The Complaining Cow training and storytelling videos

Helen is a captivating storyteller. In her numerous short videos she tells stories about customer service and complaint handling and provides tips on how to improve it.

Helen can provide bespoke training videos for your teams. Some examples of her short light hearted videos with a message are below:

A lesson in complaint handling

How things backfire when you fob off customers

“Complaints” a poem from the book “Are you Being Served?* by Lady Janey

"Complaints" a poem

Exceeding customer expectations

How to exceed customer expectations

Whom do you serve first?

How to annoy customers in a queue

When you run out of ideas

What can you do when you run out of ideas

Look at things a different way

Look at things a different way

Little things

How little things matter in customer facing businesses

Exceeding expectations at Cards on the Table event

Cards on The Table training and customer service

For storytelling for children and adults see The Complaining Cow storytelling

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