The Complaining Cow Confidential

Contact The Complaining Cow to discuss a tailored review of your product and/or service. How does this differ from other Mystery Shopping? See here.  There’s a very good article on the pitfalls of Mystery Shopping here, and the responses from people are interesting too. Discuss with The Complaining Cow meaningful ways to do this. No standard scenarios, no standard questionnaires. Run an airline? You need people who can compare services, write tailored relevant well written reports and not just fill in the bare minimum to gain entry to a competition.  You need significant specific feedback from specific people that you can really use to improve the quality of your service and therefore your sales. It’s the same with hotels, restaurants or any service. How does someone purchasing a specific item on a specific day testing a specific service/person etc. really help you? You need real life visits, return visits, real customers surely?

The Complaining Cow as a customer, works with you to plan the most appropriate ways to test your systems, processes, services and products and then does it, reporting and advising on every aspect of the service detailing what matters to the customer. This will inform you about areas that you might not have thought about and provides you with the knowledge you need to take your company forward armed with feedback that your competitors just don’t get.

There are also options for congratulatory cakes and certificates for staff and companies for you to enjoy/display. For instance, certificates and reports highlighting areas that were good, need improvement or that you are working on etc. The Complaining Cow can of course come back and re-assess!