The Complaining Cow training and storytelling videos

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Helen is an entertaining, effervescent and captivating storyteller. In her numerous short bespoke videos she tells stories about customer service and complaint handling. These are followed by tips on how to improve it to increase sales.

She also provides unique interactive sessions which can be recorded for further uses. Unknown to the audience until Helen starts, she improvises a story involving members of your team. See Book Helen as a Speaker.

Some examples of her short light hearted videos with a message are below. Note that these can also be followed by more detailed lessons from the story.

A lesson in complaint handling

An improvised story which can also be followed with learnings to take away.

How things backfire when you fob off customers

“Complaints” a poem from the book “Are you Being Served?* by Lady Janey

An example of how Helen can read from your book. Here she reads a poem.

"Complaints" a poem

Exceeding customer expectations

Another example of an improvised story with a little helper who can also be involved if required!

How to exceed customer expectations

Whom do you serve first?

A quick video to start discussions.

How to annoy customers in a queue

When you run out of ideas

An example of inspiration to start discussions.

What can you do when you run out of ideas

Look at things a different way

A little fun to question how you think and look at your work.

Look at things a different way

Little things

Demonstrating how one thing can be blown out of proportion or be seen as far more significant than you first thought.

How little things matter in customer facing businesses

Exceeding expectations at Cards on the Table event

Helen discusses a real customer service experience she received which exceeded expectations. Useful for starting a discussion on exceeding expectations.

Cards on The Table training and customer service

Improvised story example.

These are all real dogs using their real characteristics.  Following adapting this for  an audience 10 top lessons from the story are provided.

Ava and the Aliens

Customer Service: 5 ways to get rave reviews & referrals

A video for a download to Helen’s free guide. A few tweaks to your processes can help turn your customers into superfans.

Customer Service how to turn customers into superfans raving about your products/services


Got a good written on your website? An example of how Helen can bring creativity to a review.

What's in there then? A review by Rob Rinder


In an exclusive interview, Helen shows how she can bring customers voices to the people in charge.

Tesco | Complaining Cow meets Dave Lewis and Matt Davies

Helen has also interviewed Rob Rinder in an exclusive series.

For storytelling for children and adults see The Complaining Cow storytelling

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