The 15 top things other public transport users do that annoy us revealed

What annoys you about public transport?

Time for a rant. Not had one for ages.

The other day I had the misfortune of travelling on the tube. Used to do it for work several years ago and was very glad when I changed jobs and was able to use the car! Nobody likes the tube but sometimes I am amazed at some people’s attitudes. This particular evening the tube was, as usual packed. There was a heavily pregnant woman standing next to me and no one got up for her. It was possible that that people couldn’t see, so I shouted at “could someone please get up for this woman? No one did, I kid he not. So, I said again “I have to say it again? Will someone please get up for this woman?” A man the other end who couldn’t possibly have seen why did. The woman who was exhausted she could only smile to me sat down. Meanwhile a woman, sat next to her friend who was sitting in the “get up and give this seat to someone who needs it more seat” said “I didn’t realise we had a teacher on board” Really? Really? You want to bring attention to the fact that you were too selfish to get up? So I said to her “No, actually I am not a teacher just someone with manners. ” To which, unbelievably her friend sat in the seat from which she should have been the first to get up said “It isn’t that, it’s that people can’t see” Really? Really?

“That’s why I shouted it out across the carriage” I said, bad enough you might think. But this woman was sat next to the glass partition thing which the pregnant woman was standing by! Talk about bringing attention to the fact that you are stupid as well as rude. I couldn’t believe it, arguing about not getting up for someone heavily pregnant. When the pregnant woman left she was able to speak (that’s how out of breath she was when she got on) she thanked me and said no one ever get up for her. Well if that’s you on the tube and you see someone frail or pregnant or disabled who needs your seat more than you do GET UP! Especially if you are in that designated seat! Or enlighten me, why don’t you get up for someone who clearly needs the seat more than you. (If you yourself are in more need of the seat then fair enough but if you aren’t I’d love to hear your reasoning!)

So here’s a list of what people find annoying please free to add yours! The biggest gripe was without doubt number one!

  1. People shouting into their mobile phones
  2. People putting their bags on the empty seat next to them
  3. People who don’t give up their seat for someone pregnant or less able to stand
  4. Eating smelly stuff
  5. Being able to hear noise from people’s headphones
  6. People who need to use some deodorant!
  7. Noise in the quiet coach
  8. Blocking the feet of the person opposite
  9. Bags under tables on trains
  10. People who let their children run amok
  11. People putting feet up on another seat
  12. Eating loudly
  13. Litterers
  14. people doing make up
  15. Trimming nails

Incidentally, if you have any complaints about delays on trains and buses see here and here.

What other horrendous stories of rudeness and things you hate about other passengers on the tube do you have?


By Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow

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4 replies on “The 15 top things other public transport users do that annoy us revealed”

As a daily commuter the thing that annoys me most is people who fail to turn off the key sounds on their phone. When they type every single letter emits a little noise, it’s neither rhythmic or necessary
It’s the one thing I find so annoying

Aargh, all of the above (actually, I don’t mind people putting their makeup on, it’s a bit odd, but I don’t mind it), my peeves include
* Parents giving a seat to their children instead of sitting them on their laps (I could write a treatise on this around lack of physical connection with children, not teaching them to respect elders, bringing them up as little prince/sses)
*People who’ve sat all the way into town on the train, who then stand up as you’re coming into Victoria and push off ahead of all the people who’ve had the luxury of paying £178 per month to stand all the way
*Proselytisers: there are a surprising amount of people evangelising in public which is deeply intrusive and rude.

Some of these rants are just showing you how inconsiderate you have become. Especially, Liz, the one about proselytisers. I presume you mean people selling a religious viewpoint – in which case, I would say be glad to be in a country that allows them the freedom to express their opinion and gives you the freedom to say ‘I’m not interested.’ There’s no need to be rude, just politely decline it. As for ‘allowing children to run riot’, Helen – yes, parents do have some responsibility to control their children in a public space, but children also need the freedom to interact with society in normal situations and learn what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour, and not be squashed (either literally or metaphorically). If the adults have paid for the children to travel (as they usually do above a certain age), then the children deserve their own seats – if the coach is packed and the children are free, then it only makes sense for the parents to seat them on their laps, and sometimes you need to point this out.

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