The Complaining Cow Consultation Comforts

How do you get the money rich time poor to tell you what they want from your product or service? For example, the women who just don’t return to your store, tell others about your store and don’t give you any feedback? See here  for an example of my friend who simply can’t be bothered to give feedback, never complains but she doesn’t return. The retailer doesn’t know what it doesn’t know!! Even I have been known on the (very rare) occasion to not bother to complain because I just couldn’t bothered. So how do you get people like Jane to tell you what they don’t like?

  • Mystery shoppers? They have their limitations see point 7 here
  • Incentivise. Not through some gimmicky device at the door (see point 7 here) or entry to draws for online surveys, they don’t work. Before LinkedIn saw fit to get rid of it’s excellent Q & A section there was a discussion which showed that not one person uses them. Incentivise with something appropriate for the demographic. Women? Cake, cheese and wine evening etc. Ask your complainers! Contact for a discussion on the most meaningful ways to gain feedback about your service/product by asking the right people the right questions the right way.

This Complaining Cow will work with you in tailoring a creative and innovative package to reach the people you currently don’t and perhaps don’t even know that you don’t reach. Talk to me about providing Consultation Comfort events. (For example, few women would say “No” to a complimentary cake and coffee from the Complaining Cow!) Using the best cakes, biscuits and other treats for children and adults alike from Jenni and using my own extensive facilitation/training experience The Complaining Cow will effectively reach this client group.

Think about other events and activities to gain the most useful feedback to develop your products, processes and services which can also be arranged. For example, if you run an outdoor pursuits company you don’t want feedback from a tired group through a questionnaire at the end of the day! You need well crafted facilitated feedback throughout the day. The Complaining Cow can plan and organise this for you. I won’t absail, canoe or join in any of those activities myself though…!