2 phones at my address. I live in between two towns and it is not out in the country. There are quite a lot of houses where I live.
When I spoke to them earlier this month – I told them I have rights as a customer because they are not fulfilling their service of contract to me. When they asked me where I had received my information, I told them it was from the Which site.
Finally, they said they will give me the PUK code to get out of my contract if I pay £50 off my handset. But why should I pay anything? I told them I will just give the handset back because I don’t want it. But no – they won’t do this!! So I am stuck with the most useless mobile network ever because I can’t afford to pay £50 for the handset – which I don’t want and it is locked to Tesco network anyway.
I can’t afford it because I live on my own and still haven’t got one single carpet in my house (of almost 6 months) because my wages are constantly going on bills, rent, food and petrol to get to work. And I do try to budget everything and have absoutely no social life.
For such a major company, you would think that Tesco could at least show some decency to their customers. But fear not – because I shall ring them again when I have black and white print in my hands to quote from.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am glad I could come somewhere and have a rant about why Tesco makes me so angry. And it seems I am not the only one.

P.s I apologise for my grammatical errors in my complaints about Tesco. I was typing in such a rush and should have read it first before I posted it.

Tell them not me. I am nothing to do with Tesco. Please read post above.

I was in Tesco Liverpool ( park road ) and bought a joint of lamb for my grans birthday lunch on sunday after cooking it the meat was 89.6% fat and about 11% meat. I emailed them and they phoned me within 24 hours refunding my £12 and sending me a £15 gift card ” FOR MY TROUBLE ” so there not all bad

As you will have seen this post is quite old and I do think under the new CEO that things are improving. See this post.

I had my tesco order delivered yesterday 10th june 2015 with 1 item that ran out of date on the 9th june then to my horror i then went to make a sandwich with the bread that had just been delivered to find mold all over it i then opened my 2nd loaf i had brought to find the same problem not happy all tesco said was we will refund the items but im not satisfied with this i want to take it further as how can they still have out of date products on the shelves & do the pickers who do the shopping not look at dates & just pick any old crap for there customers

Depends what is meant by “out of date” Illegal to sell products after “sell before date” but not after “best before” date. In the latter case it may have been that the item was reduced. A full refund is all your entitled to. However if it was sold after the sell before date you should report it to Trading Standards.

My husband bought a Samsung E1200 mobile phone at Tesco here in Wexford, Ireland. One important feature he was looking for is Bluetooth. The accompanying leaflet said ‘(tick) Bluetooth’. To make sure, he asked someone from staff and they
too said (reading off the leaflet) that it has Bluetooth.
Well, it hasn’t.
Another feature mentioned: (tick) Handsfree Speakerphone.
There is the slot for the charger cable, which may be used to connect a handsfree cable which you have to get separately, but to advertise ‘handsfree speakerphone’ as a feature of the phone is more than misleading.
As bought, the phone has neither Bluetooth nor a handsfree speakerphone and Tesco should be taken up on printing false information on their info leaflets. We would not have bought the phone if it hadn’t said that it has Bluetooth.
Is that just plain lying on their part in order to sell the phones?

Like many people ,i was very sorry that you felt it necessary to close t esco home( in n etherfield retail park,nottingham) I.t was a very “must” visit store. The staff were all very polite and extremely hel pful (particularly those in the t echnical dept ( tv`s,mobile phones etc)That retail park is not the same without “that store”., Perhaps a store may re emerge sometime,maybe in a differen t format!!!!!as thers is not a similar place in that retail park for electrial oroducts.

I’ve had the worst customer service experience imaginable with Tesco Direct. I work for a website that’s all about customer service reviews so I see a lot of complaints but never anything like this..

Ordered a PS4 + games bundle for £289 , for next day Click and Collect. Everything goes through, gets dispatched ok etc.

The courier (Yodel) don’t bother delivering it to the store. I ask Tesco if they can prompt them (I do this a couple of times over a few days). Tesco issue a partial refund of £15.

Ultimately this ends in Tesco sending me an email saying they’ve processed my return and refund “as requested”. They refund me £171.

I question why they’ve done this since I never asked for a refund and why they’ve only refunded £171 and am advised that part of my purchase was promotional and since I’ve done a return I’m not eligible for a refund. At least that’s what I think they were saying, they were a bit vague. Also the order was returned as the courier attempted delivery but no one was home (at the 24 hr Tesco Express). Their proposed resolution was that I buy another PS4.

