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The Complaining Cow Consumer Show

Today I started my new programme series – The Complaining Cow Consumer Show – on East London Radio.

I’ll be talking all things consumer including money-saving, consumer rights, complaining effectively, etc. Expert guests and the occasional celebrity will be joining me.

Last Friday I was on BBC 1 Morning Live talking about how to complain effectively and managed to get five top tips into three minutes.

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Here I’m my own boss and can talk for as long as I like! (Although I am sure my editor Ian will adapt as necessary!) You can find below a link to my first programme, where I put expand those five top tips into 20 minutes! So, lots more information for you!

Complaining effectively is an art form. And as Judge Rob Rinder once said, “if complaining is an art form, Helen Dewdney would be Rembrandt.”

Have a listen and see what you think.

If you have any ideas of subjects you would like me to cover then please let me know. email me on

Look out for lots more shows.

Oh, and I do like the intro music. It’s very me, I feel…


Further help with complaining

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