The #Tescofail Saga Ends. (Until the next one)

The Complaining Cow and Tesco legal action

I took Tesco to court. I won.

Well, the cheque didn’t arrive, even after 14 days from receiving the letter. (If you are new to this blog and my court case against Tesco where have you been? See here and the follow up!) Oh was it tempting to send in the bailiffs! I soooooooooooooooooo wanted to do that! But I was worried that the cheque may cross and that I would still have to pay for the bailiffs!! So the lovely solicitors at A P Bassets advised that I wrote to the woman who said that the cheque would be with me within 14 days. So I did. She apologised and said that the cheque had been requested from the accounts department. No evidence or explanation for why it wasn’t raised though! But it was requested “again” and I got it 2 days later. Shame really.

I really think these stores should use my consultancy services don’t you?! Seriously. I can see problems and bad service everywhere. Who is better placed to advise on improving service and sales? Hmmm? Who, who?!

Till the next time Tesco!

The Complaining Cow’s history with Tesco

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I recently tried to purchase something online on the Tesco Direct website without success. The website wouldn’t accept my user name or password and wouldn’t let me register as a new customer either. I emailed the Chief Executive and within hours a Joanne Kennedy, Customer Service Executive, telephoned me to apologise for the problem I had experienced with the website. The end result was Tesco letting me have the goods I had attempted to purchase online free of charge.

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