I use their live chat and am advised that they’ll only refund the rest of my money if I buy another PS4. Or they can take back the refund and send me another PS4, without the games as they’re out of stock but they’ll set me up a stock alert so I can buy them later when they’re back in stock. The guy back tracked and offered to refund the rest of the money if I buy a new PS4 with 1 game for £354 (more than I paid for one with 3 games!) but as a “goodwill gesture” he’d refund the money for the game so I’d be paying £329!

I then email them and receive an apology and a £15 refund (since they say I should actually have been refunded £186 but whoever processed the refund had deducted the previous £15 refund) and a £15 goodwill gesture. They tell me if I buy a new PS4 at £329 (the price has gone up since I ordered at £289), they’ll refund me so that I end up paying the same price I originally paid.. As a goodwill gesture.

They’re absolutely adamant that I paid £186 and as far as they’re concerned I’ve had a full refund.

A few emails later, forwarding them my original order confirmation email, offering to show them a bank statement showing what they charged etc they admit their error and refund me £103 and tell me if I buy a PS4 at the new higher price and games of the equivalent price to the ones I’d ordered but are now out of stock they’ll refund me the difference.

So.. I guess I’m £15 up but what a mess.


I have just received an letter back from the Customer Service Manager, regarding damage to my vehicle whilst filling up with fuel at Tesco.

What happened is as follows, I pulled the unleaded nozzle out the holder and the superunleaded nozzle fell out of it’s holder. Basically someone had swapped around the nozzles so that the unleaded holder had the super unleaded nozzle and the super unleaded holder had the unleaded.

How there isn’t any sort of protection to stop people from doing this I don’t know. So as a result of this my car has now got a dint in it as a result of the super unleaded nozzle falling on my car.

Now, if the car already had previous dents/scratches on it this would not bother me, but I always keep my cars in pristine condition, my 06 Astra VXR was like brand new.

I was advised by the staff working in the petrol station to report it to customer services, which I did I filled a damage report in store, detailing exactly what happened.

4 days later I got a response, before I opened the letter I thought “Oh great what good response times”. My attitude soon changed once I read the letter, Tesco’s reply is below;

Thank you for helping the staff at our Hewitts Circus, Humberstone by providing your details for a vehicle damage report, on the 20th August.

I understand your car was damaged when you were filling up with fuel at our petrol filling station. I’m sorry to hear this happened and can imagine how frustrating this must’ve been for you.

I’ve carried out a full and thorough investigation and found that the pump handles had been placed back in the wrong position and when you lifted the nozzle off the pumps fell and hit your car.

As the damage happened through no fault through Tesco, but the actions of another customer, we are unable to accept responsibility for the damage caused to your car.

Understandly, this reply will be disappointing. However, you may still be able to claim through your motor insurance.

Thank you for getting in touch.

Yours sincerely
For and on behalf of Tesco Stores Ltd

Chloe Stewart
Customer Service Manager

hi, I’m looking for some advice really. I have a current issue with Tesco Direct, I got the fed up that I sent an email to the CEO on Sunday night giving him a very brief history of my complaint, see below:-
Dear Dave,

Order reference: 44H46DK3H

I appreciate you probably get a healthy amount of emails to deal with, however I’m hoping that by escalating my complaint it may actually get resolved. I’ll start by giving you a full explanation of my complaint.

27.09.2015 – I placed an order online with Tesco Direct for a leappad TV Console with 4 games. I received email confirmation of the order. I later received confirmation that the order had been split into two batches and both would be available for collection after 3pm on 29.09.2015 from Tesco in Hednesford.
29.09.2015 – Visited store and collected 1 parcel only (console and 2 games), I was told that they didn’t have my missing two games and to come back the next day.
30.09.2015 – Returned to store to be told still not arrived, the person I spoke with contacted the Tesco Direct Customer Service by phone, they told her they would investigate it and call me direct the next day before 5pm.
01.10.2015 – Returned to store as I had not received a call, was told exactly the same as the previous night but with more assurance that I would get the phone call as they were to be a gift for my daughter that weekend.
02.10.2015 – Returned to store as again I had not received any calls, went through the same process as previous nights, was given even more assurances that I would be contacted direct the next day with out fail.
04.10.2015 – My partner went into store, explained the story and told them that again we had not been contacted, he was told the same, even more promises and assurances were given that we would be contacted within 24 hours.
06.10.2015 – I returned to the store, this time I asked that this be escalated to the Manager, I spoke with him and he told me exactly the same as the others – it’s not their fault it’s the fault of Tesco Direct, he would make sure that I am contacted within 48hrs and that this would be resolved, either with me having the games or my money back.
08.10.2015 – I returned to the store as I had not been contacted, the Manager was not in so I spoke with another Manager (Karen), again Tesco Direct were contacted, I was told they could not give me a refund until they resolved the issue with the missing games, I insisted that this had gone on long enough and that I wanted a refund. I was asked to give them another 24hours to issue the refund, Karen would ring me by 2pm today to confirm this had been done or give me an update. Not surprisingly this did not happen, I found myself back instore for the 8th time, speaking to yet another manager and being told exactly the same thing. It’s not us its Tesco Direct and can I give them until 7pm tomorrow night. When I replied that I didn’t want to give them any more time I was told that there is nothing else he could do.
I have escalated this as much as I can at store level, so I’m hoping by escalating this to you I finally get this resolved. I also work for a large organisation so can appreciate that there are processes that have to be followed, however there is a point when logic has to kick in and override procedure when issues like this arise. Everytime i went into store I was made to feel that the staff were doing all they can and that it was the fault of Tesco Direct not them, but to me, the customer, Tesco is one company so it’s really irrelevant which part of the company is failing, I just want to know how and when my problem will get resolved. It’s even more disappointing that neither of the managers took ownership of this and took the time to call me, even if there was no news but to just let me know they were going to follow this up as I had been let down so many times. In fairness it’s worth noting that the lady I dealt with on at least four of my visits seemed to do all she could for me, showed compassion and handled me in a professional manner.
I await your response.

To bring you right up to date, they did not call me as they said they would by 7pm Sunday, however on the Monday I was called by a lady from Tesco Direct who immediately blamed the local store, told me that the games had been there all along, I told her that I had informed the store that I now wanted a refund as I had to buy them from elsewhere for my daughters birthday, so she told me she would organise the refund that day, with an additional £10 to compensate my 8 visits to store…. She told me she would call back and confirm when it had been done. Shock horror she never called back and I haven’t had my refund, instead I receive an email today from the Entertainer (who are supplying Tesco), see below….
The following message referencing ticket 04540116 has been written:

Items are ready to be collected

I have tried to contact oyu regarding your order placed in September, I have spoken to Tesco Directly and they have confirmed that the order is with them in store and has been since the 29th September Apologies for any inconvenience this delay may have caused Kind Regards

Kind Regards

The Entertainer Team

So I’m back to square one and faced with having to go back in store tomorrow, I’ve emailed the CEO twice and he hasn’t responded so I’m not really sure where to go next, any advice would be welcome x

Ive Just sent this to CEO at Tesco, I’m furious!

Dear Mr Lewis,

I’m writing to you in my utter disgust at the treatment and experience I have received from Tesco in the last few days.

firstly I will explain to you what has happened.

I bought some Gaviscon from a Tesco Metro on Sunday got home and took one, after about twenty mins I felt rather sick, I put this down to me not having any food on Sunday morning,
later on in the afternoon I then took another Gaviscon and this time was physically sick. I thought it was rather strange so I checked the packet to see if there was any ingredients within that could possibly cause this. I usually take them and have had no problems in the past.

After checking the packaging i seen that the expiry date was 11 weeks ago. this has really really angered me that I was sold this. I then emailed your customer service department and got no reply, I then emailed again and got nothing back, I then went onto the online chat and spoke to someone called Lucy and then her manager Mark, He has advised me to go to a Tesco Store to log a complaint.

I will absolutely not go into a Tesco store to resolve this, I have the packaging, the receipt and will post this on your twitter page and Facebook this afternoon unless someone call’s me
my direct number is ************ If need be I will seek legal advise, Why should I inconvenience myself by going to one of your stores to complain about medication you have sold me that’s almost 3 months out of date.

I had a very important work meal last night that I had to cancel because of the way I felt since Sunday afternoon, I still feel rather sick and will be going to see my doctor to make sure
that there is no problems with me taking this 11 weeks out of date medication.

I want a call back today, I’m absolutely furious, I have provided Lucy/mark with all the codes and receipt numbers to verify that I bought this on Sunday and the date is on the box with the words underneath. “Do Not Use After Expiry Date Shown”

I Suggest someone call me ASAP

I don’t think Paul did and nor did I. Perhaps reading the above blog posts and links within it might help?

On my receipt yesterday, it said, fill in a review, and you will receive 25 extra points
I duly filled it in, and when I went to enter number on my Tesco card, it wouldn`t
accept it, and I realised it was 18 digits long, instead of 16.
I phoned customer services, to give my number, and was kept waiting for 10 minutes
I eventually put the phone down, and as advised clicked “help” it was one of those
supposedly chat lines, which was absolute rubbish, it was quite clear it was automated
I spent all that time filling it in, and then it seems I wasted my time because without
my card number it will be disregarded.

Maureen Brown

Telford Tesco checkout last night I loaded my two special offer boxes of Dairy Milk chocolates (1/2 price, reduced to £7.50 each as marked on the shelf!) along with a few other bits and pieces onto the conveyer belt and waited while the cashier scanned the items. The chocolate was the last item and she struggled to scan the item. She called for her supervisor who arrived and told me that she could not sell me the chocolates because they were not on the system. I turned and walked out. I sadly owned Tesco shares until about 2 months ago when I sold them. There’s no future for this store!

placed my Christmas order in November it came on December 23 at 22 30 on time
2 items missing 1 item not in stock my beef for Christmas day rang Tesco on dec 24 told them my story was told they would get missing items to me and something for our Christmas dinner both my husband and I are disabled and could not get out
some one from Tesco would ring and tell us time of delivery no one rang I rang on 27 dec told my story again was told my missing items would be sent out that day sorry about the beef and sent £15 pounds voucher via email .cannot get through to any one we could have had no Christmas dinner left to Tesco also told Tesco would ring on28 dec no one rang badly done Tesco badly done indeed and as its the principal of my tale I shall send back my vouchers its an insult merry Christmas Tesco I don’t think so

Sadly, I now feel the need to make an official complaint about one Tesco woman employee; I complained about her at Tesco here in Scunthorpe, once before, (over a year ago) and she denied all that she had said and done. I am sorry to say that I believe this woman to be extremely dishonest. I am willing therefore to both to undergo a lie-detector myself and to pay for the woman that I am complaining about to undergo a lie-detector test. Her absolute rudeness (to say the least) has gone on for well over a year now!

The woman is an employee at Tesco’s major store in Scunthorpe and this woman (named Sharon) works on the fruit and veg section. I am a 72 year old, partially disabled woman, I am also a (Born-again) Christian, I do a lot for charities.

Don’t worry Susan you will grow up one day, but until then please show some respect to elderly people, remember those people are forgetful and if nothing else those kind of people taught you how to use cutlery and toilet 😉

I went shopping with my daughter this after noon, she had the scanner, and we were chatting, and it transpired, that I put things in the trolley, without scanning, it was a
complete accident. Imagine our surprise when the the security guard stopped us and
said he was going to call the Manager, we eventually had two Managers and the security
guard round the till, which we had to put the whole lot through the till again, they were
very rude, I felt like a criminal and said ” I am 75 and have never stolen a thing in my
life” I have been going in there since it opened, at Bishops Stortford, Bishops park
for nigh on 30 years when I said I have never stolen anything in my life, one of the Managers asked me for my Tesco club card, which I handed to her, and vowed I would
never go in there again.

Today I had an extremely unpleasant interaction with a Tesco employee. As he finished scanning the items he said “Please put your card in the machine, thank you pundai” the last word made my ears prick up. As this means cunt in Tamil. He assumed I would not understand, but since I lived in Malaysia most of my life (where there is a significant Tamil population) I understood he was calling me a cunt. When I said “What did you just say” he replied ” I said thank you” I said “before that…” I could see him become visibly nervous. I said that was a bad word and he didn’t even say sorry. I’m not usually the type to make a complaint. But I found this incident absolutely horrific. Do you think I have grounds to make a formal complaint?

I am so disappointed at the lack of Customer Care being provided by Tesco Giftcards.
After a month and a half, I have neither received the gift cards that I purchased, or a refund for the transaction that was never fulfilled? I have spent hours on the phone, sent numerous emails, and paid out money from my account, and so far I have absolutely nothing to show for it – other than a shortfall in my account.
I have tried to be patient thus far, but they continue to fail to resolve or even communicate with me.

I am out of breath with tesco too, I purchased fire tablet ,which stopped charging after 2 weeks, anyway I kept it on side shelf to remember to return it. But life is busy and I forgotten, I came to tesco last night and showed them fault on tablet, they called technical support and they asked staff member to observed it, so they asked,, does the charging port looks like its bent? One elderly member of staff sain I don’t know, so called younger guy to look at it, he said yeah it does! And I have no idea how it suppose to look like anyway. They said it’s my fault I damaged it. But it isn’t true at all ! Anyway I presented my case clearly explained that the observation of laik is irrelevant, and they can not prove that I accidentally damaged my tablet. I wanted to speak to management which I did, same help there, so I asked about a complaint procedures which he stated there are no procedures and I had to complain to third party. What the heck?!! When I came home I called customer service and I asked the same question ,,what’s the complaints procedure, they said there is non! I am absolutely in jeperty and after reading this blog I will never ever use the tesco store or online tesco again, those people are crocks, such an unbelievable ! How is this possible I will never understand! Full of fury I asked my son what has happened and he said,,I told you Mum the plastic little piece fell of so it’s not bent and he showed me how it’s supposed to look like on the phone, well how is it that ,,detailed observation” of member of staff who got no idea about the electronic equipment can be the evidence of my negligence? I have to laugh on stupidity of tesco’s professionals , and guys it’s not about a money, I used double up vouchers and paid no more then £20,but seriously?!

I have an ongoing complaint with consumer dept and they asked me to pass on my name,address an d e-mail address onto you to pass on to them.

I am not Tesco. I am nothing to do with Tesco. This is a consumer advice blog. The blog post above is the first post I ever wrote on this blog and is a complaint about Tesco. It talks about how I contacted Tesco. More stories about Tesco here. You may also find this page helpful. Top 20 Tips on How to Complain. I have deleted your two other messages regarding this issue.

I know this is a pretty old article but I had to get my anger off my chest somehow. Ok so I went to my local Tesco store and I decided I wanted to buy a rather interesting issue of Hammer Magazine (Featuring my favourite band which are rarely ever featured). I took it to the till and they outright refused to sell it too me because it wasn’t on their system. After refusing to sell it to me they never even bothered to say sorry and that it was the fault of the store. I was annoyed but I got over it pretty quick and decided to go back about 4 or 5 days later to see if they’d got their shit together only to find that the magazine was completely removed from the shelf (good and bad I suppose) Good because no one else will try to buy it but bad because you’d think they’d have sorted the problem out by that point and have the product available for purchase. The amount of times I’ve been refused a purchase because they haven’t got it on the system is just stupid. Anyhoo great article and thanks for your help and for sharing your experience. To be honest I know the above rant is nowhere near as bad as a lot of stuff but I just felt so annoyed by it

Absolutely cracks me up how many people think you are tesco. It takes half a second to realise you are not. Where are they all coming from??

it is the manger what doing it plus 1 offits staff..putting stock in car after store is closed..not just few items…have photos
I’ve sent msg to ceo customer
still nothing
not sure what els to do .many thanks

Dear sir or madam
Am sorry to report the trouble given to me since my store was taken over by a woman six years ago, as you see i shop around for neighbors and people unable to leave their home, but the problem was that store manager was not happy with what i was doing she was just saying back to me no-one does this for nothing, so as you see i was told to calm down on my shopping and just do my own shopping and has she was stood next to my trolley,she said right am taking some goods out of your trolley as you have too much goods for your self, now why she barred me because i complained about another customer with four trolleys of reduced goods, so i went to customer service asked for the manager she came over, has i asked why are you allowing that customer with four trolleys of reduced goods, i was just told to shut up ! Oh get out your barred that is the words from the store manager i only said back i have not done anything if i have caused any trouble phone the police she just said back get out this is my store i can do anything, so i stood outside and i noticed that man with the four trolleys paid each trolley at different tills, and then since then the abuse given to me on the street is still happening as you see wanting me to fight back, first one was from a male member of staff walked straight to me face to face and said to me go on hit the and then we will see who is left standing, i just told him to shut up and walked off, then the next one was from the son of his mother who works there, as you see he crapped my shirt and told me to stop complaining about Tesco or i will smash your head in, and then the next one was from there family as you see he just walked in to me as i was stood at the bus stop, now it is coming up to year since that store took me to crown court accusing me of taking pictures of your staff when i shown the court it’s a potable radio i have in the hand or pocket, so the next question was one member of staff says she needs to drive to work because she is scared of seeing me as she only likes across road from the store, as i explained clearly to the court am at work at six o’clock in the morning so i don’t know where all this is coming from, so the judge just said do you want to just leave me court am sorry it is not my job to know if you are allowed back in the store, as you see not one of your staff went to the court but it may happen because family are doing something about this , with me having no transport of my own shopping is done by train with a suitcase five days a week where i am welcome, and it is coming up to year and half since i came out of Leeds hospital for a over grown heart valve operation, so i wish someone would sit down and take notice ?


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